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​Maryland Register
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(mailed bi-weekly on Friday)

Electronic File

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Archived Issues​

​​​​Order archived copies of the Register
in print or PDF files

COMAR (Co​de of Maryland Regulations)

​In Print
​Order full titles with subscriptions, and custom sections of COMAR
Electronic File
Order electronic titles and e-Subscriptions
Titles 10, 11, & 26 available in parts

Titles 10, 11, & 26 are available in parts. Parts may be purchased separately. Click on the link above to view a list of subtitles in each part.

​Note about COMAR Update Subsc​riptions

  • Regulations in COMAR are amended, repealed, and new Regulations are adopted. These changes to COMAR are published bi-weekly in the Maryland Register.
  • COMAR Print Subscriptions provide semi-annual updates of the changes to the COMAR books in January and July of each year.
  • COMAR e-Subscriptions provide updated replacement titles quarterly, in January, April, July, and October of each year.
  • The annual subscription price is added to the one-time purchase price of the COMAR title when first ordering COMAR; thereafter, our customers are only billed for the annual renewal subscription fee​.

Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Publications - In Print

Order ​MDH​ Booklets

​Order 6x9 Maryland Dept. of Health program booklets

​Nurse Practice Act (effective 11/22) 8x11 format; Supplements available for previously-purchased books

Special COMAR Publications - In Print

​​​Child Care 13A​
Order Child Care Regulations COMAR 13A.14 — 13A.18
Forest Conservation
Order the Technical Manual or the Law Handbooks
PM Handbook
Order Preventive Maintenance Handbook
​Order the Control of Ionizing Radiation Handbook or Supplements
​SOS Handbooks​
Order various handbooks​​​ (Notary's, Solicitations Act, ​or Condominiums Act Handbooks)
Vehicle Inspection
​Order State Vehicle Inspection Handbook