EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.1978.05

Coastal Zone Management

1. The Maryland Coastal Zone Management Program developed in accordance with plans prepared under Article 88C(2)(b) of the Code, enumerates the objectives and policies of the State with respect to coastal resources.

2. To the extent consistent with statutorily prescribed responsibilities and authorities, all State governmental agencies shall:

(a) Conduct their activities in a manner consistent with the Program;

(b) Participate in the project evaluation process specified in the Program; and

(c) Address promptly and, to the extent feasible, resolve any conflicts with other agencies.

3. In accordance with the designation of the Department of Natural Resources as the State agency authorized to receive and administer federal grants under the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, the Secretary of Natural Resources shall assure adequate representation of the State's interest in administration of this federal program as it affects coastal resources.

Effective date: March 8, 1978 (5:6 Md. R. 403)