EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.1991.02 State of Maryland Emergency Management Policy

A. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is the agency of State government with primary responsibility and authority for:

(1) The planning and execution of disaster and emergency preparedness, response, and recovery;

(2) The coordination of disaster and emergency response between State agencies and political subdivisions;

(3) The coordination and liaison with related agencies of the federal government and other states;

(4) The coordination with private agencies involved in emergency services;

(5) The coordination of all recovery operations subsequent to disasters and emergencies; and

(6) The coordination of hazard mitigation planning activities.

B. Emergency Operations Plan.

(1) MEMA shall coordinate the preparation of an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the disaster and emergency response of the State of Maryland.

(2) The EOP shall:

(a) Be submitted to and subject to the approval of the Governor;

(b) Be integrated with the disaster and emergency response plans of the federal government, and to the fullest extent possible, those of other states; and

(c) Identify the specific requirements and responsibilities of the various State agencies in the event of disasters and emergency situations in this State.

(3) MEMA also shall coordinate the preparation of plans and programs for disaster and emergency response by the various jurisdictions of the State.

C. Operational Responsibilities.

(1) Except as provided in subparagraph (2), the Adjutant General, through the MEMA Director, is responsible for the operations of MEMA. The Adjutant General shall ensure that MEMA is organized and managed in a manner that ensures the protection and safety of Maryland's citizens.

(2) The Governor may, from time to time, require the MEMA Director to report directly to him. In such instances, the MEMA Director shall advise the Adjutant General of all actions taken or contemplated.

(3) If an emergency requires the services of more than two State agencies, each affected State agency shall:

(a) Report the emergency to the MEMA Director; and

(b) Assess its resources for assisting with the emergency.

D. Rapid Response Team.

(1) The MEMA Director may create, as needed, a Rapid Response Team capable of assisting local jurisdictions to respond to an emergency. The Rapid Response Team shall be prepared to deploy for on-site evaluation of emergencies and to provide State resources to local jurisdictions, as necessary.

(2) The Military Department, MEMA, the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System, the Department of the Environment, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the Department of Human Resources, the Office of the Attorney General, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Natural Resources, the Office of the Secretary of the State, the Maryland State Police, and the Department of Transportation shall each designate:

(a) Individuals to serve as its member and its alternate member of the Rapid Response Team; and

(b) Individuals to serve as its Emergency Services Coordinator (ESC) and an alternate ESC.

E. Each State agency shall:

(1) Be assigned primary or support responsibility by MEMA;

(2) Be prepared to execute tasks as specified in the State EOP;

(3) Assign a primary or alternate ESC to the EOC when notified by MEMA;

(4) Authorize its ESC or alternate to act on behalf of the agency in matters relating to the emergency; and

(5) Maintain procedures necessary to assure contact between the ESC and the State agency during the emergency;

(6) Develop and maintain relevant annexes of the State EOP, as requested by the MEMA Director;

(7) Participate in exercises of the State EOP;

(8) Conduct and participate in training essential to the implementation of its assigned emergency services;

(9) Ensure that its Statewide emergency notification data is current;

(10) Provide personnel to staff Disaster Application Centers and to assist in the processing of applications for emergency assistance, as necessary; and

(11) Each State agency shall review the EOP annually, identify those parts that need updating, and notify the MEMA Director of necessary changes.

F. All affected State agencies shall cooperate fully in carrying out the provisions of this Executive Order.

Effective date: January 10, 1991 (18:3 Md. R. 258)