EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.1985.02

Governor's Council on the Chesapeake Bay

1. The Governor's Council on the Chesapeake Bay is hereby created to provide advice to the Governor on matters related to the management of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas and to promote interagency coordination and integration of Chesapeake Bay related programs.

2. The Council shall consist of the Secretary of Natural Resources, Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of State Planning, and the President of the University of Maryland. The Governor shall appoint a chairman from among the members of the Council. The Chairmanship shall be rotated annually.

3. The Council shall meet on a continuing and periodic basis and shall receive information, review and discuss issues of Chesapeake Bay management, and provide information and recommendations as appropriate concerning:

(a) Progress in meeting the annual Statewide implementation plan;

(b) Need for programmatic and budgetary adjustments;

(c) The results and conduct of Baywide monitoring programs;

(d) Establishment of annual Chesapeake Bay research priorities; and

(e) Maryland's participation on regional issues of Bay management.

4. The Council shall establish the appropriate procedures to seek advice on issues related to research, management and public participation.

5. The Council shall serve as a central archives for Maryland's Chesapeake Bay program and shall be provided necessary administrative and clerical services through Executive Department staff. The Council shall meet at least quarterly and may establish such working groups as may be necessary.

Effective date: January 17, 1985 (12:3 Md. R. 218)