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Issue Date:  May 3, 2024

Volume 51  •  Issue 9  • Pages 383 — 502



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General Notices

Pursuant to State Government Article, §7-206, Annotated Code of Maryland, this issue contains all previously unpublished documents required to be published, and filed on or before April 15, 2024 5 p.m.
Pursuant to State Government Article, §7-206, Annotated Code of Maryland, I hereby certify that this issue contains all documents required to be codified as of April 15, 2024.
Gail S. Klakring
Acting Administrator, Division of State Documents
Office of the Secretary of State


Information About the Maryland Register and COMAR


   The Maryland Register is an official State publication published every other week throughout the year. A cumulative index is published quarterly.

   The Maryland Register is the temporary supplement to the Code of Maryland Regulations. Any change to the text of regulations published in COMAR, whether by adoption, amendment, repeal, or emergency action, must first be published in the Register.

   The following information is also published regularly in the Register:

   • Governor’s Executive Orders

   • Attorney General’s Opinions in full text

   • Open Meetings Compliance Board Opinions in full text

   • State Ethics Commission Opinions in full text

   • Court Rules

   • District Court Administrative Memoranda

   • Courts of Appeal Hearing Calendars

   • Agency Hearing and Meeting Notices

   • Synopses of Bills Introduced and Enacted by the General Assembly

   • Other documents considered to be in the public interest


   The Maryland Register is cited by volume, issue, page number, and date. Example:

• 19:8 Md. R. 815—817 (April 17, 1992) refers to Volume 19, Issue 8, pages 815—817 of the Maryland Register issued on April 17, 1992.


   COMAR is the official compilation of all regulations issued by agencies of the State of Maryland. The Maryland Register is COMAR’s temporary supplement, printing all changes to regulations as soon as they occur. At least once annually, the changes to regulations printed in the Maryland Register are incorporated into COMAR by means of permanent supplements.


   COMAR regulations are cited by title number, subtitle number, chapter number, and regulation number. Example: COMAR refers to Title 10, Subtitle 08, Chapter 01, Regulation 03.


   Incorporation by reference is a legal device by which a document is made part of COMAR simply by referring to it. While the text of an incorporated document does not appear in COMAR, the provisions of the incorporated document are as fully enforceable as any other COMAR regulation. Each regulation that proposes to incorporate a document is identified in the Maryland Register by an Editor’s Note. The Cumulative Table of COMAR Regulations Adopted, Amended or Repealed, found online, also identifies each regulation incorporating a document. Documents incorporated by reference are available for inspection in various depository libraries located throughout the State and at the Division of State Documents. These depositories are listed in the first issue of the Maryland Register published each year. For further information, call 410-974-2486.


An Administrative History at the end of every COMAR chapter gives information about past changes to regulations. To determine if there have been any subsequent changes, check the ‘‘Cumulative Table of COMAR Regulations Adopted, Amended, or Repealed’’ which is found online at This table lists the regulations in numerical order, by their COMAR number, followed by the citation to the Maryland Register in which the change occurred. The Maryland Register serves as a temporary supplement to COMAR, and the two publications must always be used together. A Research Guide for Maryland Regulations is available. For further information, call 410-260-3876.


   For subscription forms for the Maryland Register and COMAR, see the back pages of the Maryland Register. Single issues of the Maryland Register are $15.00 per issue.


   Maryland citizens and other interested persons may participate in the process by which administrative regulations are adopted, amended, or repealed, and may also initiate the process by which the validity and applicability of regulations is determined. Listed below are some of the ways in which citizens may participate (references are to State Government Article (SG),

Annotated Code of Maryland):

   • By submitting data or views on proposed regulations either orally or in writing, to the proposing agency (see ‘‘Opportunity for Public Comment’’ at the beginning of all regulations appearing in the Proposed Action on Regulations section of the Maryland Register). (See SG, §10-112)

   • By petitioning an agency to adopt, amend, or repeal regulations. The agency must respond to the petition. (See SG §10-123)

   • By petitioning an agency to issue a declaratory ruling with respect to how any regulation, order, or statute enforced by the agency applies. (SG, Title 10, Subtitle 3)

   • By petitioning the circuit court for a declaratory judgment

on the validity of a regulation when it appears that the regulation interferes with or impairs the legal rights or privileges of the petitioner. (SG, §10-125)

   • By inspecting a certified copy of any document filed with the Division of State Documents for publication in the Maryland Register. (See SG, §7-213)


Maryland Register (ISSN 0360-2834). Postmaster: Send address changes and other mail to: Maryland Register, State House, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. Tel. 410-260-3876. Published biweekly, with cumulative indexes published quarterly, by the State of Maryland, Division of State Documents, State House, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. The subscription rate for the Maryland Register is $225 per year (first class mail). All subscriptions post-paid to points in the U.S. periodicals postage paid at Annapolis, Maryland, and additional mailing offices.

Wes Moore, Governor; Susan C. Lee, Secretary of State; Gail S. Klakring, Administrator; Mary D. MacDonald, Senior Editor, Maryland Register and COMAR; Elizabeth Ramsey, Editor, COMAR Online, and Subscription Manager; Tami Cathell, Help Desk, COMAR and Maryland Register Online.

Front cover: State House, Annapolis, MD, built 1772—79.

Illustrations by Carolyn Anderson, Dept. of General Services


     Note: All products purchased are for individual use only. Resale or other compensated transfer of the information in printed or electronic form is a prohibited commercial purpose (see State Government Article, §7-206.2, Annotated Code of Maryland). By purchasing a product, the buyer agrees that the purchase is for individual use only and will not sell or give the product to another individual or entity.


Closing Dates for the Maryland Register

Schedule of Closing Dates and Issue Dates for the
Maryland Register ................................................................  387


COMAR Research Aids

Table of Pending Proposals .......................................................  388


Index of COMAR Titles Affected in This Issue

COMAR Title Number and Name                                               Page

08       Department of Natural Resources ...................................  443

09       Maryland Department of Labor ......................................  444

10       Maryland Department of Health .............................  440, 444

14       Independent Agencies ............................................  441, 444



Individuals with disabilities who desire assistance in using the publications and services of the Division of State Documents are encouraged to call (410) 974-2486, or (800) 633-9657, or FAX to (410) 974-2546, or through Maryland Relay.


The Governor

EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2024.13

Authorizing the Secretary of Natural Resources to Modify
   Rules for the Operation of Vessels in Close Proximity to the
   Francis Scott Key Bridge Area ..........................................

EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2024.14

Prohibiting Certain Intercepts of Temporary Economic and
   Financial Assistance Relief Related to the Francis Scott Key
   Bridge Collapse
.  391


The General Assembly

SYNOPSIS NO. 1 .  393


The Judiciary


DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS ................................  439


Final Action on Regulations



Certification of Electronic Health Networks and Medical Care
   Electronic Claims Clearinghouses
.  440

Health Information Exchanges: Privacy and Security of
   Protected Health Information
.  440



Definitions .  441

General  441

Executive Director  441

Petitions .  441

Elections .  441

Denial or Revocation of Certification .  441

Unfair Labor Practices .  441

Permissible Labor-Related Activities .  441

Collective Bargaining .  441

Impasse Procedures .  441

Hearings ..............................................................................  441

Procedures Governing Employee Information .  441


Definitions .  441

Board Policy .  441

General Course and Method of Operation .  441

Filing .  441

Computation of Time Periods .  441

Requests for and Inspection of Board Documents .  441

Petition for Adoption of Regulation .  441

Procedures Applicable to All Proceedings .  441

Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings .  441

Representation Elections ......................................................  441

Decertification Elections .  441

Petitions for Unit Clarification .  441

Collective Bargaining .  441

Impasse Procedures for Collective Bargaining .  441

Negotiability Disputes .  441


Withdrawal of Regulations



Maryland Energy Efficiency Standards .  442


Proposed Action on Regulations



Yellow Perch .  443



Continuing Education .  444



Definitions .  444

General Regulations .  444

Certifying Providers .  444

Patient and Caregiver Registry .  444

Written Certifications .  444

Patient and Caregiver Identification Cards  444

New Condition Approval Process .  444

Medical Cannabis Grower  444

Medical Cannabis Grower Agent  444

Medical Cannabis Grower Premises .  444

Medical Cannabis Growing Controls .  444

Inventory Control by Grower ...............................................  444

Medical Cannabis Shipment Packaging .  444

Licensed Grower Dispensary Facility .  444

Medical Cannabis Grower Quality Control  444

Independent Testing Laboratory Registration .  444

Complaints, Adverse Events, and Recall  444

Registration of Ancillary Businesses and Security Guard
.  444

Medical Cannabis Processor License .  444

Medical Cannabis Processor Agent .......................................  444

Medical Cannabis Processor Premises .  444

Medical Cannabis Processor Operations  444

Medical Cannabis Concentrates and Medical Cannabis-
   Infused Products
.  444

Medical Cannabis Finished Products Packaging ....................  444

Medical Cannabis Dispensary License .  444

Registered Dispensary Agent  444

Licensed Dispensary Premises .  444

Licensed Dispensary Operations .  444

Licensed Dispensary Packaging and Labeling for
.  444

Dispensing Medical Cannabis .  444

Licensed Dispensary Clinical Director  444

Records .  444

Inspection .  444

Discipline and Enforcement  444

Fee Schedule .  444

Academic Research .  444

Edible Cannabis Products .  444



Definitions .  444

General Regulations .  444

Social Equity .  444

Medical Cannabis Program ..  444

Application Process and Issuance of Licenses .  444

Standard Cannabis Licenses .................................................  444

Micro Cannabis Licenses .  444

Laboratory Registration and Operations .  444

Other Cannabis Businesses  444

Cannabis Grower Operations .  444

Cannabis Processor Operations .  444

Cannabis Dispensary Operations .  444

Cannabis Products .  444

Complaints, Enforcement, Record Keeping, and Inspections of Cannabis Businesses    444

Cannabis Business Agents .  444

Cannabis Business Owners  444

Receivership .  444

Finished Product Packaging .  444

Cannabis Research .  444

Prohibited Acts .  444

Fees .  444

Hearing Procedures .  444



COMAR 14.30 ........................................................................  497


Special Documents



Projects Approved for Consumptive Uses of Water  498

Grandfathering (GF) Registration Notice .  499


Water Quality Certification 24-WQC-0003 .  499

Tentative Determination to Issue Stormwater Permit —
   Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway
   Administration — NO. 24-DP-3313, GENERAL NPDES
   NO. MD0068276
.  500


General Notices


Public Meeting .  501


Public Meeting .  501


Public Meeting .  501


Public Meeting .  501

Formal Start of Review ..  501


Public Meeting ....................................................................  501



COMAR Online

        The Code of Maryland Regulations is available at as a free service of the Office of the Secretary of State, Division of State Documents. The full text of regulations is available and searchable. Note, however, that the printed COMAR continues to be the only official and enforceable version of COMAR.

        The Maryland Register is also available at

        For additional information, visit, Division of State Documents, or call us at (410) 974-2486 or 1 (800) 633-9657.


Availability of Monthly List of
Maryland Documents

        The Maryland Department of Legislative Services receives copies of all publications issued by State officers and agencies. The Department prepares and distributes, for a fee, a list of these publications under the title ‘‘Maryland Documents’’. This list is published monthly, and contains bibliographic information concerning regular and special reports, bulletins, serials, periodicals, catalogues, and a variety of other State publications. ‘‘Maryland Documents’’ also includes local publications.

        Anyone wishing to receive ‘‘Maryland Documents’’ should write to: Legislative Sales, Maryland Department of Legislative Services, 90 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401.






and Proposed


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   Please note that this table is provided for planning purposes and that the Division of State Documents (DSD) cannot guarantee submissions will be published in an agency’s desired issue. Although DSD strives to publish according to the schedule above, there may be times when workload pressures prevent adherence to it.

*   Also note that proposal deadlines are for submissions to DSD for publication in the Maryland Register and do not take into account the 15-day AELR review period. The due date for documents containing 8 to 18 pages is 48 hours before the date listed; the due date for documents exceeding 18 pages is 1 week before the date listed.


** Note closing date changes.

***   Note issue date changes.

The regular closing date for Proposals and Emergencies is Monday.



Cumulative Table of COMAR Regulations
Adopted, Amended, or Repealed

   This table, previously printed in the Maryland Register lists the regulations, by COMAR title, that have been adopted, amended, or repealed in the Maryland Register since the regulations were originally published or last supplemented in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). The table is no longer printed here but may be found on the Division of State Documents website at

Table of Pending Proposals

   The table below lists proposed changes to COMAR regulations. The proposed changes are listed by their COMAR number, followed by a citation to that issue of the Maryland Register in which the proposal appeared. Errata and corrections pertaining to proposed regulations are listed, followed by “(err)” or “(corr),” respectively. Regulations referencing a document incorporated by reference are followed by “(ibr)”. None of the proposals listed in this table have been adopted. A list of adopted proposals appears in the Cumulative Table of COMAR Regulations Adopted, Amended, or Repealed.


08 DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES • 51:8 Md. R. 371 (4-19-24) • 51:9 Md. R. 443 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:1 Md. R. 30 (1-12-24) • 51:7 Md. R. 336 (4-5-24)


09 MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF LABOR • 50:25 Md. R. 1093 (12-15-23) • 50:25 Md. R. 1093 (12-15-23) • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.53 • 50:24 Md. R. 1046 (12-1-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1136 (12-29-23) • 50:25 Md. R. 1095 (12-15-23) • 50:25 Md. R. 1097 (12-15-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1136 (12-29-23) • 50:25 Md. R. 1099 (12-15-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1137 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1138 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1139 (12-29-23)—.09 • 50:25 Md. R. 1100 (12-15-23) • 50:17 Md. R. 772 (8-25-23) • 50:25 Md. R. 1101 (12-15-23)




     Subtitles 01—08 (1st volume)—.65 • 51:6 Md. R. 272 (3-22-24)


     Subtitle 09 (2nd volume),.07 • 50:24 Md. R. 1048 (12-1-23) (ibr) • 51:1 Md. R. 36 (1-12-24),.08 • 51:2 Md. R. 78 (1-26-24) • 51:2 Md. R. 79 (1-26-24)—.12 • 51:3 Md. R. 159 (2-9-24)—.06 • 51:2 Md. R. 82 (1-26-24),.07,.12 • 51:2 Md. R. 79 (1-26-24) • 50:18 Md. R. 814 (9-8-23) • 51:3 Md. R. 161 (2-9-24),.04 • 51:4 Md. R. 203 (2-23-24) • 50:18 Md. R. 814 (9-8-23),.06 • 50:24 Md. R. 1049 (12-1-23),.13 • 51:2 Md. R. 79 (1-26-24),.15,.21,.23 • 51:3 Md. R. 162 (2-9-24) • 51:4 Md. R. 204 (2-23-24) • 51:4 Md. R. 205 (2-23-24),.05 • 51:4 Md. R. 206 (2-23-24),.04,.10,.14—.17,.19,.21,.22 • 51:4 Md. R. 207 (2-23-24)—.09 • 51:3 Md. R. 164 (2-9-24),.11,.12 • 51:4 Md. R. 209 (2-23-24),.05,.08 • 51:1 Md. R. 37 (1-12-24) • 51:4 Md. R. 210 (2-23-24),.05 • 51:1 Md. R. 38 (1-12-24)


     Subtitles 10—22 (3rd volume)—.06 • 51:1 Md. R. 39 (1-12-24),.02,.04—.26 • 51:5 Md. R. 234 (3-8-24),.03,.05,.10,.11 • 51:2 Md. R. 82 (1-26-24) (ibr)—.03 • 51:3 Md. R. 166 (2-9-24),.08,.10 • 51:3 Md. R. 166 (2-9-24)—.20 • 51:4 Md. R. 211 (2-23-24)—.06 • 51:3 Md. R. 167 (2-9-24)


     Subtitles 23—36 (4th volume) • 51:8 Md. R. 372 (4-19-24) • 51:7 Md. R. 337 (4-5-24) • 50:20 Md. R. 907 (10-6-23) • 51:2 Md. R. 83 (1-26-24)—.03 • 51:2 Md. R. 84 (1-26-24) • 51:5 Md. R. 247 (3-8-24)


     Subtitles 37—52 (5th volume)—.04 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23),.02,.04 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23),.03,.05,.06 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23),.02,.06,.08 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23)—.07 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23),.02,.06,.08,.11,.12,.14 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23) • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23)—.10 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23),.04 • 50:16 Md. R. 738 (8-11-23)—.39 • 50:20 Md. R. 911 (10-6-23)—.12 • 50:24 Md. R. 1051 (12-1-23) • 50:20 Md. R. 918 (10-6-23),.04—.06,.08—.15 • 50:20 Md. R. 918 (10-6-23)—.04 • 51:2 Md. R. 85 (1-26-24)


     Subtitles 53—68 (6th volume) • 50:17 Md. R. 773 (8-25-23)—.04 • 50:17 Md. R. 773 (8-25-23),.05 • 50:18 Md. R. 816 (9-8-23),.09 • 50:25 Md. R. 1102 (12-15-23)—.05 • 50:25 Md. R. 1102 (12-15-23) • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.05 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.03 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.02 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.07 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.14 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.08 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.04 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.02• 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.02• 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.07 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.04 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.10 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.12 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.07 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)• 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.13 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.10 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.02 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.10 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24) • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.03 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.08 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24) • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.21 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24) • 51:3 Md. R. 168 (2-9-24),.21 • 51:3 Md. R. 168 (2-9-24),.03,.05,.11 • 51:3 Md. R. 173 (2-9-24),.09 • 51:2 Md. R. 86 (1-26-24)—.09 • 51:2 Md. R. 86 (1-26-24)—.06 • 51:2 Md. R. 86 (1-26-24)—.04 • 51:2 Md. R. 86 (1-26-24),.02 • 51:2 Md. R. 86 (1-26-24)—.06 • 51:2 Md. R. 86 (1-26-24) • 51:3 Md. R. 164 (2-9-24) • 51:3 Md. R. 174 (2-9-24),.03-2,.15,.19,.19-4 • 51:3 Md. R. 174 (2-9-24) • 50:24 Md. R. 1049 (12-1-23) • 51:3 Md. R. 174 (2-9-24) • 51:3 Md. R. 164 (2-9-24),.26-3,.27,.30 • 51:3 Md. R. 174 (2-9-24) • 50:24 Md. R. 1049 (12-1-23) • 51:3 Md. R. 174 (2-9-24)




     Subtitles 11—23 (MVA) • 50:15 Md. R. 698 (7-28-23)






13A.08.01.02-3 • 51:7 Md. R. 337 (4-5-24)

13A.08.01.17 • 50:20 Md. R. 924 (10-6-23)

13A.16.08.03 • 51:2 Md. R. 95 (1-26-24)

13A.16.10.02 • 51:2 Md. R. 95 (1-26-24)

13A.17.10.02 • 51:2 Md. R. 95 (1-26-24)


14 INDEPENDENT AGENCIES • 51:7 Md. R. 338 (4-5-24) • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.04 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24) (ibr)—.04 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.08 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.10 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.08 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.07 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.04 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.09 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.19 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.11 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.11 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.06 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.05 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.05 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.07 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.07 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.05 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.02 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.02• 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24)—.12 • 51:9 Md. R. 444 (5-3-24),.12 • 51:7 Md. R. 339 (4-5-24) • 51:7 Md. R. 339 (4-5-24)—.10 • 51:5 Md. R. 248 (3-8-24)—.06 • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24)—.22 • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24)—.07 • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24)—.06 • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24)—.05 • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24)—.03 • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24) • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24) • 51:2 Md. R. 109 (1-26-24)—.03 • 51:2 Md. R. 110 (1-26-24) • 51:2 Md. R. 110 (1-26-24) • 51:2 Md. R. 110 (1-26-24)—.17 • 51:2 Md. R. 110 (1-26-24)—.12 • 51:2 Md. R. 110 (1-26-24)—.04 • 51:2 Md. R. 110 (1-26-24)—.32 • 51:6 Md. R. 308 (3-22-24) (ibr)


15 MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE • 50:25 Md. R. 1103 (12-15-23)


20 PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION • 51:8 Md. R. 373 (4-19-24) • 51:8 Md. R. 373 (4-19-24),.06,.07,.09,.10,.12—.14 • 51:7 Md. R. 340 (4-5-24)




     Subtitles 01—07 (Part 1),.01-1,.20,.31 • 51:6 Md. R. 309 (3-22-24) (ibr)


     Subtitles 08—12 (Part 2) • 51:8 Md. R. 374 (4-19-24) • 51:8 Md. R. 375 (4-19-24) (ibr)


     Subtitles 19—28 (Part 4)—.03 • 50:25 Md. R. 1104 (12-15-23) (ibr)—.05 • 50:25 Md. R. 1104 (12-15-23),.02 • 50:25 Md. R. 1104 (12-15-23)—.03 • 50:25 Md. R. 1104 (12-15-23)


30 MARYLAND INSTITUTE FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES SYSTEMS (MIEMSS) • 50:24 Md. R. 1061 (12-1-23),.06—.09 • 50:24 Md. R. 1061 (12-1-23) • 51:2 Md. R. 117 (1-26-24) • 51:2 Md. R. 117 (1-26-24)


33 STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS,.07 • 51:8 Md. R. 375 (4-19-24)—.03 • 51:8 Md. R. 375 (4-19-24)


34 DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING,.08,.09 • 51:6 Md. R. 311 (3-22-24)


36 MARYLAND STATE LOTTERY AND GAMING CONTROL AGENCY • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.12—.14,.16,.17 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.05—.07,.10 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.04 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.20,.21,.34 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.02 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.18 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.14 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.04 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23)—.06 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.02 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23)—.07,.09,.11 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),34,.40,.41 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.06 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23),.04 • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23) • 50:26 Md. R. 1149 (12-29-23)


The Governor

EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2024.13

Authorizing the Secretary of Natural Resources to Modify Rules for the Operation of Vessels in Close Proximity to the Francis Scott Key Bridge Area


WHEREAS, On March 26, 2024, a cargo ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge (the “Key Bridge”) in Baltimore, causing the collapse of the Key Bridge;


WHEREAS, On March 26, 2024, Executive Order 01.01.2024.09 was issued, declaring a State of Emergency to respond to the collapse of the Key Bridge, and that State of Emergency still exists;


WHEREAS, To ensure the safe and efficient passage of recreational vessels operating in proximity to the Key Bridge area, it is necessary to authorize the Secretary of Natural Resources to coordinate rules of operation with the United States Coast Guard.



A. In order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, the Secretary of Natural Resources is directed to coordinate the rules for the operation of vessels in proximity to the Key Bridge area with the United States Coast Guard.

B. The Secretary of Natural Resources is hereby authorized to issue any modifications to current Maryland law or regulation necessary for that coordination with the Coast Guard through a public notice to be published on the Department of Natural Resources’ website and disseminated through various media to provide an affected individual a reasonable opportunity to be informed.

C. This Executive Order remains effective until the State of Emergency has been terminated, or until rescinded, superseded, amended, or revised by additional orders.

D. The effect of any statute, rule, or regulation of an agency of the State or a political subdivision inconsistent with this Order is hereby suspended to the extent of the inconsistency.


GIVEN Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the State of Maryland, in the City of Annapolis this 15th Day of April 2024.




Secretary of State



EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2024.14

Prohibiting Certain Intercepts of Temporary Economic and Financial Assistance Relief Related to the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse


WHEREAS, On March 26, 2024, a cargo ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge (the “Key Bridge”) in Baltimore, causing the collapse of the Key Bridge;


WHEREAS, On March 26, 2024, Executive Order 01.01.2024.09 was issued, declaring a State of Emergency to respond to the collapse of the Key Bridge, and that State of Emergency still exists;


WHEREAS, To address the significant economic, financial and workforce-related impacts of the collapse of the Key Bridge, the General Assembly passed, and I signed into law, the Maryland Protecting Opportunities and Regional Trade (“PORT”) Act, Chapter 3 of the Acts of the General Assembly of 2024, Senate Bill 1188/House Bill 1526;


WHEREAS, The PORT Act establishes temporary economic and financial relief programs to assist individuals and businesses most affected by the collapse of the Key Bridge and disruption to the operations of the Port of Baltimore;


WHEREAS, It is necessary to prohibit certain requests for intercepts of the emergency economic and financial relief assistance paid to individuals and businesses under the PORT Act, to ensure that Maryland workers and businesses may use the full benefit of that financial assistance to recover from the economic and financial injury caused by the collapse of the Key Bridge.



A. Definition. As used herein:

“PORT Act Relief Funds” means funds provided to eligible individuals or businesses from the temporary economic and financial relief programs established and administered under the Maryland Protecting Opportunities and Regional Trade (“PORT”) Act, Chapter 3 of the Acts of the General Assembly of 2024, Senate Bill 1188/House Bill 1526.

B. Prohibition on Intercept.

Except as otherwise provided by this Order, it being necessary to protect the public health, safety, or welfare, the Comptroller of Maryland shall not honor a request to intercept a payment of PORT Act Relief Funds made to an individual or a business under § 13-918(b) of the Tax-General Article.

C. Exclusions.

Section B of this Executive Order shall not apply to any request to intercept a payment made:

(1) by the United States Department of the Treasury; or

(2) under Title 10, Subtitle 1, Part II of the Family Law Article.

D. General Provisions.

(1) This Executive Order remains effective until the State of Emergency has been terminated, or until rescinded, superseded, amended, or revised by additional orders.

(2) The effect of any statute, rule, or regulation of an agency of the State or a political subdivision inconsistent with this Order is hereby suspended to the extent of the inconsistency.

(3) If any provision of this Order or its application to any person, entity, or circumstance is held invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, all other provisions or applications of the Order shall remain in effect to the extent possible without the invalid provision or application.  To achieve this purpose, the provisions of this Order are severable.


GIVEN Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the State of Maryland, in the City of Annapolis, this 15th Day of April 2024.




Secretary of State




The General Assembly

For additional up-to-date information concerning bills introduced in the General Assembly, log on to and click on Bill Information and Status.  You may then enter a specific bill number for information about that bill.  You may also click on Senate Synopsis or House Synopsis for the most recent synopsis list for each house, or click on Synopsis Index for a listing of all bill synopses since the beginning of the legislative session.



House Bills

HB0001  Del Boyce, et al.  Maryland Paint Stewardship.

HB0002  Del Boyce, et al.  Baltimore City - Property Taxes - Authority to Set a Special Rate for Vacant and Abandoned Property.

HB0003  Del Stewart.  Land Use - Expedited Development Review Processes for Affordable Housing - Requirements.

HB0004  Del J. Lewis.  Institutions of Higher Education – Admissions Standards – Prohibition on Consideration of Legacy Preference.

HB0005  Del Crosby.  Criminal Law - Indecent Exposure Within the Presence of a Minor.

HB0006  Del Grammer, et al.  Public Safety - Law Enforcement - Quotas (Community-Oriented Policing Act).

HB0007  Del Stewart.  Housing Innovation Pilot Program and Housing Innovation Fund - Establishment (Housing Innovation Pilot Program Act of 2024).

HB0008  Del Fraser-Hidalgo.  Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission - Police Officer Certification - Eligibility.

HB0009  Del Crosby.  State Retirement and Pension System - Forfeiture of Benefits.

HB0010  Del Attar.  Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Eligible Individuals and Direct Reimbursement for Mental Health Services.

HB0011  Del J. Lewis.  Workforce Development and Adult Learning - Leasing Training Program - Establishment.

HB0012  Del Ruth, et al.  Property Tax Credit - Retail Service Station Conversions.

HB0013  Del R. Lewis.  Residential Property - Affordable Housing Land Trusts - Authority to Establish Condominium Regimes.

HB0014  Chr W&M (Dept).  Election Law - Revisions.

HB0015  Del Cardin.  Police Discipline - Order to Show Cause.

HB0016  Del Kaiser.  Tax Sales - Homeowner Protection Program - Funding.

HB0017  Chr ENT (Dept).  Charter Counties - Comprehensive Plans - Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

HB0018  Del R. Long.  Education - Reporting Arrests of Students - Alterations.

HB0019  Del T. Morgan.  Natural Resources - Northern Snakehead - Common Name.

HB0020  Chr W&M (Dept).  Real Property Assessments – Revaluation of Property on Transfer After Appeal.

HB0021  Del Attar.  Criminal Procedure - Warrantless Arrest - Straw Purchase Participant.

HB0022  Del Ruth, et al.  Agriculture - Pollinator Habitat Plan - Requirements for State Highway Administration.

HB0023  Chr HGO (Dept).  Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Qualified Health Plans - Dental Coverage.

HB0024  Del Boyce.  Environment - Impact of Environmental Permits and State Agency Actions.

HB0025  Del Mangione.  Public Schools - Sexually Explicit Materials - Prohibited in Libraries and Media Centers.

HB0026  Chr W&M (Dept).  Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses Account - Alterations.

HB0027  Del Acevero.  No–Knock Warrants.

HB0028  Del R. Lewis.  Passenger, Truck, and Multipurpose Vehicles - Annual Registration Fees (Pedestrian Fatality Prevention Act of 2024).

HB0029  Del Hill, et al.  Real Property - Transfer to Heir - Exemption From Prepayment.

HB0030  Chr HGO (Dept).  Health Insurance – Conformity With Federal Law.

HB0031  Del Cardin.  Juvenile Law - Electronic Harassment and Bullying - Inquiry by Intake Officer.

HB0032  Del Harrison.  Income Tax - Caregiver Tax Credit.

HB0033  Del J. Lewis.  Economic Development - Entrepreneurial Leave Tax Credit Program.

HB0034  Del Kerr.  Interstate Social Work Licensure Compact.

HB0035  Chr W&M (Dept).  Property Tax - Submission of Building Permits to Supervisor of Assessments - Estimated Construction Cost.

HB0036  Chr ECM (Dept).  Insurance - Protections After Loss or Damage to Property.

HB0037  Del Bartlett.  Reentry Services for Women - Commission and Pilot Program - Establishment.

HB0038  Del Edelson.  Baltimore City - Off-Street Parking Requirements Near Mass Transit Stations.

HB0039  Del R. Lewis.  Residential Service Agencies - Reimbursement - Personal Assistance Services (Homecare Worker Rights Act of 2024).

HB0040  Del Kaiser.  Election Law - Postelection Tabulation Audits - Risk-Limiting Audits.

HB0041  Del Mangione.  Crimes – Firearms – Penalties and Procedures (Violent Firearms Offender Act of 2024).

HB0042  Chr HGO (Dept).  Public Health - Public Health Services and Protections - Revisions.

HB0043  Del Stewart.  Motor Vehicle Registration - Exceptions for Golf Carts - Authorization.

HB0044  Del Charkoudian.  Renters' Property Tax Relief and Homeowners' Property Tax Credit Programs - Gross Income and Assessed Value Limitations - Alterations.

HB0045  Chr ENT (Dept).  Natural Resources - Sale, Barter, or Exchange of Mounted Specimens From Decedent's Estate.

HB0046  Del Mangione.  Transportation Investment Program - County Referendum - Authorization.

HB0047  Del Szeliga, et al.  Education - Interscholastic and Intramural Junior Varsity and Varsity Teams - Designation Based on Sex (Fairness in Girls' Sports Act).

HB0048  Del Cardin.  Courts - Justices and Judges - Selection and Retention.

HB0049  Dels Taveras and T. Morgan.  Vehicle Laws - Unauthorized Registration Plates - Prohibition.

HB0050  Del Acevero.  Commission on History, Culture, and Civics in Education.

HB0051  Del Rosenberg.  Maryland Pediatric Cancer Fund - Modifications.

HB0052  Del Stewart.  State Employees - Parental Bereavement Leave.

HB0053  Del Wu.  Task Force to Study E-Commerce Monopolies in the State (E-Commerce Antimonopoly Study of 2024).

HB0054  Del Atterbeary.  Property Tax - Transfer to Heir - Payment Plans.

HB0055  Del Pruski.  Maryland Commission on Veterans and Military Families.

HB0056  Del Hartman.  Worcester County - Motor Home and Recreational Trailer Shows - Out-of-State Dealers.

HB0057  Chr HGO (Dept).  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – Dispensers – Veterinarians.

HB0058  Del Guyton.  Baltimore County - Speed Monitoring Systems - Residential Districts.

HB0059  Del Mangione.  Crimes of Violence - Motor Vehicle Theft.

HB0060  Del Guyton.  Rehabilitation Services - Disability - Definition.

HB0061  Dels Taveras and Taylor.  Correctional Services - Formerly Incarcerated Individuals and Individuals on Probation - Re-Entry Services.

HB0062  Del Simpson.  State Employee Rights and Protections - Personnel Actions and Harassment - Investigation of Complaints.

HB0063  Del Pruski.  Property Tax - Credit for Dwelling House of Disabled Veterans - Alterations.

HB0064  Del J. Lewis.  Motor Vehicle Excise Tax - Tax Credit for Electric Vehicles - Eligibility.

HB0065  Del Miller.  Public Schools - Medical and Psychological Treatment in School-Based Health Centers and Public Schools - Parental Notice.

HB0066  Del Charkoudian.  Property Tax Credits - Public School Employees, Health and Safety Improvements, and Property Used for Local Housing Programs.

HB0067  Chr ECM (Dept).  Insurance - Penalties - Unauthorized Insurers, Insurance Producers, and Public Adjusters.

HB0068  Del Stein.  Continuing Care Retirement Communities - Governing Bodies, Grievances, and Entrance Fees.

HB0069  Del Amprey.  Community Development Administration - Live Near Where You Teach Program - Establishment.

HB0070  Del Hill.  Criminal Law - Interference With a Public Safety Answering Point - Penalties.

HB0071  Del Edelson.  Education - Holocaust Education Assistance Grant Program - Established.

HB0072  Chr ENT (Dept).  Vehicle Registration - Fee Due to Outstanding Warrant - Repeal.

HB0073  Del Bartlett.  Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Completion of Sentence.

HB0074  Del Guyton.  Public Schools - Lifesaver Schools Program - Establishment.

HB0075  Del Ebersole.  Higher Education - Teacher Development and Retention Program - Definition.

HB0076  Del Lopez.  Health Occupations - Pharmacists - Administration of Vaccines.

HB0077  Del Munoz.  Motor Vehicles - Parking - Armed Forces Special Registration Plates.

HB0078  Chr APP (Dept).  Maryland Environmental Service – Governance and Requirements.

HB0079  Del Williams.  Family Law – Child Custody – Determinations.

HB0080  Del Boyce.  Election Law - Party and Elected Public Offices - Prohibition.

HB0081  Del Bouchat.  Constitutional Amendment - Form of County Government - Requirement to Adopt Charter Home Rule.

HB0082  Dels Wu and T. Morgan.  Post College and Career Readiness Pathways - Cost to Student - Alteration.

HB0083  Del Ziegler, et al.  Civil Actions - Noneconomic Damages - Personal Injury and Wrongful Death.

HB0084  Del Kerr.  Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers - Sepsis Protocol (Lochlin's Law).

HB0085  Del Lehman, et al.  Department of Agriculture - Spay/Neuter Fund.

HB0086  Del Boyce, et al.  Public and Nonpublic Schools - Auto-Injectable Epinephrine and Bronchodilators - Use, Availability, Training, and Policies.

HB0087  Del Mangione.  Criminal Law - Death Penalty.

HB0088  Chr APP (Dept).  State Retirement and Pension System - Immediate Vesting.

HB0089  Del R. Lewis.  Income Tax - Credit for Individuals Without Motor Vehicles (One Less Car Act of 2024).

HB0090  Chr ECM (Dept).  Insurance - Hearing Representation.

HB0091  Del Foley.  Fossil Fuel-Powered Lawn and Garden Care Equipment - State Purchase, Use, and Contracts - Prohibition.

HB0092  Del Amprey.  Resources and Education for All Prisons (REAP) Act.

HB0093  Del Mireku-North.  Landlord and Tenant - Termination of Residential Lease - Limitation of Liability for Rent.

HB0094  Del Pasteur.  Correctional Services - Inmate Employment - Agricultural Work.

HB0095  Del Mangione.  Workgroup to Study School Bus Safety (Maryland School Bus Safety Act of 2024).

HB0096  Del T. Morgan.  Health - Newborn Screening Program - Krabbe Leukodystrophy.

HB0097  Dels Taveras and Pasteur.  Baby Food - Toxic Heavy Metals - Testing and Labeling.

HB0098  Del Kaufman, et al.  Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Deafblind Co-Navigation Services Program - Established.

HB0099  Del Bartlett.  Criminal Law – Sexual Solicitation of a Minor Through Child Pornography – Prohibition.

HB0100  Del Cardin.  Inheritance Tax Rate – Beneficiaries of Limited Means.

HB0101  Del Charkoudian.  State Highway Projects - Removal, Relocation, and Adjustment of Utility Facilities - Notification, Work Plans, and Compliance.

HB0102  Del Miller.  Motor Vehicles - Motorcycles - Passenger Restrictions.

HB0103  Del Bagnall.  Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Dental Services - Coverage and Rate Study.

HB0104  Del Harrison.  Healthy Working Families Act - Railroad Employees - Unpaid Leave.

HB0105  Del Atterbeary.  Drunk Driving Offenses – Ignition Interlock System Program.

HB0106  Chr APP (Dept).  Human Services - Public Assistance to Entrepreneurship (PA2E) Program - Establishment.

HB0107  Del R. Lewis.  Vehicle Laws - Bus Lane Obstruction - Monitoring Systems Expansion and Workgroup (Better Bus Service Act of 2024).

HB0108  Del Pasteur.  Baltimore County Board of Education - Nonstudent Member Compensation and Student Member Scholarships - Alterations.

HB0109  Chr ENT (Dept).  Natural Resources - Submerged Aquatic Vegetation - Alteration or Removal Requirements.

HB0110  Del Charkoudian.  Health Insurance - Utilization Review - Private Review Agents.

HB0111  Del D. Jones.  Bicycles, Play Vehicles, and Unicycles - Authorizations and Requirements.

HB0112  Chr W&M (Dept).  Persons Doing Public Business – Disclosure Requirements.

HB0113  Del Lehman, et al.  Vehicle Laws - Horse Riding - Helmet Requirement for Minors.

HB0114  Del J. Lewis, et al.  Arbitration Reform for State Employees Act of 2024.

HB0115  Del Kaufman, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Victims' Rights - Notification of Release From Confinement (Jaycee Webster Victims' Rights Act).

HB0116  Del Kerr.  Teacher Degree Apprenticeship.

HB0117  Chr ENT (Dept).  Department of Natural Resources - Maryland Geological Survey Fund - Establishment.

HB0118  Del Bartlett.  Correctional Services - Geriatric and Medical Parole.

HB0119  Chr HGO (Dept).  Public Health - Giving Infants a Future Without Transmission (GIFT) Act.

HB0120  Del T. Morgan.  Economic Development – Maryland Watermen’s Microloan Program – Eligibility.

HB0121  Del Amprey.  Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services - Training Facilities With an Outdoor Firearm Range - Location.

HB0122  Del Queen.  General Provisions – Commemorative Month – Small Business Month.

HB0123  Chr JUD (Dept).  Division of Parole and Probation - Criteria for Earned Compliance Credit - Exception for Supervision Fees.

HB0124  Dels Taveras and Ruth.  Alcoholic Beverages - License Applications - Residency Requirements.

HB0125  Del Rogers.  Courts – Military Records – Recordation and Inspection.

HB0126  Del Taveras.  Prince George's County - Board of Education - Family Life and Human Sexuality Instruction.

HB0127  Chr HGO (Dept).  Public Health - Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) Standing Order Program - Establishment.

HB0128  Dels Rosenberg and Kipke.  Crimes - Interfering With a Legislative Proceeding.

HB0129  Del Williams.  Criminal Procedure - Location Information - Exigent Circumstances (Kelsey Smith Act for Maryland).

HB0130  Chr ENT (Dept).  Department of General Services - State Buildings and Facilities - Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions.

HB0131  Del Stewart.  Housing Development Permit Applications - Local Reporting Requirements.

HB0132  Del Cardin.  Sports Wagering Campaign Contributions Parity Act of 2024.

HB0133  Del Bouchat, et al.  Commission to Study African American Civil War Soldiers in Maryland.

HB0134  Del Mangione.  Juvenile Law - Juvenile Court Jurisdiction - Age of Child.

HB0135  Del Charkoudian.  Transportation - Maryland Transportation Authority - Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Accessibility.

HB0136  Chr ECM (Dept).  Employment Standards, Prevailing Wage, and Living Wage - Employer Adverse Actions - Prohibition.

HB0137  Del Grammer.  Civil Actions - Civil Immunity - Educator Intervention.

HB0138  Del Amprey.  Education - Financial Literacy Curriculum (Financial Literacy for All Act).

HB0139  Del Charkoudian.  Landlord and Tenant - Office of Home Energy Programs - Financial Assistance.

HB0140  Del Rogers.  State Personnel - Spouses of Active Duty Service Members - Hiring Preferences.

HB0141  Dels Pippy and Simpson.  Criminal Procedure - Child Abuse Victim - Testimony Taken Outside the Courtroom.

HB0142  Del R. Long.  Election Law - Polling Places - Establishing Voter Identity (Voter Privacy Act of 2024).

HB0143  Del Foley.  Condominiums - Sales Contracts - Asbestos Disclosure.

HB0144  Chr APP (Dept).  Public Employee Relations Act – Alterations.

HB0145  Dels Pippy and Simpson.  Criminal Law - Revenge Porn - Visual Representation.

HB0146  Chr HGO (Dept).  Health Occupations Boards – Reciprocal Licensure and Certification.

HB0147  Del Hartman.  Tobacco Tax Stamp Refunds - Loss Due to Theft.

HB0148  Del Ebersole, et al.  Department of Transportation - Human Trafficking Awareness, Training, and Response (See Someone, Save Someone Act).

HB0149  Dels Pippy and Kerr.  Medical Records - Destruction - Authorization.

HB0150  Del Fraser-Hidalgo.  Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program and Diesel Vehicle Emissions Control Program - Fees and Fines.

HB0151  Del Patterson.  Charles County Board of Education - Vacancy Procedures - Timing and Video Streaming and Archiving.

HB0152  Del Boyce, et al.  Department of the Environment - Study on Deathcare and Funeral Practices.

HB0153  Dels Rosenberg and Stein.  Medical Records - Fees - Attorneys Representing Patients.

HB0154  Chr W&M (Dept).  Homeowners' Property Tax Credit - Application Filing Deadline - Extension for Homeowner Protection Program Enrollees.

HB0155  Del J. Lewis.  Maryland Energy Administration - Carbon Capture Opportunity Program - Establishment.

HB0156  Del R. Lewis.  Transportation - Electric Bicycle Rebate and Voucher Program - Establishment.

HB0157  Del Griffith.  Public Schools - Appropriations for School Safety Expenditures - Increase (School Safety Enhancement Act of 2024).

HB0158  Del Cardin, et al.  Courts - Prohibited Indemnity and Defense Liability Agreements.

HB0159  Del Korman.  Common Ownership Communities - Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment (Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment Act of 2024).

HB0160  Del Acevero.  Elementary and Secondary Schools - Workplace Readiness Week - Establishment.

HB0161  Chr ENT (Dept).  Vehicle Laws - Driver's Licenses, Learner's Instructional Permits, and Identification Cards.

HB0162  Dels Cardin and Moon.  Courts - Prohibited Liability Agreements - Recreational Facilities.

HB0163  Del Charkoudian.  Food Waste and Solid Waste Reduction - Grants, Fund, and Surcharge.

HB0164  Del R. Long.  Election Law - Voter Registration List - Absentee Voters (Absentee Ballot Transparency Act of 2024).

HB0165  Del J. Lewis.  Local Government – Annual Audit Reporting Requirements – Alterations.

HB0166  Del Stewart, et al.  Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard - Eligible Sources - Alterations (Reclaim Renewable Energy Act of 2024).

HB0167  Del Harrison.  Public Schools - Student Health - Certificate of Dental Health.

HB0168  Del Terrasa, et al.  Environment - Plastic Products - Postconsumer Recycled Content Program.

HB0169  Del Acevero.  Custodial Interrogation of Minors - Admissibility of Statements.

HB0170  Del Williams.  State Finance - Prohibited Appropriations - Magnetic Levitation Transportation System.

HB0171  Del Guyton.  State Board of Pharmacy - Membership - Veterinary Pharmacist.

HB0172  Chr JUD (Dept).  Department of State Police - Professional Occupations - Application Process.

HB0173  Del Lehman, et al.  State Buildings and State Highways - Collection of Yard Waste.

HB0174  Chr W&M (Dept).  Property Tax Assessment - Appeals to Maryland Tax Court - Filing Fee.

HB0175  Del Harrison.  Occupational Licensing and Certification – Criminal History – Prohibited Disclosures and Predetermination Review Process.

HB0176  Del Foley.  Vehicle Towing or Removal - Insurer of Record - Electronic Notification.

HB0177  Del R. Lewis.  Hospitals - Care of Infants After Discharge.

HB0178  Del Griffith.  Vehicle Laws - Disabled Veteran Registration Plates - Issuance.

HB0179  Del J. Lewis.  Indigenous Peoples' Day - Rule of Interpretation and Replacement of Columbus Day.

HB0180  Del Kerr.  State Board of Cosmetologists – Licensing – Eyelash Extensions.

HB0181  Del Hill, et al.  Failure to Pay Rent Proceedings - Prohibition on Rent Increases and Shielding of Court Records.

HB0182  Del Bouchat.  Districting - Single Member Districts and Legislative and Congressional Redistricting and Apportionment Convention.

HB0183  Chr APP (Dept).  Human Services – Food Supplement Program (Summer SNAP for Children Act).

HB0184  Del Acevero.  Public Health - Healthy Maryland Program - Establishment.

HB0185  Del Bartlett.  Correctional Services - Medical Parole - Life Imprisonment.

HB0186  Del Hartman.  Eastern Shore Code Counties - Maximum Hotel Rental Tax Rate - Alteration.

HB0187  Del Ruth, et al.  Task Force to Study Aggressive and Reckless Driving.

HB0188  Del Cardin.  Public Safety - Police Accountability - Time Limit for Filing Administrative Charges.

HB0189  Del R. Lewis.  Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Provider Agencies and Personal Care Aides - Reimbursement and Wage Reports (Homecare Workers Employment Act of 2024).

HB0190  Del Hill.  Workers' Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - First Responders.

HB0191  Del Mireku-North.  Correctional Services - Pregnancy and Postpartum Support (Prevention of Forced Infant Separation Act).

HB0192  Del R. Long.  Elections - In-Person Voting - Proof of Identity.

HB0193  Dels Lehman and Pena-Melnyk.  Anne Arundel County - Speed Limits - Establishment.

HB0194  Del Edelson.  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Seniors - State Supplement.

HB0195  Del Guyton, et al.  Public Safety - Missing Persons With Cognitive Impairment - Purple Alert Program.

HB0196  Del Taveras, et al.  Motor Vehicles - School Buses - Seat Belts.

HB0197  Chr ECM (Dept).  Unemployment Insurance - Work Search Requirement - Exemption for Federal Civilian Employees During a Federal Government Shutdown.

HB0198  Dels Korman and J. Lewis.  Transportation - WMATA Operating Assistance - Alteration (Maryland Metro Funding Act of 2024).

HB0199  Del Wu, et al.  Multifamily Dwellings - Smoking Policies.

HB0200  Del Wilkins.  Community Schools - Alterations.

HB0201  Del Taveras, et al.  Commercial Driver's Licenses - Knowledge Test - English and Spanish.

HB0202  Del R. Long.  Election Law - Absentee Ballots - Signature Requirements and Verification.

HB0203  Chr JUD (Dept).  Correctional Services - Local Detention Centers - Reporting on Opioid Use Disorder.

HB0204  Del Attar, et al.  Education – Coaches – Mental Health Training.

HB0205  Del Charkoudian.  Unemployment Insurance Modernization Act of 2024.

HB0206  Del R. Long.  Education - Student Behavior - Parent and Guardian Notice and Required Counseling (Parent and Guardian Accountability Act).

HB0207  Del Edelson.  Motor Vehicles - Reckless Driving and Aggressive Driving - Penalties.

HB0208  Chr W&M (Dept).  County Public Libraries - Overdue Library Materials - Minors.

HB0209  Del Amprey.  Prison Education Delivery Reform Commission.

HB0210  Del Acevero.  Maryland Building Performance Standards – Fossil Fuel Use and Electric–Ready Standards.

HB0211  Del Taveras.  Business Regulation - Contractors, Subcontractors, and Brokers - Prohibited Conduct.

HB0212  Del Palakovich Carr, et al.  Vehicle Laws - Noise Abatement Monitoring Systems - Authorization.

HB0213  Del Attar.  Education - Maryland STEM Program - Established.

HB0214  Dels Boyce and Grammer.  Family Law – Adoption of an Adult.

HB0215  Chr HGO (Dept).  Human Services - Attendant Care Program - Ongoing Additional Supports.

HB0216  Del Charkoudian.  Condominiums - Common Elements - Clean Energy Equipment.

HB0217  Del R. Long.  Vehicle Laws - Cannabis Use in Motor Vehicle With Minor Occupant - Prohibition.

HB0218  Del Stewart.  Income Tax - Credit for Long-Term Care Premiums (Long-Term Care Relief Act of 2024).

HB0219  Dels Guyton and Ruth.  Natural Resources - Removal of Trees or Shrubs - Notice and Objection.

HB0220  Del R. Long.  Homestead Property Tax Credit - Calculation of Credit for Dwelling Purchased by First-Time Homebuyer.

HB0221  Del Wu, et al.  Education - Funding for General Education Programs - Definition Alterations.

HB0222  Chr JUD (Dept).  Correctional Services - Division of Pretrial Detention and Services - Facilities.

HB0223  Del Queen.  Commercial Law - Mortgage Loans - Verification of Ability to Repay.

HB0224  Chr W&M (Dept).  Sports Wagering - Sports Wagering Assistance Fund - Repeal.

HB0225  Chr ENT (Dept).  Smart Growth Subcabinet - Membership and Duties.

HB0226  Chr W&M (Dept).  Property Tax Credit - Permanent Supportive Housing - Established.

HB0227  Chr HGO (Dept).  State Government - Information Technology - Major Information Technology Development Projects.

HB0228  Chr ENT and Chr APP (Dept).  Natural Resources - Maryland State Parks - Funds and Plan Alterations.

HB0229  Chr ECM (Dept).  Vehicle Laws - Motor Vehicle Insurance Companies - Requirements.

HB0230  Chr HGO (Dept).  Motor Vehicle Administration - Death Certificates - Issuance of Copies.

HB0231  Chr ENT (Dept).  Vehicle Laws - Special Registration Plates - Gold Star and Next of Kin Families.

HB0232  Chr HGO (Dept).  Physicians and Allied Health Professions - Reorganization and Revisions.

HB0233  Chr ENT (Critical Area Commission).  Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area Protection Program – Climate, Equity, and Administrative Provisions.

HB0234  Chr ENT (Dept).  Department of Agriculture - Licensing, Registration, Fees and Penalties, and Regulation.

HB0235  Chr HGO (Dept).  Department of Natural Resources - Pay-For-Success Contracts - Procurement Exemption.

HB0236  Chr ECM (Dept).  Public Service Commission - Electricity Supply and Consumer Protections - Regulations and Orders.

HB0237  Chr ENT (Dept).  Commercial Northern Snakehead License – Gear.

HB0238  Chr ECM (Dept).  Public Health - Clean Indoor Air Act - Revisions.

HB0239  Chr ENT (Dept).  Natural Resources - State Boat Act - Alterations.

HB0240  Chr HGO (Dept).  Health Insurance - Cancellation of Individual Health Benefit Plans - Restriction.

HB0241  Chr ENT (Dept).  Housing and Community Development - Just Community Designation.

HB0242  Chr ECM (Dept).  State Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board - Sunset Extension.

HB0243  Chr W&M (Dept).  Property Tax - Tax Sales - Revisions.

HB0244  Chr ECM (Dept).  Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Act - Civil Penalties - Alterations.

HB0245  Chr ENT (Dept).  Department of the Environment - Fees, Penalties, Funding, and Regulation.

HB0246  Chr ECM (Dept).  Commercial Law - Credit Regulation - Earned Wage Access and Credit Modernization.

HB0247  Chr ENT (Dept).  Real Property - Residential Foreclosures - Procedures.

HB0248  Chr W&M (Dept).  Property Tax - Assessment Appeal Boards and Supervisors - Regional Organization.

HB0249  Chr JUD (Dept).  Public Safety - Statewide DNA Database System, DNA Collection, and Penalties - Alterations.

HB0250  Chr ECM (Dept).  Financial Institutions - Third-Party Service Providers - Examinations.

HB0251  Chr ECM (Dept).  Unemployment Insurance - Covered Employment - Employees of Governmental Entities or Charitable, Educational, or Religious Organizations.

HB0252  Chr ECM (Dept).  Insurance - Holding Companies - Group Capital Calculation and Liquidity Stress Test.

HB0253  Chr ECM (Maryland Cannabis Administration.  Cannabis Reform - Alterations.

HB0254  Chr ECM (Dept).  Commercial Law - Credit Regulation - Predatory Loan Prevention (True Lender Act).

HB0255  Chr HGO (Dept).  Interagency Committee on Aging Services – Repeal.

HB0256  Del D. Jones.  Waterway Incident Notification System (WINS) Workgroup.

HB0257  Del Qi.  Election Law - Affiliating With a Party and Voting - Unaffiliated Voters.

HB0258  Del Qi.  Renewable Energy - Customer-Sited Solar Program.

HB0259  Del Chang.  District Court - Traffic Cases - Surcharges.

HB0260  Del Chang.  State Personnel - Collective Bargaining - Supervisory Employees.

HB0261  Del Palakovich Carr, et al.  Unemployment Insurance - Benefits - Election Judges.

HB0262  Del Palakovich Carr.  Consumer Protection - Consumer Reporting Agencies - Information in Consumer Credit Reports.

HB0263  Del Qi.  State Highway Administration - Sidewalks and Bicycle Pathways - Maintenance and Repair.

HB0264  Del Crosby.  Criminal Law - Manslaughter by Vehicle or Vessel - Increased Penalties (Jamari's Law).

HB0265  Del Qi.  Insurance - Producer Licensing Requirements - Education and Experience.

HB0266  Del Holmes.  Residential Owners in Common Ownership Communities - Bill of Rights.

HB0267  Del Crosby.  Electricity and Gas - Retail Supply - Regulation and Consumer Protection.

HB0268  Del Grammer.  Criminal Procedure - Expungement of Records - Definitions.

HB0269  Del Grammer.  Criminal Procedure - Disclosure of Expunged Records - Alterations.

HB0270  Del Grammer.  Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Failure to Obey a Court Order to Report to Confinement.

HB0271  Del Grammer.  Limited Liability Companies - Articles of Organization - Required Information.

HB0272  Del Grammer.  Cannabis Licensing and Registration - Use of Straw Ownership - Prohibition.

HB0273  Del Holmes.  Real Property - Regulation of Common Ownership Community Managers.

HB0274  Del Simpson, et al.  Intercepted Communications - Penalty.

HB0275  Cecil County Delegation.  Motor Vehicle Registration - Exception for Golf Carts - Town of Charlestown.

HB0276  Del Grammer.  Health - Abortion Data - Submission to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

HB0277  Del Kerr.  Frederick County - Local Gaming and Authorization for Electronic Tip Jar Dispensers.

HB0278  Del Kerr.  Urban State Highways - Speed Limits - Exceptions.

HB0279  Del Holmes.  Common Ownership Communities - Local Commissions - Requirements.

HB0280  Del Holmes.  Local Government - Condominium and Homeowners Associations - Repair and Rehabilitation Funds.

HB0281  Del Holmes.  Cooperative Housing Corporations, Condominiums, and Homeowners Associations - Funding of Reserve Accounts.

HB0282  Del Kerr.  Speed Monitoring Systems - Agencies - Statements and Certificates of Violations.

HB0283  Del Palakovich Carr.  Housing and Community Development - Affordable Housing - Identifying Suitable Property.

HB0284  Del Palakovich Carr.  Education - Provision of Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline Telephone Number - Alteration.

HB0285  Del Holmes, et al.  Task Force on Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity - Alterations.

HB0286  Del Holmes, et al.  Task Force on Common Ownership Communities.

HB0287  Del Charkoudian.  Tax Credits – Homeowners and Renters – Income Calculation.

HB0288  Del Pippy, et al.  Criminal Law - Visual Surveillance With Prurient Intent - Private Place and Minor Victim.

HB0289  Del Kerr.  State Contracts - Prohibited Provisions.

HB0290  Dels Grammer and Bartlett.  Crimes - Interception of Wire, Oral, or Electronic Communications - Exception for Imminent Danger.

HB0291  Del Palakovich Carr.  County Boards of Education - Bid Advertisement Threshold and Electronic Posting of Hearing Notices and Bid Advertisements.

HB0292  Del Kerr.  State Procurement - Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals - Attorney's Fees.

HB0293  Del Arentz, et al.  State Boat Act - Abandoned or Sunken Recreational Vessels - Identification and Removal.

HB0294  Del Arentz, et al.  Estates and Trusts - Vessel Transfers - Excise Tax and Title Fee Exemption.

HB0295  Del J. Long, et al.  Overdose Awareness Day.

HB0296  Del Grammer.  Firearms - Right to Purchase, Own, Possess, and Carry.

HB0297  Del Davis, et al.  Office of the Attorney General - Correctional Ombudsman Unit.

HB0298  Del Munoz.  Vehicle Laws - Lanes of Travel - Slower Traffic and Overtaking and Passing (MOVE GET OUT THE WAY Act).

HB0299  Del Grammer.  Public Safety - Militia - Active Duty Combat (Defend the Guard).

HB0300  Del Toles, et al.  Family Law - Marriage Ceremony - Designation of Deputy Clerk.

HB0301  Del Embry, et al.  Correctional Services - Diminution of a Term of Confinement - First-Degree Rape and First-Degree Sexual Offense (Pava Marie LaPere Act).

HB0302  Del Embry, et al.  Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Employees, and Court-Ordered Services Providers - Prohibition on Sexual Activity - Penalties and Registry.

HB0303  Dels Grammer and Young.  Public Safety - Persistent Aerial Surveillance.

HB0304  Del Munoz, et al.  Gun Theft Felony Act of 2024.

HB0305  Dels Wilkins and Charkoudian.  Outdoor Lighting - Standards and Use of State Funds.

HB0306  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Economic Development - Independent Innovation Agency of Prince George's County - Establishment PG 402-24.

HB0307  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Nonprofit Organizations PG 304-24.

HB0308  Del Healey.  Public Safety - Missing Person Reports - Collection and Publication.

HB0309  Del Healey.  Cooperative Housing Corporations - Dispute Settlement.

HB0310  Del Buckel, et al.  Safe Communities Act of 2024.

HB0311  Dels Simpson and Taylor.  Child Support - Suspension of Driver's Licenses.

HB0312  Del Bagnall.  Physician Assistants - Collaboration Agreements.

HB0313  Del Attar.  Juvenile Law - Probation.

HB0314  Del Attar.  Juvenile Law – Probation – Technical Violations.

HB0315  Del Bartlett.  Regulated Firearms - Department of State Police - Reporting Requirements.

HB0316  Del Valentine, et al.  Crimes and Corrections - Penalties and Procedures (Violent Firearms Offender Act of 2024).

HB0317  Del Williams.  Criminal Procedure - Postconviction Review - Motion for Reduction of Sentence.

HB0318  Del Solomon, et al.  Criminal Law - Theft - Mail and Mail Depository Key.

HB0319  Del Kipke, et al.  Juvenile Justice Restoration Act of 2024.

HB0320  Del Pippy, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Stops and Searches - Cannabis Odor and Admission of Evidence (Drug-Free Roadways Act of 2024).

HB0321  Del Attar.  Criminal Law - Crimes of Arson - Prohibitions and Penalties.

HB0322  Del Attar.  Juvenile Law - Complaints - Forwarding to State's Attorney.

HB0323  Del Guyton.  Environment - Commission on Climate Change Membership - Addition.

HB0324  Del Cardin.  Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act - Transfers as Custodian for the Benefit of a Minor - Authorization of Court.

HB0325  Del Cardin.  Estates and Trusts - Interested Person - Definition.

HB0326  Del Cardin.  Estates and Trusts - Appointment of Personal Representative - Objections.

HB0327  Del Bagnall.  Anne Arundel County - Board of Community College Trustees - Membership Alterations and Appointment Requirements.

HB0328  Del Lopez, et al.  Hospitals - Financial Assistance Policies - Revisions.

HB0329  Dels Grammer and Simmons.  Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Expiration and Renewal Periods for Retired Law Enforcement Officer.

HB0330  Del Rosenberg, et al.  Courts - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.

HB0331  Del Guyton, et al.  Election Law - Candidate Expenditures - Campaign-Related Child Care Expenses.

HB0332  Del Addison, et al.  Baltimore City - Out-of-State Vehicles - Improper Registration.

HB0333  Dels Rosenberg and Wilkins.  Election Law - Election Disinformation on Large Social Media Platforms and Influence Related to Voting.

HB0334  Del Solomon, et al.  Higher Education - MPowering Joint Steering Council - Funding.

HB0335  Dels Addison and Young.  Baltimore City - Alcoholic Beverages - B-D-7 Licenses - Hours of Sale.

HB0336  Del Forbes, et al.  Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program - Materials for Individualized Education Program Meetings.

HB0337  Del Love, et al.  Vehicle Laws - Bike Lanes and Shoulders - Yielding Right-of-Way (Sarah Debbink Langenkamp Memorial Act).

HB0338  Del Moon, et al.  Criminal Procedure – Facial Recognition Technology – Requirements, Procedures, and Prohibitions.

HB0339  Del Vogel, et al.  Unemployment Insurance - Disqualification - Stoppage of Work Caused by Labor Dispute.

HB0340  Dels Cullison and White Holland.  Prescription Drug Affordability Board - Authority for Upper Payment Limits and Funding (The Lowering Prescription Drug Costs For All Marylanders Now Act).

HB0341  Del Solomon.  Higher Education - Cost-of-Living Adjustment - Non-State-Supported Employees.

HB0342  Del Bagnall.  State Procurement - Prompt Payment of Suppliers.

HB0343  Del Munoz.  Environment - Cox Creek Citizens Oversight Committee - Membership.

HB0344  Del Palakovich Carr, et al.  Transportation - Vision Zero Advisory Commission - Establishment.

HB0345  Del Palakovich Carr, et al.  Fish and Wildlife - Endangered and Threatened Species - Definitions, Petitions, and Regulations.

HB0346  Dels Moon and Clippinger.  Criminal Law - Controlled Dangerous Substances and Firearms.

HB0347  Dels Palakovich Carr and Griffith.  General Assembly Vacancy - Political Party Central Committees - Procedures.

HB0348  Del Smith.  University of Baltimore - Schaefer Center for Public Policy - Funding.

HB0349  Del Cullison.  Department of Aging - Long-Term Care Insurance - Study.

HB0350  The Spkr (Admin).  Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2025).

HB0351  The Spkr (Admin).  Creation of a State Debt - Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2024, and the Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loans of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

HB0352  The Spkr (Admin).  Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2024.

HB0353  Del Cullison.  Maryland Department of Health - 2-1-1 Maryland - Oversight.

HB0354  Del Cullison.  Maryland Pathway to Nursing Program and Advisory Committee - Establishment.

HB0355  Del Cullison.  Health Occupations – Licensed Direct–Entry Midwives – Previous Cesarean Section.

HB0356  Del Moon, et al.  School Bus Stops – Monitoring Cameras and Safety Measures.

HB0357  Del Terrasa, et al.  Agriculture - Confinement of Egg-Laying Hens in Commercial Egg Production - Prohibitions.

HB0358  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Workgroup on Health and Wellness PG 409-24.

HB0359  Del J. Long, et al.  Petition for Guardianship of the Property of Alleged Disabled Person - Stay of Civil Actions and Proceedings.

HB0360  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Retail Service Station Dealers - Fuel Service PG 410-24.

HB0361  Del Jackson.  Property Tax Exemption for Community Solar Energy Generating Systems - Limitation on Generating Capacity - Alteration.

HB0362  Del Ghrist, et al.  Caroline County - Alcoholic Beverages - Barbershop and Beauty Salon License.

HB0363  Del Ghrist, et al.  Caroline County – Alcoholic Beverages – Beer, Wine, and Liquor Tasting License.

HB0364  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Traffic Control Device Monitoring Systems - Authorization PG 301-24.

HB0365  Del Ghrist, et al.  School Construction - Local Cost-Share - Alterations.

HB0366  Del Smith.  Restrictions on Use - Solar Collector Systems - Alteration.

HB0367  Del Smith, et al.  Community Colleges - Contraception - Access Requirements.

HB0368  Del Cullison.  Human Relations - Discrimination by a Place of Public Accommodation.

HB0369  Del Vogel.  Income Tax - Senior Tax Credit - Alterations.

HB0370  Del Vogel.  Maryland Department of Health - Study on the Effects of and Preparedness for Long COVID-19.

HB0371  Del Grossman.  Election Law - Recounts - Procedures.

HB0372  Dels Harris and Stewart.  Montgomery County and Prince George's County - Rent Court Workforce Solutions Pilot Program.

HB0373  Del Vogel.  Election Law - Voting Age - Board of Education Elections.

HB0374  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Alcoholic Beverages - Cigar Lounge License PG 303-24.

HB0375  Del Korman, et al.  Port of Baltimore - Renaming.

HB0376  Prince George's County Delegation.  Study on the Feasibility of Relocating the Prince George's County Public School System Headquarters PG 501-24.

HB0377  Del Mireku-North, et al.  Therapeutic Child Care Grant Program - Funding - Alterations.

HB0378  Del Guzzone.  State Board of Dietetic Practice - Dietician-Nutritionists - Licensure Requirements.

HB0379  Del Love, et al.  Wildlife - Traveling Animal Acts - Prohibition.

HB0380  Del Solomon, et al.  State Emergency Medical Services Board - Licenses and Certificates - Application Requirements.

HB0381  Del Hill.  State Board of Examiners in Optometry - Criminal History Records Checks.

HB0382  Del Schmidt, et al.  Criminal and Civil Trespass - Professional Land Surveyors - Exception.

HB0383  Dels Smith and Shetty.  Cosmetology Licensure Compact.

HB0384  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George’s County – Business Improvement Districts – Sale of Commercial Property PG 403–24.

HB0385  Del J. Long, et al.  Wage Payment and Collection - Pay Stubs and Pay Statements - Required Information.

HB0386  Del Feldmark.  Maryland Meals for Achievement In-Classroom Breakfast Program - Alterations (Maryland Meals for Achievement Flexibility Act of 2024).

HB0387  Baltimore City Delegation.  Public Information Act – Surveillance Images – Illegal Dumping in Baltimore City.

HB0388  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Law Enforcement - Sound Level Meters PG 305-24.

HB0389  Del Healey, et al.  State Highways - Sidewalks and Bicycle Pathways - Maintenance and Repair.

HB0390  Del Henson.  Commission on African American History and Culture - Museum Name Change .

HB0391  Del T. Morgan, et al.  Corporations and Associations - Protestant Episcopal Church, Diocese of Washington.

HB0392  Dels Stewart and Young.  Evidence - Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance - Fair Housing Testing.

HB0393  Del Bagnall.  Higher Education - Maryland Dent-Care Program - Eligibility.

HB0394  Del Guzzone, et al.  Human Relations - Commission on Civil Rights - Appeal of Final Orders.

HB0395  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Early Childhood Education Program and High School Child Care Centers - Established PG 504-24.

HB0396  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Sales and Use Tax on Energy and Fuel - Use of Revenue PG 407-24.

HB0397  Del Charkoudian.  Public Utilities – Thermal Energy Network Systems – Authorization and Establishment (Working for Accessible Renewable Maryland Thermal Heat (WARMTH) Act).

HB0398  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Sales and Use Tax on Telecommunications Services - Use of Revenue PG 406-24.

HB0399  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - High School Metal Detector Program - Established PG 302-24.

HB0400  Del Woods, et al.  Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health Insurance - Annual Behavioral Health Wellness Visits - Coverage and Reimbursement.

HB0401  Del Qi.  Property Tax Exemption - Rental Income - Reporting Requirement.

HB0402  Del Grammer.  Real Property - Nuisance and Breach of Lease Actions - Rodent Harborage.

HB0403  Del Hill, et al.  End-of-Life Option Act (The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings and the Honorable Shane E. Pendergrass Act).

HB0404  Del Woods, et al.  Law Enforcement - Wellness Checks - Requirements (Gabriel's Law).

HB0405  Del Kaufman, et al.  Family Law - Child Custody Evaluators - Qualifications and Training.

HB0406  Del Simpson, et al.  Marriage – Confidential Communication – Criminal Charge.

HB0407  Del Kaufman, et al.  Food Supplement Benefits - Students - Eligibility (SNAP for Students).

HB0408  Del Bagnall, et al.  Mental Health Law - County Mental Health Advisory Committees - Membership.

HB0409  Del Kaufman, et al.  Public Utilities - Street Lighting Equipment - Acquisitions and Reporting (County and Municipal Street Lighting Investment Act).

HB0410  Del Atterbeary.  Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Equitech Growth Fund - Alterations.

HB0411  Del Kipke.  Public Health - Opioid Overdose Reversal Drugs - Standing Orders.

HB0412  Del Foley, et al.  General Assembly – Special Election to Fill a Vacancy in Office.

HB0413  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County - Speed Monitoring Systems - Publication of Notice MC 19-24.

HB0414  Del Forbes.  Education - Maryland Council on Economic Education - Funding.

HB0415  Del Forbes (Chr Jt Com on Pnsns).  State Police Retirement System and Law Enforcement Officers’ Pension System – Deferred Retirement Option Program – Technical Correction.

HB0416  Dels Solomon and Atterbeary.  Public Schools - Active Shooter Safety Drills or Trainings - Requirements.

HB0417  Del Grammer, et al.  Baltimore County - Nuisance Actions - Community Association.

HB0418  Del Stein.  Grant Applications and Reporting - Maryland Efficient Grant Application Council - Alterations.

HB0419  Del Lehman, et al.  Business Regulation - Automatic Tip Prompt Screen - Requirements.

HB0420  Del Lehman, et al.  State and Local Parks - Play Area Accessibility - Communication Boards.

HB0421  Del Attar.  Criminal Law - Use or Possession of a Machine Gun in the Commission or Attempted Commission of a Felony.

HB0422  Del Attar.  Criminal Law – Crime of Violence – Definition.

HB0423  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County – Voting Methods MC 1–24.

HB0424  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County - Housing Opportunities Commission - Alterations MC 3-24.

HB0425  Del Rosenberg.  Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact.

HB0426  Del Bhandari.  Places of Public Accommodation - Motion Picture Houses - Captioning.

HB0427  Del D. Jones.  Higher Education - Community College Facilities Renewal Grant Program - Alterations.

HB0428  Del Stewart.  Community Schools - Rental Assistance for Community School Families Program and Fund - Establishment.

HB0429  Del Attar.  Maryland Historical Trust - Arbitration.

HB0430  Del Hill, et al.  Firearms - Liability Insurance - Public Wearing and Carrying.

HB0431  Del Pruski, et al.  Department of Veterans Affairs - Renaming and Deputy Secretary of Military Family Policy and Programs.

HB0432  Del Kaufman, et al.  Courts and Judicial Proceedings and Criminal Procedure - Technical Corrections - References to Intellectual Disability.

HB0433  Del Fraser-Hidalgo.  Chesapeake Bay Trust - Authority to Retain Outside Counsel.

HB0434  Del Atterbeary.  Persons Providing Lobbyist Compensation – Statement of Political Contributions – Exemption for Nonprofits.

HB0435  Chr JUD (Dept).  Child Support - Incarcerated Obligors.

HB0436  Del Fair, et al.  Election Law - Voter Registration - Age and Notification to Minors.

HB0437  Dels Wivell and Valentine.  Maryland Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council - Membership.

HB0438  Dels Hornberger and D. Jones.  Fishing Licenses and Stamps - Fee Exemptions - Residents Eligible for Assistance Programs.

HB0439  Del Taylor.  Criminal Law - First-Degree Assault - Assault With a Firearm.

HB0440  Charles County Delegation.  Motor Vehicle Registration - Exceptions for Golf Carts - Cobb Island.

HB0441  Del Davis.  Criminal Law - Cannabis-Related Offenses - Civil Penalties.

HB0442  Del Edelson.  Inheritance Tax - Exemptions - Maximum Property Value.

HB0443  Del Otto.  Somerset County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class C Veterans' Organization or Club License.

HB0444  Del Otto.  Environment - Duck Nest Boxes - Wetlands License Requirements.

HB0445  Del Simpson.  Minors Convicted as Adults - Sentencing - Transfer to Juvenile Court.

HB0446  Del Roberson, et al.  Courts - Jury Service - Disqualification.

HB0447  Del Ziegler, et al.  Income Tax Credit - Venison Donation.

HB0448  Del Watson, et al.  Korean American Day.

HB0449  Del Ivey, et al.  Comprehensive Flood Management Grant Program - Funding for Underserved and Overburdened Communities.

HB0450  Del Martinez, et al.  State Department of Education - Soccer Opportunities Program - Establishment.

HB0451  The Spkr (Office of the Comptroller).  Tax Assistance for Low-Income Marylanders - Funding.

HB0452  The Spkr (Office of the Comptroller).  Individual Tax Preparers - Code of Ethics, Notification of Actions, Enforcement, and Penalties (Stop Scam Tax Preparers Act).

HB0453  The Spkr (Office of the Comptroller).  Income Tax – Technical Corrections.

HB0454  The Spkr (Office of the Comptroller).  Disclosure of Tax Information - Tax Compliance Activity and Binding Data Use Agreements.

HB0455  The Spkr (Office of the Comptroller).  Comptroller - Electronic Tax and Fee Return Filing Requirements.

HB0456  Del Fair, et al.  County Boards of Education - Student Members - Voting Rights and Participation in Executive Sessions.

HB0457  Del Lehman, et al.  Environment - Synthetic Turf - Chain of Custody.

HB0458  Del Phillips, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Protection of Identity of Minor Victim.

HB0459  Del D. Jones.  Election Administration – State Administrator, Local Boards, and Election Directors.

HB0460  Del Martinez, et al.  State Highway Administration - Dynamic Message Sign System - Maryland's Helpline.

HB0461  Del Martinez, et al.  Health - State Advisory Council on Quality Care at the End of Life - Renaming.

HB0462  Del Martinez, et al.  Funding for Wages and Benefits for Nursing Home Workers (Nursing Home Staffing Crisis Funding Act of 2024).

HB0463  Del Kerr.  Maryland Higher Education Commission – Demographic Data Collection – Parental Status.

HB0464  Del Martinez.  Health Occupations – Practice Audiology – Definition.

HB0465  Del Boafo, et al.  Workplace Fraud and Prevailing Wage - Violations - Penalties and Referrals.

HB0466  Del Ivey, et al.  Maryland Emergency Management Agency, Department of Transportation, and Department of the Environment - Flood Mitigation Comprehensive Study - Montgomery County and Prince George's County.

HB0467  Del Boafo, et al.  Food Service Facilities and Tipped Workers - Service Fees and Tip Credits (One Fair Wage Act of 2024).

HB0468  Dels Love and Boyce.  Commission to Advance Lithium-Ion Battery Safety in Maryland.

HB0469  Del Fair.  Employment Discrimination - Exceptions - Religious Activities of Religious Employers.

HB0470  Del Palakovich Carr.  County Income Tax - Rate and Income Brackets - Alterations.

HB0471  Dels Fair and Pruski.  Election Law - Postelection Procedures.

HB0472  Del Atterbeary, et al.  Education - School Mapping Data Program - Established.

HB0473  Del Pasteur, et al.  Higher Education - Undocumented Students - Out-of-State Tuition Exemption Eligibility.

HB0474  Del Young, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Probation, Parole, and Pretrial Release.

HB0475  Del Korman, et al.  Education - Open-Source Phonics Matching Grant Program - Establishment (Open-Source Phonics Matching Grant Program Act).

HB0476  Del Bartlett, et al.  Criminal Procedure – Forensic Genetic Genealogical DNA Analysis and Search – Applicability for Deceased and Missing Children.

HB0477  Dels Wilkins and Stewart.  Landlord and Tenant - Residential Leases and Holdover Tenancies - Local Just Cause Termination Provisions.

HB0478  Del Sample-Hughes.  Motor Vehicles - School Vehicle Drivers - Medical Examinations.

HB0479  Del Palakovich Carr.  Election Law - Deadline for Selection of Lieutenant Governor.

HB0480  Del Taylor, et al.  Real Property - Land Installment Contracts - Requirements and Vendor Duties and Limitations.

HB0481  Del Hutchinson, et al.  Natural Resources - Antlerless Deer Hunting Programs - Authorization.

HB0482  Del Simpson, et al.  Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Victims of Nonfatal Strangulation.

HB0483  Del Attar.  Juvenile Court – Jurisdiction.

HB0484  Del Mangione, et al.  Constitutional Amendment - Fee or Tax Rate Increases - Yea and Nay Vote of General Assembly Required (Taxpayer Disclosure and Protection Act).

HB0485  Del Fair, et al.  Public Health - Prohibition on Transfer of Human Immunodeficiency Virus - Repeal.

HB0486  Del Fair, et al.  Residential Property Sales - Contract Disclosures - Superfund Sites.

HB0487  Del Adams, et al.  Corporations and Associations - Electric Cooperatives - Nonescheat Capital Credits.

HB0488  Del Ruff, et al.  Qualifying Nonprofit Organizations - Training and Reentry Services - Funding.

HB0489  Del D. Jones, et al.  Education - State Library Resource Center - Funding.

HB0490  Del D. Jones, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification for Donations to Diaper Banks and Other Charitable Entities - Sunset Repeal.

HB0491  Dels Fair and Boafo.  State Department of Assessments and Taxation and Department of General Services - Property Appraisal Aids - Geographic Images.

HB0492  Del Rosenberg, et al.  Baltimore City - Speed Monitoring Systems on Interstate 83 - Unpaid and Overdue Citations.

HB0493  Del Foley, et al.  State Personnel - Collective Bargaining - Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, Post Doctoral Associates, and Graduate Assistants.

HB0494  Del Palakovich Carr.  Campaign Finance – Political Organizations – Prohibitions and Disclosures.

HB0495  Del Pasteur.  Education - Baltimore County School Board Nominating Commission - Records and Meetings Requirements.

HB0496  Del Shetty, et al.  Criminal Law - Sexual Crimes - Definition of Consent and Repeal of Force.

HB0497  Dels Hornberger and D. Jones.  Hunting - Nonresident Sika Deer Stamp - Fee Alteration.

HB0498  Del Cardin.  Real Property - Access to Counsel in Evictions Program - Mandated Reports.

HB0499  Del Bagnall.  Health Occupations - Private Dental Offices - Infection Control.

HB0500  Del Wivell, et al.  Institutions of Higher Education - Dually Enrolled Students - Alterations.

HB0501  Del Fennell, et al.  Charter Counties - Enforcement of Local Laws.

HB0502  Del J. Long, et al.  Public Safety - Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Combination Fire Smoke Dampers, and Smoke Control Systems.

HB0503  Dels Stein and Holmes.  Public Safety - Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing for Fuel Gas Piping Systems - Requirements and Prohibitions.

HB0504  Del Watson.  Department of Planning - Maryland Humanities Council - Appropriation to the Marilyn Hatza Memorial Strengthening the Humanities Investment in Nonprofits for Equity (SHINE) Grantmaking Initiative.

HB0505  Del Charkoudian.  Limitations on Cost Recovery by Public Service Companies and Reports on Votes Cast at Meetings of Regional Transmission Organizations (Utility Transparency and Accountability Act).

HB0506  Dels Boyce and Embry.  Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Morgan State University - Training Format.

HB0507  Dels Buckel and Hinebaugh.  Allegany and Garrett Counties - Property and Income Taxes - Credits for Construction and Purchase of Housing.

HB0508  Del Embry.  Children - Labor Trafficking.

HB0509  Del Kaiser, et al.  Developmental Disabilities - Community Providers - Federal Participation for Local Funds.

HB0510  Del Stewart.  Business Facade Improvement Program - Eligible Funding Recipients.

HB0511  Dels Boyce and Embry.  Vehicle Laws - Bicycles - Operation at Intersections.

HB0512  Del Boyce.  Natural Resources - Fish and Fisheries - Reporting Requirements.

HB0513  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Motor Vehicles - Work Zone Speed Control Systems - Revisions (Maryland Road Worker Protection Act of 2024).

HB0514  Dels Allen and Boyce.  Commercial Law - Statutory Liens - Motor Vehicles Towed or Removed From Parking Lots.

HB0515  Del J. Long.  Workgroup to Study the Fiscal and Operational Viability of Public-Private Partnerships for Calvert County Public Schools.

HB0516  Del Fennell, et al.  Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice Act of 2024.

HB0517  Del Bagnall.  State Personnel - Whistleblower Law - Procedures and Remedies (First Amendment and Public Employee Protection Act).

HB0518  Dels Taveras and Woods.  Public Service Commission - Performance-Based Regulation - Study.

HB0519  Dels M. Morgan and T. Morgan.  St. Mary's County - Board of Education - Civil Rights Data Collection and Reporting.

HB0520  Del A. Johnson.  State Real Estate Commission - Complaints - Advertising Violations.

HB0521  St. Mary's County Delegation.  St. Mary’s County – Public Ethics – Prohibition on Campaign Contributions From Individual Registered Lobbyists.

HB0522  Dels D. Jones and Fair.  Public Schools - Student Telehealth Appointments - Policy and Access.

HB0523  Del Ruff, et al.  Criminal Procedure – Expungement of Records – Good Cause.

HB0524  Dels Edelson and Young.  Living Classrooms Foundation - Required Appropriation.

HB0525  Del Wilkins, et al.  Employment Discrimination - Use of Cannabis Products.

HB0526  Dels Buckel and Wilkins.  Sports Wagering - Licenses and Application of Minority Business Enterprise Program Requirements.

HB0527  Del Solomon.  Legacy Admissions.

HB0528  Del Buckel.  Orphans' Court Judges - Restriction on Practicing Law.

HB0529  Del Crosby.  Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial Scholarship Program - Veterans - Number of Eligible Recipients.

HB0530  Del Boyce.  Maryland Trails Advisory Committee and the Maryland Office of Trails - Establishment (Great Maryland Trails Act).

HB0531  Del Embry, et al.  Correctional Services – Parole Supervision Fees and Drug and Alcohol Abuse Test Payment – Repeal.

HB0532  Del Vogel.  Education – Driver’s Education Assistance Grant Program – Established.

HB0533  Del Ruff, et al.  County Police Accountability Boards – Investigation of Complaints of Police Misconduct.

HB0534  Del Ruff, et al.  Community Development Administration - Live Near Your School Program - Funding and Extension.

HB0535  Del Vogel, et al.  Maryland Task Force on Educator Housing.

HB0536  Del Mireku-North.  Correctional Services Apprenticeship Start–Up Grant Program – Establishment.

HB0537  Dels Attar and Stein.  Income Tax - Credit for Nonpublic School Student Bus Transportation Expenses.

HB0538  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Land Use – Affordable Housing – Zoning Density and Permitting (Housing Expansion and Affordability Act of 2024).

HB0539  Del Henson, et al.  Public Institutions of Higher Education - Student Withdrawal Policy - Reimbursement of Tuition and Fees (Cameron Carden Act of 2024).

HB0540  Del Moon, et al.  Education - School Bus Stops - Prohibited Locations.

HB0541  Del Henson, et al.  Anne Arundel County - Student Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Educators - Established.

HB0542  Del Vogel, et al.  Department of Human Services - Children in Foster Care - Luggage.

HB0543  Del Henson, et al.  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Seniors - State Supplement.

HB0544  Del Atterbeary, et al.  Criminal Law - Sexual Extortion, Stalking, and Revenge Porn - Statute of Limitations and In Banc Review.

HB0545  Del Mireku-North.  Janet L. Hoffman Loan Assistance Repayment Program - Nancy Grasmick Public School Professional Award - Public School Nurses.

HB0546  Del Williams.  Handgun Permits - Accidental Discharge and Training Requirements - Maryland State Police Gun Center (Firearm Safety Act of 2024).

HB0547  Del Alston, et al.  Crime of Violence - Educational Facilities, Medical Facilities, and Places of Worship - Penalty (Sacred Places Safety Act).

HB0548  Del Guzzone, et al.  Task Force on Responsible Use of Natural Psychedelic Substances.

HB0549  Del Embry, et al.  Statute of Limitations - Prosecution or Enforcement of Local Consumer Protection Codes.

HB0550  Del Williams.  Criminal Procedure - Partial Expungement.

HB0551  Del Henson.  Maryland Transportation Authority - Video Tolls (Maryland Toll Relief and Accountability Act).

HB0552  Del Boyce.  Vehicle Laws - Automated Enforcement Citations and Notices - Mailing Addresses.

HB0553  Del Miller, et al.  Family Law - Fundamental Parental Rights.

HB0554  Del Charkoudian.  Public Utilities - Investor-Owned Utilities - Prevailing Wage.

HB0555  Del A. Johnson, et al.  Criminal Law - Unauthorized Dissemination of Personal Identifying Information - Prohibition.

HB0556  Del Attar.  Juvenile Law - Violations of Electronic Monitoring - Notification.

HB0557  Del Adams, et al.  Sales and Use Tax Exemption - Aircraft Parts and Equipment - Repeal of Reporting Requirement and Sunset.

HB0558  Del Atterbeary.  Primary and Secondary Education - Comprehensive Health Education Framework - Established.

HB0559  Dels Stewart and Hornberger.  State Employees - Four-Day Workweek - Implementation.

HB0560  Dels A. Johnson and S. Johnson.  Harford County Board of Education - Appointed Members - Alterations.

HB0561  Del Watson.  Tree Expert Licenses - Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements and Application and Renewal Fee Alterations.

HB0562  Dels Hornberger and D. Jones.  Special Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Sport Fishing License - Nonresidents - License Fee.

HB0563  Del Mireku-North.  Election Law - Local Boards of Elections - Language-Related Assistance.

HB0564  Del Taveras, et al.  Real Property - Residential Leases - Renter's Insurance Requirement.

HB0565  Del Simmons, et al.  Maryland Deaths in Custody Oversight Board.

HB0566  Del Grossman, et al.  State and Local Government - Real Property - Confederate Naming Prohibited.

HB0567  Del Love, et al.  Maryland Online Data Privacy Act of 2024.

HB0568  Dels Bagnall and R. Lewis.  Community Health Worker Appreciation Day.

HB0569  Del Solomon.  Higher Education - Credit Eligibility and Transfer of Credits - English as a Second Language Courses (Credit for All Language Learning (CALL) Act).

HB0570  Del Kipke.  Health Maintenance Organizations - Payments to Nonparticipating Providers - Reimbursement Rate.

HB0571  Del Qi, et al.  Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Modifications.

HB0572  Dels Embry and Allen.  Criminal Procedure - Admission of Out-of-Court Statements - Assault in the Second Degree.

HB0573  Del Simmons, et al.  Citizens Committee for the Enhancement of Communities Surrounding Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport - Membership.

HB0574  Del Fraser-Hidalgo.  Commercial Financing - Small Business Truth in Lending Act.

HB0575  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Criminal Procedure - Victim Compensation - Alterations (Victim Compensation Reform Act of 2024).

HB0576  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Mental Health - Emergency Evaluation and Involuntary Admission Procedures and Assisted Outpatient Treatment Programs.

HB0577  Del Grossman, et al.  Department of Housing and Community Development - Homeless Shelter Licensing Program - Establishment.

HB0578  Frederick County Delegation.  Sheriff of Frederick County - Salary - Workgroup.

HB0579  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and Related Approvals – Definition of Generating Station (Critical Infrastructure Streamlining Act of 2024).

HB0580  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Time to Serve Act of 2024.

HB0581  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  State Government - Permits, Licenses, and Certificates - Processing (Transparent Government Act of 2024).

HB0582  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Economic Development - Entrepreneurial Innovation Programs - Establishment (Pava LaPere Legacy of Innovation Act of 2024).

HB0583  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Center for Firearm Violence Prevention - Establishment.

HB0584  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Workers' Compensation - Occupational Disease Presumptions - First Responders (Caring for Public Employees in the Safety Professions - CAPES Act).

HB0585  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Protecting Election Officials Act of 2024.

HB0586  Frederick County Delegation.  Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Weinberg Center/New Spires Arts Stages Beer, Wine, and Liquor License.

HB0587  Frederick County Delegation.  Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Manufacturer's Limited Beer, Wine, and Liquor Permit.

HB0588  Frederick County Delegation.  Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Municipal Golf Course License.

HB0589  Dorchester County Delegation.  Dorchester County - County Applicants - Polygraph Examination.

HB0590  Del Hutchinson, et al.  Boating - Migratory Waterfowl Season - Prohibited Acts.

HB0591  Del Clippinger.  Real Property - Transfer to Heir or Legatee - Exemption From Payment.

HB0592  Del Clippinger, et al.  Prince George's County - Judgeships - Circuit Courts.

HB0593  Del Hutchinson, et al.  Criminal Law - Destroying Funerary Objects - Statute of Limitations.

HB0594  Dorchester County Delegation.  Legal Advertisement or Legal Notice - Publication in Newspaper or Newspaper in General Circulation - Digital Newspapers.

HB0595  Chr JUD (Atty Gen Ofc).  Civil Enforcement Actions Brought by the Attorney General - Statute of Limitations.

HB0596  Dorchester County Delegation.  Dorchester County - County Property Leases - Notice Exemptions.

HB0597  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Growing Apprenticeships and the Public Safety Workforce (GAPS) Act.

HB0598  Del Boafo, et al.  Discrimination - Military Status - Prohibition.

HB0599  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Maryland Community Investment Corporation - Establishment (Housing and Community Development Financing Act of 2024).

HB0600  Del Palakovich Carr.  Education - Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund - Alterations.

HB0601  Del Lehman, et al.  Street Racing and Exhibition Driving – Prohibited Acts, Enforcement, and Penalties.

HB0602  The Spkr and Del Clippinger.  Employment Discrimination – Sexual Orientation.

HB0603  Del Solomon, et al.  Consumer Protection - Online Products and Services - Data of Children (Maryland Kids Code).

HB0604  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Families Serve Act of 2024.

HB0605  Del Stein.  Motor Vehicles - Recreational Vehicle Dealer Agreements.

HB0606  Dels Szeliga and Sample-Hughes.  Sales and Use Tax - Baby Products - Exemption.

HB0607  Del Harris.  Community Colleges - Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship - Requirements.

HB0608  Del Wilkins.  Earned Income Tax Credit - Individuals Without Qualifying Children - Eligibility.

HB0609  Del Solomon, et al.  Education - Public Libraries - Collective Bargaining (Library Workers Empowerment Act).

HB0610  Del M. Morgan, et al.  Food Service Facilities - Food Containing Insect Flour - Labeling.

HB0611  Del Harrison.  Electronic Transactions Protection Act - Repeal.

HB0612  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County - Highways - Maximum Speed Limits MC 10-24.

HB0613  Del Boyce.  Natural Resources - Recreational Catching of Oysters or Clams - Requirements.

HB0614  Del Smith, et al.  Criminal Law – Private Home Detention Monitoring – Notification.

HB0615  Del Ruth, et al.  Education - Prohibited Behavior on School Grounds and Property - Application.

HB0616  Dels Munoz and Miller.  Agricultural Land - Adversarial Foreign Governments - Restrictions on Property Interests.

HB0617  Dels Munoz and Miller.  State Information Technology - Prohibited Applications and Websites.

HB0618  Dels Munoz and Toles.  Police Recruitment and Retention Workgroup.

HB0619  Del Ruth, et al.  Public Health - Commission on Universal Health Care.

HB0620  Del S. Johnson, et al.  Education - Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness and Prevention Program - Human and Sex Trafficking.

HB0621  Dels S. Johnson and A. Johnson.  Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - Stadium License Annual Fee.

HB0622  Del Healey.  Consumer Reporting Agencies - Records of Criminal Proceedings - Prohibition.

HB0623  Harford County Delegation.  Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class L License.

HB0624  Del Barnes.  Next Generation Scholars of Maryland Program - Program Administrator - Alterations.

HB0625  Del Forbes (Chr Jt Com on Pnsns).  State Retirement and Pension System – Personal Statement of Benefits – Authorized Format.

HB0626  Del Schmidt, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Public Safety Volunteers.

HB0627  Del Wilkins.  Election Law - Automatic Voter Registration - State Correctional Facilities.

HB0628  Del S. Johnson.  Health Occupations - Clinical Marriage and Family Therapists - Reciprocal Licensure Requirements.

HB0629  Del Forbes (Chr Jt Com on Pnsns).  State Retirement and Pension System - Consumer Price Index - Definition.

HB0630  Del Forbes (Chr Jt Com on Pnsns).  State Retirement and Pension System - Transfers of Service.

HB0631  Del Allen, et al.  Natural Resources - Protection of Beaver Population and Habitat - County Authority (Beaver Believer Act).

HB0632  Harford County Delegation.  Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Golf Simulator Facility.

HB0633  Harford County Delegation.  Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - Barbershop and Beauty Salon License.

HB0634  Del Smith.  Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center – Student Information – United States Census Bureau.

HB0635  Harford County Delegation.  Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - Performing Arts Nonprofit Organization License.

HB0636  Allegany County Delegation.  Allegany County - Property Tax Credit - Evergreen Heritage Center.

HB0637  Del Jackson.  Alcoholic Beverages – Sale or Delivery for Off–Premises Consumption.

HB0638  Del Ruth.  State Transfer Tax – Rates and Distribution of Revenue – Alterations.

HB0639  Del Wivell, et al.  Vehicle Laws - Protective Headgear Requirement - Exception (In Remembrance of Gary "Pappy" Boward).

HB0640  Del Ziegler, et al.  Property Tax - Improvements on Agricultural Land - Assessment.

HB0641  Dels Williams and Wilkins.  Election Law - Curbside Voting.

HB0642  Del Harrison.  Apprenticeships in Licensed Occupations Act of 2024.

HB0643  Del Smith.  School Construction Revolving Loan Fund - Maryland School for the Blind - Eligibility.

HB0644  Del Crutchfield.  Family Law - Caretaker Bill of Rights.

HB0645  Del J. Lewis, et al.  Social Media Platforms - Vloggers and Video Content Featuring Minors.

HB0646  Del Simmons, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Police Auxiliary and Reserve Volunteers.

HB0647  Del Guyton.  Property and Casualty Insurance – Pet Insurance – Regulation.

HB0648  Del Crutchfield, et al.  Family Law - Child Support - Actual Income.

HB0649  Del White Holland, et al.  Labor and Employment - Equal Pay for Equal Work - Wage Range Transparency.

HB0650  Del Boafo.  Labor and Employment - Apprenticeship Standards - Ratio of Apprentices to Journeypersons.

HB0651  St. Mary's County Delegation.  St. Mary's County - Alcoholic Beverages - Beer, Wine, and Liquor Tasting Permit.

HB0652  Del Fraser-Hidalgo.  Vehicle Laws - Electric Vehicles - Weight Limits.

HB0653  St. Mary's County Delegation.  St. Mary's County - Motor Vehicle Registration - Exception for Golf Carts.

HB0654  St. Mary's County Delegation.  St. Mary’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Nonprofit Performing Arts Theater License.

HB0655  Del Stein.  Environment - State Wetlands - Shoreline Stabilization Measures.

HB0656  Del Ivey.  Family Law - Victims of Domestic Violence Program - Certification and Grant Fund.

HB0657  Del Healey, et al.  Public Institutions of Higher Education - Pregnant and Parenting Students - Policy.

HB0658  Del Moon, et al.  Criminal Procedure – Automated Expungement, Waiting Periods, and Adverse Actions (Clean Slate Act of 2024).

HB0659  Del Munoz.  Criminal Law - Theft of a Handgun.

HB0660  Del Charkoudian.  Green and Renewable Energy for Nonprofit Organizations Loan Program and Fund.

HB0661  Del Charkoudian.  Consumer Protection and Debt Collection - Exemptions From Attachment and Requirements on Judgment Creditors.

HB0662  Del Guyton, et al.  Large Family Child Care Homes and Child Care Centers - Child Care Teachers - Minimum Age.

HB0663  Del Ebersole.  Alcoholic Beverage Tax - Ready-to-Drink Cocktails.

HB0664  Del Clippinger, et al.  Court Personnel - Protection of Personal Information (Judge Andrew F. Wilkinson Judicial Security Act).

HB0665  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County - Speed Monitoring Systems - High-Risk Highways MC 15-24.

HB0666  Del Shetty, et al.  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - State Supplement.

HB0667  Del Embry, et al.  Criminal Law - Crimes Relating to Animals - Conviction and Sentencing.

HB0668  Del Pruski.  Anne Arundel County - Sheriff - Salary.

HB0669  Del Pruski.  Workers' Compensation - Benefits - Hearing Loss.

HB0670  Del Grammer, et al.  State Prescription Drug Benefits - Retirees.

HB0671  Del Grammer, et al.  Criminal Law - Display of Obscene Material to Minors - Prohibition.

HB0672  Del Grammer, et al.  Criminal Law - Display of Obscene Materials to Minors - Age Verification.

HB0673  Del Embry, et al.  Real Property - Contract Liens - Medical Debt.

HB0674  Del Grammer, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Retirement Income.

HB0675  Del Grammer, et al.  Primary and Secondary Education - Education Savings Account Program - Established (Maryland Universal School Choice Act).

HB0676  Del M. Morgan, et al.  Right to Try Act - Individualized Investigational Treatments.

HB0677  Del Cardin.  Orphans' Court Judges - Elections.

HB0678  Dels Harris and Boafo.  Public Higher Education - Communities of Interest - Targeted Recruitment and Outreach Efforts.

HB0679  Del Jackson.  Security Systems Technicians - Applicants - Authority to Practice.

HB0680  Dels T. Morgan and J. Long.  Environment - Nuclear Power Plants - Emergency Preparedness (Radiation and Emergency Preparedness and Protection Act).

HB0681  Baltimore City Delegation.  Motor Vehicle Administration Records - Access to Digital Photographic Images and Signatures - Baltimore City Agencies.

HB0682  Del Atterbeary.  Energy Generation Projects - Labor and Minority Business Enterprise Requirements.

HB0683  Dels Munoz and Miller.  Homicide or Life-Threatening Injury by Motor Vehicle or Vessel - Parole Eligibility and Penalties.

HB0684  Del Grammer.  Criminal Law - Prohibitions on Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting a Handgun - Penalties.

HB0685  Dels Harris and Chang.  Economic Development - Maryland Aerospace and Technology Commission.

HB0686  Del Simmons, et al.  Youth Sports Programs - Venue-Specific Emergency Action Plans - Requirements.

HB0687  Charles County Delegation.  Charles County – Governing Bodies of Common Ownership Communities – Member Training.

HB0688  Del Barnes.  Maryland Historical Trust - Historical and Cultural Museum Assistance Program - Funding.

HB0689  Del Fraser-Hidalgo, et al.  Electric Vehicles – Repeal of Excise Tax Credit and Establishment of Rebate Program.

HB0690  Charles County Delegation.  Charles County - Adult Protective Services Review Board - Membership.

HB0691  Del Moon, et al.  Legally Protected Health Care - Gender-Affirming Treatment.

HB0692  Del Qi, et al.  Economic Development - County or Municipality Economic Development Authority - Powers and Use of Proceeds.

HB0693  The Spkr (Dept), et al.  Renters' Rights and Stabilization Act of 2024.

HB0694  The Spkr (Admin), et al.  Governor's Office for Children - Engaging Neighborhoods, Organizations, Unions, Governments, and Households (ENOUGH) Grant Program (ENOUGH Act of 2024).

HB0695  Del Bagnall.  Consumer Protection - Notice to Consumers by Manufacturers and Dealers of Motor Vehicles.

HB0696  Del Palakovich Carr, et al.  Primary and Secondary Education - Breakfast and Lunch Programs - Universal Expansion.

HB0697  Del Griffith.  Real Estate Brokers – Commercial Transactions – Buyer’s Rights.

HB0698  Dels Bartlett and Pena-Melnyk.  Estates and Trusts - Guardianship of the Person of a Disabled Person - Expedited Proceedings.

HB0699  Del Vogel.  Criminal Law - Hate Crimes - Notice and Removal of Item or Symbol (Hate Crimes Graffiti Removal Act).

HB0700  Dels D. Jones and Fair.  Election Law - Election Judges - Revisions.

HB0701  Del Wilson.  Commercial Law - Consumer Protection - Sale and Resale of Tickets.

HB0702  Del Wilson.  Wage and Hour Law - Minor League Baseball Players - Exemption.

HB0703  Del Embry.  Juvenile Law - Police Record Concerning a Child - Confidentiality Exception.

HB0704  Del Wivell, et al.  Primary and Secondary Education – Education Savings Account Program – Established.

HB0705  Del Terrasa.  Real Property - Cooperative Housing Corporations, Condominiums, and Homeowners Associations - Virtual Meetings.

HB0706  Del Cardin.  Drug Paraphernalia for Administration - Decriminalization .

HB0707  Del Simmons, et al.  Public Safety – Law Enforcement – Use of Body–Worn Cameras.

HB0708  Dels Lopez and Griffith.  Institutions of Postsecondary Education - Institutional Debt - Report.

HB0709  Dels Rogers and Schmidt.  Licensed Real Estate Brokers - Branch Offices - Designation of Managers.

HB0710  Del Rogers, et al.  Business Regulation – Household Goods Movers – Special Fund and Fees.

HB0711  Del Wilson.  Consolidated Transportation Program - Indian Head Highway - Conversion Into Limited Access Highway.

HB0712  Del Rosenberg.  Public Information Act - Denials - Confidential Information.

HB0713  Del Griffith, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification for Military Retirement Income - Individuals Under the Age of 55.

HB0714  Del Griffith, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Public Safety Employee Retirement Income.

HB0715  Del Griffith, et al.  Fishing and Hunting Licenses and Trout Stamps - Complimentary Licenses and Stamp Exemption - Veterans Determined to Be Unemployable.

HB0716  Del Griffith, et al.  Motor Vehicle Registration - Fee Exemption - Unemployable Disabled Veterans.

HB0717  Del J. Long, et al.  Income Tax - Credit for Employers Providing Parental Engagement Leave.

HB0718  Del J. Long, et al.  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Seniors - Minimum Benefit.

HB0719  Del J. Long, et al.  Income Tax - Credit for Parent and Guardian Volunteers in Elementary and Secondary Schools.

HB0720  Carroll County Delegation.  Carroll County – Deputy Clerk or Deputy Sheriff – Oath of Office.

HB0721  Del Boyce.  Baltimore City - Tax Sales - Owner-Occupied Residential Property.

HB0722  Del Arikan, et al.  Health – Minors – Gender and Sex Transition Procedures.

HB0723  The Spkr (Atty Gen Ofc).  Office of the Attorney General - Rights of Residents of Health Care Facilities - Injunctive Relief.

HB0724  Del Pasteur, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Petition to Reduce Sentence.

HB0725  Del Jacobs, et al.  Oysters, Striped Bass, and Crabs - Commercial Authorizations - Suspensions and Revocations.

HB0726  Del Kipke, et al.  Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Definition of Purchaser and Alteration of Application of Law.

HB0727  Del Conaway.  Juvenile Law - Custodial Interrogation - In-Person Attorney Consultation Requirement.

HB0728  Del Cullison, et al.  Health Insurance - Qualified Resident Enrollment Program (Access to Care Act).

HB0729  Del Hill, et al.  Department of the Environment - Nontidal Wetlands - Protection of Vernal Pools (Vernal Pool Wetlands Protection Act of 2024).

HB0730  Del Conaway, et al.  Education - Public Middle Schools - Instructive Program on Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction.

HB0731  Del Embry, et al.  Natural Gas - Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement (Ratepayer Protection Act).

HB0732  Baltimore City Delegation.  Baltimore City – Control Over Powers of Police Commissioner.

HB0733  Baltimore City Delegation.  Baltimore City - Alcoholic Beverages - Licensing Fees.

HB0734  Del Mireku-North, et al.   Municipalities - Vagrancy - Repeal of Authority to Prohibit.

HB0735  Del Terrasa, et al.  Maryland Beverage Container Recycling Refund and Litter Reduction Program.

HB0736  Del Vogel, et al.  Health Insurance and Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Coverage - Opioid Reversal Drugs and Products (NARCAN Price Cap Act).

HB0737  Del J. Long, et al.  Vehicle Laws - Slow Moving Vehicles - Right-Hand Lane.

HB0738  Del Wims, et al.  Business Regulation - Licensed Home Improvement Contractors - Liability Insurance.

HB0739  Del Vogel.  Maryland Department of Health - List of Diet Pills (Weight Loss Supplement Identification).

HB0740  Frederick County Delegation.  Frederick County - Property Tax Credit for Property Located in Historic District - Alterations.

HB0741  Baltimore County Delegation.  Northwest Baltimore County Sports Tourism Facility - Feasibility Study.

HB0742  Frederick County Delegation.  Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Stadium License.

HB0743  Frederick County Delegation.  Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Promoter's Permit.

HB0744  Del Chang.  Income Tax - Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit Program - Pass-Through Entities.

HB0745  Del Shetty, et al.  Family Law - Protective Orders - Stalking and Permanent Protective Orders.

HB0746  Del Miller.  Education - Maryland Office of the Inspector General for Education - Powers and Notifications.

HB0747  Del Terrasa.  Products That Contain Mercury - Fluorescent Lamps - Prohibition.

HB0748  Del Cardin, et al.  State Government – Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention – Code of Conduct.

HB0749  Del Amprey.  Corporations and Associations – Definitions, Emergencies, and Outstanding Stock – Revisions.

HB0750  Del Ziegler, et al.  Vehicle Laws - Obscured or Modified Registration Plates.

HB0751  Del Amprey.  Sale of Residential Real Property - Offers to Purchase and Transfer Tax.

HB0752  Del Hutchinson.  Environment - Tidal Wetland Permit - Ownership of Land.

HB0753  Del Young.  Economic Development - Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Application and Reporting Requirements.

HB0754  Del Wells.  Vehicle Excise Tax - Trade-In Allowance - Repeal.

HB0755  Del Bhandari.  State Board of Social Work Examiners - Board Membership and Certified Social Worker Licenses.

HB0756  Del Hutchinson, et al.  General Provisions - State Flag - Casket of an Eligible Decedent.

HB0757  Del R. Lewis, et al.  State Board of Physicians - Supervised Medical Graduates and Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists (Bridge to Medical Residency Act).

HB0758  Del Hutchinson, et al.  Criminal Law – Crime of Violence – Second Degree Assault of a School Employee or Subcontractor (School Assault Reduction and Prevention Act).

HB0759  Del Alston.  Advanced Practice Registered Nurses - Professional Liability Insurance Coverage - Notification Requirements.

HB0760  Dels Palakovich Carr and Hornberger.  Office of Legislative Audits - Local School Systems - Report.

HB0761  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County - School Bus Stops MC 6-24.

HB0762  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class B Beer, Wine, and Liquor License - Off-Premises Consumption MC 9-24.

HB0763  Del Attar, et al.  Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention - Membership.

HB0764  Del Shetty, et al.  State Lottery Fund - Bus Rapid Transit Fund Distribution and Prince George's County Blue Line Corridor Facility Fund - Alterations.

HB0765  Del Wells.  Property Tax - Credit for Hotel or Residential Development Projects.

HB0766  Calvert County Delegation.  Calvert County - Roadside Solicitation of Money or Donations - Prohibition.

HB0767  Del Kipke.  Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Adult and Pediatric Dental Services - Reimbursement Rates.

HB0768  Del D. Jones.  Judges' Retirement System - Special Death Benefit.

HB0769  Del Feldmark, et al.  Local Public Campaign Financing - Expansion to Additional Offices.

HB0770  Dels Schmidt and Simmons.  Operating a Vessel While Under the Influence of Alcohol - Enforcement (Nick's Law).

HB0771  Del Henson.  Public Senior Higher Education Institutions - Pregnant and Parenting Students - Plan Requirements (Pregnant and Parenting Support Act).

HB0772  Del Henson.  Internet–Connected Devices and Internet Service Providers – Default Filtering of Obscene Content (Maryland Online Child Protection Act).

HB0773  Del D. Jones, et al.  Human Services - Individuals With Disabilities and Service-Disabled Veterans Boating Fund.

HB0774  Del Hornberger, et al.  Motor Vehicles - Certificate of Title Fees - Zero-Emission Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicles.

HB0775  Del Feldmark, et al.  Election Law - Voters With Disabilities - Electronic Ballot Return.

HB0776  Del Feldmark.  Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Authority.

HB0777  Del Boyce.  Baltimore City - Unpaid Water and Sewer Charges - Tax Sales of Non-Owner-Occupied Residential Property.

HB0778  Del Hornberger, et al.  Natural Resources - Sunday Hunting - Migratory Game Birds.

HB0779  Del Hornberger, et al.  Handgun Qualification Licenses - Personally Identifying Information - Deletion and Destruction.

HB0780  Del Embry, et al.  Competitive Sealed Proposals - Security Contracts.

HB0781  Del Hornberger, et al.  Transportation – State Highways – Rubber Modified Asphalt.

HB0782  Del Stein.  Vehicle Laws - Lighting - Privately Owned Vehicles.

HB0783  Del Holmes.  Homeowners Associations - Restriction on Long-Term Rentals - Prohibition.

HB0784  Del Bhandari.  Task Force on Reducing Emergency Department Wait Times.

HB0785  Del D. Jones, et al.  Freedom to Read Act.

HB0786  Del Bagnall, et al.  Health Occupations – Limited License to Practice Dentistry – Services for Adults.

HB0787  Del Buckel, et al.  Allegany County - Allegany Regional Recreational Economic Development Authority - Established.

HB0788  Del Alston, et al.  Human Relations - Protections Against Discrimination - Criminal Records.

HB0789  Del Feldmark, et al.  Primary and Secondary Education - Public School Employees - Salaries.

HB0790  Del Buckel, et al.  Medical Cannabis - Employees in Health Care Settings Caring for Qualifying Patients.

HB0791  Del Ghrist, et al.  Operating Budget - Funding - Scholarships for Nonpublic School Students.

HB0792  Del D. Jones.  Election Law - Campaign Finance - Draft Committees and Exploratory Committees.

HB0793  Del Holmes, et al.  Real Property - Governing Bodies of Common Ownership Communities - Member Training.

HB0794  Del Moon, et al.  Regulated Firearms - Maryland Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearm Process.

HB0795  Del Bhandari.  Education – Curriculum Content Standards – Peace and Conflict Studies (Peace and Conflict Studies Education Act).

HB0796  Carroll County Delegation.  Carroll County - Public Facilities Bond.

HB0797  Del Lopez, et al.  Criminal Law – Money Laundering.

HB0798  Montgomery County Delegation.  Montgomery County – Alcoholic Beverages – Class D Beer and Wine License – Farm Breweries and Limited Wineries MC 17–24.

HB0799  Del R. Long, et al.  Correctional Services - Home Detention - Removal.

HB0800  Del Smith.  Maryland Voting Rights Act of 2024 – Counties and Municipalities.

HB0801  Del Kaufman, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Committed Persons - Release Proceedings.

HB0802  Del Vogel, et al.  Labor and Employment - Mandatory Meetings on Religious or Political Matters - Employee Attendance and Participation (Protecting Workers From Captive Audience Meetings Act).

HB0803  Del Buckel, et al.  Income Tax - Alteration of Brackets and Rates (Economic Prosperity Act of 2024).

HB0804  Del Grammer, et al.  Certificate of Need - Psychiatric Health Care Facilities and Psychiatric and Mental Health Services - Exemption.

HB0805  Del Wilson.  Cannabis - Licensee Locations - Restrictions.

HB0806  Del Kerr, et al.  Physician Assistants - Revisions (Physician Assistant Modernization Act of 2024).

HB0807  Del Stein, et al.  Natural Resources – Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Surveys.

HB0808  Del Atterbeary.  Alcoholic Beverages – Retail Delivery – Local Delivery Service Permit.

HB0809  Del Vogel, et al.  Members of Boards, Committees, Commissions, Task Forces, or Workgroups – Removal or Suspension.

HB0810  The Spkr.  Criminal Law - Rapid-Fire Activator - Switch/Auto-Sear.

HB0811  Del Wolek, et al.  Higher Education - Financial Well-Being Pilot Program - Establishment.

HB0812  Del J. Long, et al.  Tri–County Council for Southern Maryland – Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission – Funding.

HB0813  Del Toles, et al.  Driver's Licenses - Suspension for Child Support Arrearages - Exception.

HB0814  The Spkr and Del Clippinger.  Juvenile Law - Reform.

HB0815  Del Spiegel, et al.  Economic Development - Maryland Financial Empowerment Center Network Pilot Program - Establishment.

HB0816  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Alcoholic Beverages - License Renewal PG 308-24.

HB0817  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Alcoholic Beverages - Issuance of License Near a Place of Worship or School PG 307-24.

HB0818  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George’s County – Income Tax – Credit for Employers Providing Parental Engagement Leave PG 412–24.

HB0819  Del Rogers, et al.  State Finance – Catastrophic Event Account and Federal Government Shutdown Employee Assistance Loan Fund – Noncivilian Federal Employees.

HB0820  Del Wu, et al.  Nuclear Energy Development Task Force.

HB0821  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Student Support - Specialist Networks and Success Action Plans (Student Supports and Success Act) PG 502-24.

HB0822  Del Cullison, et al.  Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Employed Individuals With Disabilities.

HB0823  Del Charkoudian, et al.  Fire Protection and Prevention - Residential Rental Property - Requirements (Melanie Nicholle Diaz Fire Safety Act).

HB0824  Del A. Johnson.  Maryland Self-Service Storage Act - Sale of Personal Property in Satisfaction of Liens - Means of Advertising.

HB0825  Del Adams, et al.  Libraries - Regional Resource Centers - Governing Board Membership.

HB0826  Del Stewart.  Real Property – Taxation of Vacant Property, Certification of Company Representatives, and Short–Term Rentals.

HB0827  Del Qi, et al.  Maryland Insurance Administration – Professional Employer Organizations – Study.

HB0828  Del Adams.  Abandoned Cemeteries Fund - Establishment and Income Tax Checkoff.

HB0829  Del Alston, et al.  Public Health - Service Sector Employees - Mental Health Awareness and Skills Building Training.

HB0830  Del Stein.  Environment - Covered Electronic Devices Recycling Program - Establishment.

HB0831  Del Feldmark, et al.  Common Ownership Communities and Zoning Authorities - Operation of Family Child Care Homes - Limitations.

HB0832  Del Stewart.  General Provisions - Damages or Losses - Definition.

HB0833  Del Williams, et al.  Parents in Substance Use Disorder Treatment - Children in Need of Assistance and Treatment Facilities.

HB0834  Calvert County Delegation.  Calvert County - Ethics - Conflict of Interest and Commissioner Expulsion.

HB0835  Calvert County Delegation.  Calvert County - Procurement - Local Preference.

HB0836  Del Edelson, et al.  Major Highway Capacity Expansion Projects - Impact Assessments and Workgroup (Transportation and Climate Alignment Act of 2024).

HB0837  Del Wu, et al.  More Opportunities for Career-Focused Students Act of 2024.

HB0838  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County Family Child Care Home Expansion Grant Program - Establishment PG 505-24.

HB0839  Carroll County Delegation.  Carroll County - Contracts and Purchasing.

HB0840  Del Hartman.  Vehicle Laws - Annual Vehicle Shows - Motor and Trailer Homes.

HB0841  Del Ruth, et al.  Environment - Plastic Bottle Waste Reduction - Water Bottle Filling Stations and Reporting.

HB0842  Del Taveras, et al.  Environmental Justice - Investment in Infrastructure Construction Projects.

HB0843  Cecil County Delegation.  Cecil County - Board of License Commissioners - Inspections of Licensed Cannabis Businesses.

HB0844  Del Boafo.  Business Regulation - Cigarette, Other Tobacco Product, and Electronic Smoking Device Retailers - Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products (Make Quitting Convenient Act).

HB0845  The Spkr (Office of the Comptroller).  Income Tax - Individual Income Tax Credit Eligibility Awareness Campaign.

HB0846  The Spkr (State Treasurer).  State Investment Portfolio and Local Government Investment Guidelines - Investment Standards.

HB0847  Del Amprey.  Alcoholic Beverages - Class A License - Food Retailers.

HB0848  Del McComas, et al.  Family Law - Child Custody - Determinations.

HB0849  Del Acevero, et al.  Human Services - Universal Basic Income for Transition-Age Youth - Establishment.

HB0850  Del Tomlinson, et al.  State Procurement - Small Business Preference Procurement.

HB0851  Del Acevero, et al.  State Government – Maryland Reparations Commission – Establishment (Maryland Repair Act).

HB0852  Del Alston.  State Procurement - Leases and Construction Contracts - Performance Suspension Pending Audit.

HB0853  Del Allen, et al.  Residential Leases - Late Payment Penalties - Calculation.

HB0854  Del Bartlett.  Sex Offenders - Required Registration - Locations.

HB0855  Dels Bartlett and J. Lewis.  Juvenile Law - Restrictive Housing - Limitations.

HB0856  Del Alston.  Procurement - Minority Business Enterprise Program - Work Performed by a Regulated Lobbyist or Government Relations Firm.

HB0857  Del D. Jones.  Shellfish Aquaculture - Harvest Hours.

HB0858  Del Ciliberti, et al.  Health - Abortion - Ultrasound and Waiting Period.

HB0859  Del A. Johnson.  Real Estate Brokers - Licensing - License Renewals and Continuing Education.

HB0860  Dels Allen and Boafo.  Housing and Community Development - Community Action Boards.

HB0861  Del Allen, et al.  Procurement - Preferences - Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Program.

HB0862  Del Allen, et al.  Property Tax Exemption - Disabled Veterans - Service Connected Disability.

HB0863  Del Alston.  State Board of Nursing - Technology Upgrade Study.

HB0864  Dels Crosby and Qi.  Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plans.

HB0865  Del Martinez, et al.  Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health Insurance - Coverage for Prostheses (So Every Body Can Move Act).

HB0866  Del Buckel.  Off–Highway Recreational Vehicle Trail Fund and Off–Highway Recreational Vehicle Recreation Oversight Board – Alterations and Establishment.

HB0867  Del Alston, et al.  Criminal Procedure - Expungement and Shielding - Probation Before Judgment for Driving While Impaired or Under the Influence.

HB0868  Del Ebersole, et al.  Sales and Use Tax - Taxable Price - Exemption for Trade-in Value of Portable Electronics.

HB0869  Del Bartlett.  Public Safety – Firearm Background Checks, Victim Notification, and the Maryland State Police Gun Center.

HB0870  Del Grossman.  Washington County - Abandoned Cemetery - Acquisition and Disposition.

HB0871  Del Jackson.  Business Regulation - Detached Catalytic Converters - Record-Keeping Requirements.

HB0872  Del Kaiser, et al.  Election Law – Campaign Materials – Disclosure of Use of Synthetic Media.

HB0873  Del Taylor.  Appraisal Gap From Historic Redlining Financial Assistance Program – Alterations.

HB0874  Del Pena-Melnyk, et al.  State Board of Long-Term Care Administrators - Requirements for Assisted Living Managers.

HB0875  Del Allen, et al.  Veterans - Persons Providing Veterans Benefits Services and Veterans Benefits Appeals Services - Fees and Compensation.

HB0876  Del S. Johnson, et al.  Health Insurance - Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Specialty Drugs.

HB0877  Del Phillips, et al.  Board of Public Works - Transparency Data Dashboard.

HB0878  Del Bartlett, et al.  Public Officials - Public Disclosure of Personal Information.

HB0879  Del S. Johnson, et al.  Health Benefit Plans - Calculation of Cost Sharing Contribution - Requirements.

HB0880  Dels S. Johnson and A. Johnson.  Pharmacy Benefits Administration - Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Pharmacy Benefits Managers.

HB0881  Del Henson, et al.  Anne Arundel County – Public Schools – Innovative Scheduling Pilot Program.

HB0882  Del Rosenberg.  Business Regulation - Sale of Motor Fuel - Pricing Signage (Gas Price Clarity Act).

HB0883  Del Bhandari.  Department of Information Technology - Evaluation of Emerging Technologies (Maryland Artificial Intelligence in Governmental Services Act).

HB0884  Del Miller, et al.  Public Health - Pregnancy - Coercion (Protecting Pregnant Women Against Coercive Abuse and Human Trafficking).

HB0885  Del Chisholm, et al.  Agricultural Land and Programs - People's Republic of China.

HB0886  Del Chisholm, et al.  Confined Aquatic Disposal Task Force - Established.

HB0887  Del Pena-Melnyk, et al.  Maryland Department of Health - Health Commissions and Maryland Insurance Administration - Study.

HB0888  Del Amprey.  Corporations and Associations - Ratification of Defective Corporate Acts - Alterations.

HB0889  Del Terrasa, et al.  Building Code - Construction and Significant Renovation of Housing Units - Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces.

HB0890  Del Kaufman, et al.  Public Schools - Discipline-Related Data - Collection and Publication.

HB0891  Del Holmes.  Seed Community Development Anchor Institution Fund - Alterations.

HB0892  Del Kaufman, et al.  Criminal Law - Benefits Exploitation.

HB0893  Del Hill, et al.  Primary and Secondary Students - Vision and Hearing Studies and Evaluations.

HB0894  Del Chisholm, et al.  Procurement - Scrutinized Entities - Prohibition.

HB0895  Del Embry.  Maryland Tort Claims Act - Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs - County Responsibility.

HB0896  Del Stewart.  Consumer Protection - Retail Sales of Gift Cards (Gift Card Scams Prevention Act of 2024).

HB0897  Baltimore City Delegation.  Baltimore Convention and Tourism Redevelopment and Operating Organization Task Force.

HB0898  Del Acevero, et al.  Maryland People's Fund - Establishment.

HB0899  Del D. Jones, et al.  Higher Education - Charles W. Riley Firefighter and Ambulance and Rescue Squad Member Scholarship - Alterations.

HB0900  Del Solomon, et al.  Employment Standards - Firefighters - Payment of Overtime and Payroll Information.

HB0901  Del Wolek, et al.  Higher Education - Part-Time Senatorial and Delegate Scholarships - Alterations.

HB0902  Del Ghrist, et al.  Prekindergarten - Ulysses Currie Head Start Program - Eligibility for State Funds.

HB0903  Del Atterbeary, et al.  Education - Access to Attorneys, Advocates, and Consultants for Special Education Program and Fund - Established.

HB0904  Del Hinebaugh.  Community Colleges - Capital Projects - State Share Adjustment.

HB0905  Del Charkoudian.  Sales and Use Tax Exemption – Qualified Data Center Personal Property – Eligibility.

HB0906  Del Hinebaugh.  Garrett County – Sheriff’s Salary – Alteration.

HB0907  Del Hinebaugh.  Garrett County - Procurement - Bids and Contracts.

HB0908  Del Amprey.  Environment - Suppliers of Water - Notification Requirements.

HB0909  Del Hinebaugh.  Education – Local Share of Major Education Aid – Nonrecurring Costs Exclusion.

HB0910  Del Hinebaugh.  Deep Creek Lake - Lower Lake Levels - Requirement and Impact Study.

HB0911  Del Valentine, et al.  Peace Orders - Visual Surveillance.

HB0912  Del Young.  Public Safety - Safe Neighborhoods Pilot Program.

HB0913  Dels Fraser-Hidalgo and Stein.  Motor Vehicles – Registration – Annual Surcharge.

HB0914  Dels D. Jones and Pippy.  Winery and Vineyard Economic Development Grant Program - Modifications.

HB0915  Del Pruski.  Workers’ Compensation – Uninsured Employers’ Fund – Timely Payment of Awards.

HB0916  Del Hinebaugh.  Garrett County - Hotel Rental Tax - Alterations.

HB0917  Dels Healey and Pruski.  Department of Transportation and Maryland Transportation Authority - Utilities Installation - Data Submission.

HB0918  The Spkr (State Treasurer).  State Treasurer and Comptroller - Membership Responsibilities.

HB0919  Del Fair.  Property Tax - County Authority to Set Special Rates.

HB0920  Washington County Delegation.  Washington County - Alcoholic Beverages - Multi-Use Sports and Events Facility Beer, Wine, and Liquor License.

HB0921  Washington County Delegation.  Washington County – Board of License Commissioners and Board of Community College Trustees – Membership.

HB0922  The Spkr (Atty Gen Ofc).  State Government - Public Welfare Actions - Determinations and Settlements.

HB0923  Del Griffith.  State Department of Education - Study on Transfer and Awarding of Advanced Placement Course Credits and Military Students.

HB0924  Del Spiegel, et al.  Transportation – Regional Transportation Authorities.

HB0925  Del Fair.  Vehicle Excise Tax - Rate Increase.

HB0926  Del Griffith.  Maryland Building Performance Standards – Local Requests for Guidance – Religious Considerations.

HB0927  Del Attar.  Juvenile Law - Expedited Pretrial Status Hearing.

HB0928  Washington County Delegation.  Washington County - Procurement - Vehicles.

HB0929  Washington County Delegation.  Agriculture – Nuisance Insects.

HB0930  Del Wilson.  Primary and Secondary Education - Public School Attendance - Children of Judges.

HB0931  Del Hutchinson.  Environment – Tidal Wetlands – Construction of Piers.

HB0932  Del Cullison, et al.  Health Insurance - Utilization Review - Revisions.

HB0933  Del Feldmark, et al.  Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services - 9-8-8 Trust Fund Fees.

HB0934  Del Hutchinson, et al.  State Board of Physicians - Performance of X-Ray Duties Without a License.

HB0935  Del Mireku-North, et al.  Comprehensive Community Safety Funding Act.

HB0936  Del R. Long.  Department of Natural Resources - Issuance of Salvage Title for Abandoned or Sunken Vessels - Authorization.

HB0937  Del McComas, et al.  Child Abuse and Neglect - Reports and Records - Disclosure.

HB0938  Del Crosby, et al.  State–Owned Nursing Homes – Deficiencies, Citations, and Fines – Reporting Requirements.

HB0939  Del Palakovich Carr.  Health Insurance - Epinephrine Injectors - Limits on Cost Sharing (Epinephrine Cost Reduction Act of 2024).

HB0940  Del Arentz, et al.  Local Government - Authorized Uses of Revenues From Development Impact Fees.

HB0941  Del Rosenberg.  Criminal Law - Threats and Stalking - Recklessness.

HB0942  Del Young.  Criminal Procedure – Crime Solvers Reward Fund – Establishment.

HB0943  Del Embry.  Courts – Expunged Cases and Judicial Actions – Disclosure and Public Access.

HB0944  Del Griffith.  Cecil County and Harford County - Outdoor Seating at Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars.

HB0945  Del Ebersole, et al.  Education - Initial Teacher Certification - Requirements.

HB0946  Del Toles.  Criminal Law - Theft - Mail and Packages (Porch Piracy Act of 2024).

HB0947  Del Phillips, et al.  Civil Actions - Public Nuisances - Firearm Industry Members (Gun Industry Accountability Act of 2024).

HB0948  Del Toles, et al.  Criminal Law - Organized Retail Theft.

HB0949  Del Vogel.  State Employees - Cancer Screening Leave.

HB0950  Del Edelson, et al.  Maryland Transit Administration - Locally Operated Transit Systems - Mandatory Funding.

HB0951  Del Fair.  County Boards of Education - Voter Registration Link - Posting Requirement.

HB0952  Del Rogers, et al.  Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Military Retirement (Keep Our Heroes Home Act).

HB0953  Del Pena-Melnyk, et al.  Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - State-Based Young Adult Health Insurance Subsidies Pilot Program - Amount of Annual Subsidies.

HB0954  Del Patterson, et al.  Gaming - Electronic Instant Bingo Machines - Paper Tickets Option.

HB0955  Del M. Morgan, et al.  Motor Fuel Tax Rates - Consumer Price Index Adjustment - Repeal.

HB0956  Del Solomon.  Public-Private Partnership (P3) Oversight and Accountability Act.

HB0957  Del Hornberger, et al.  Natural Resources - Hunting - Tundra Swans.

HB0958  Del Allen, et al.  State Designations – State Natural History Museum – Natural History Society of Maryland.

HB0959  Del Bhandari, et al.  Health Occupations - Certified Dialysis Technicians - Continuing Education Requirement.

HB0960  Frederick County Delegation.  City of Frederick - Assignment of Offenders to Road Work - Repeal.

HB0961  Del Taveras, et al.  State Government - Commission on New Americans - Established.

HB0962  Del Phillips, et al.  State Procurement - Small Business Reserve Program - Goals and Outreach Program.

HB0963  Dels Taveras and Pena-Melnyk.  Criminal Law - Sexual Solicitation of a Minor, Human Trafficking, and Drug Distribution - Sensitive Locations.

HB0964  Del Boafo, et al.  Landlords and Prospective Tenants - Residential Leases - Criminal History Review (Maryland Fair Chance in Housing Act).

HB0965  Del Queen, et al.  Maryland Department of Health - Breast Cancer Program - Eligibility and Public Awareness Campaign.

HB0966  Del Forbes (Chr Jt Com on Pnsns).  Law Enforcement Officers' Pension System - Reemployment as Sheriff.

HB0967  Dels Wivell and Valentine.  Town of Keedysville - Parking of Vehicles - Restrictions.

HB0968  Del Wivell, et al.  Condominiums and Homeowners Associations - Reserve Studies - Exemptions.

HB0969  Del Bartlett, et al.  Death Certificates - Cause or Manner of Death Determinations - Requirements After Change or Correction (Katherine Morris Death Reclassification Act).

HB0970  Del Wells.  Real Property - Residential Leases - Rent Increase Prohibition.

HB0971  Dels Grossman and Wims.  Washington County - Interscholastic Athletics - Student Eligibility Waiver and School Classification.

HB0972  Del Boyce.  Motor Vehicles - Off-Highway Vehicles - Clarifications and Revisions.

HB0973  Del Valentine, et al.  Public Safety - Law Enforcement Agencies - Positive Community Feedback.

HB0974  Prince George's County Delegation.  Prince George's County - Speed Monitoring Systems - Indian Head Highway PG 306-24.

HB0975  Del Otto.  Somerset County – Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services.

HB0976  Del Otto.  Somerset County - Fire Companies - Appropriations.

HB0977  Del Otto.  Somerset County – Sale of Property – Revells Neck Road.

HB0978  Del Young, et al.  Courts - Maryland Judicial Public Text Messaging System - Report.

HB0979  Del Foley, et al.  Agriculture - Invasive Plant Species - Regulation (Biodiversity and Agriculture Protection Act).

HB0980  Del Rosenberg, et al.  Public Health - Opioid Restitution Advisory Council and Fund - Revisions.

HB0981  Del Martinez, et al.  Principal Departments - Individuals With Limited English Proficiency - Access to Public Services.

HB0982  Del Kipke.  Genetic Testing - Prohibitions on Disability, Life, and Long-Term Care Insurance (Genetic Testing Protection Act of 2024).

HB0983  Del Guzzone, et al.  State Personnel - Maryland Department of Health - Pay Rates.