.12 Gifted and Talented Education Specialist.

To be certified as a Gifted and Talented Education Specialist, an applicant shall:

A. Earn a master's degree from one of the following:

(1) A Department-approved master's program that leads to certification in Gifted and Talented Education;

(2) An out-of-State approved master's program that leads to Gifted and Talented Certification; or

(3) An IHE and:

(a) Complete 15 semester hours of graduate course work in Gifted and Talented Education from an IHE, which includes a balance of content in the following competencies:

(i) Understanding the foundations of gifted education, including historical perspectives, key philosophies and theories, social, cultural, and economic influences, key issues, and trends;

(ii) Understanding the unique cognitive and affective characteristics of gifted and talented students, including the learning differences of gifted and talented students with disabilities and those from diverse backgrounds;

(iii) Understanding processes and procedures for the identification of gifted and talented students, including the use of equitable approaches for identifying gifted and talented students from diverse backgrounds and those with disabilities;

(iv) Understanding evidence-based instructional strategies for differentiating instruction for gifted and talented students, including strategies that enhance acquisition of knowledge and skills in specific domains, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and metacognition;

(v) Understanding theories and models for developing and implementing curriculum, instruction, and assessments for gifted and talented students; and

(vi) Understanding how to create learning environments that foster the social and emotional well-being of gifted and talented students, including the development of self-awareness, coping skills, positive peer relationships, and leadership; and

(b) Complete at least 3 semester hours in a clinical/laboratory internship; and

B. Present verification of 27 months of satisfactory teaching experience or clinical experience.