EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.1989.15

State Employees Risk Management Administration

A. There is a State Employees Risk Management Administration.

B. The State Employees Risk Management Administration shall be located as a program of the Maryland State Accident Fund, ("The Fund"), an independent agency which will coordinate its efforts with the Office of the Governor.

C. The Fund will be responsible for planning, designing, implementing, controlling, and evaluating the provisions of this Executive Order, including the State Employees Risk Management Administration.

D. The Fund shall maintain all case files and compile an adequate data base to carry out the intent of this Executive Order.

E. The Fund shall establish education and training programs to inform all State Departments and Agencies of their responsibilities under provisions of this Executive Order.

F. There is a Maryland State Employees Risk Management Advisory Council ("Council") that consists of representatives of the Governor and members and designees of the following State agencies:

(1) Governor;

(2) Department of Personnel;

(3) Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning;

(4) Department of Transportation;

(5) Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; and

(6) Department of Licensing and Regulation.

G. Each department, independent agency, or other designated unit of State government is required to designate or appoint a coordinator to assist in carrying out the intent of this Executive Order.

H. There is a Statewide Employees Risk Management Committee, comprised of designated coordinators of each department, independent agency, or unit of State government. This Committee shall interact with the Council and the Fund, and shall serve to further ensure compliance with the intent of this Executive Order.

I. All departments, independent agencies, or other designated units of State government shall annually conduct a Risk Assessment Survey ("RAS"), which shall include all facilities and worksites, as well as an identification and assessment of those jobs considered as having a high degree of risk or potential for occupational injury.

J. This Executive Order on managing occupational injuries in Maryland State government shall be interpreted and implemented consistent with the efforts of established State health and safety programs. Agency and department heads shall utilize existing management functions and programs to expand and improve their efficiency in managing risks within their respective units.

K. Each State department, independent agency, or other designated unit of State Government shall develop written guidelines including policy and necessary rules and regulations covering specific program elements that are considered essential to standardize accident prevention and loss control programs.

L. This Order and resultant programs, policies, and procedures require the cooperation of all State employees as the State moves towards a healthy work environment.

Effective Date: August 11, 1989