EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.1993.20 Alternative Fueled Vehicles

A. Purchase of Alternative Fueled Vehicles.

(1) To the greatest extent practicable, and consistent with operational requirements and the provisions and requirements of this Executive Order, the State shall purchase vehicles that operate on alternative fuels in order to meet the requirements of the National Energy Policy Act of 1992.

(2) In consultation with the Alternative Fuels Work Group, the Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning shall approve for State agencies vehicle specifications in order to provide reasonable and practical options for the purchase of alternative fueled vehicles. The University of Maryland System shall approve similar specifications for the purchase of alternative fueled vehicles within the University System. Specifications are to be balanced appropriately with operating needs and budgets.

(3) The Department of General Services and the University of Maryland System shall procure, for State agencies and the University of Maryland System and its constituent institutions, respectively, approved alternative fueled vehicles and shall ensure that refueling capacity for alternative fuels is available to State agency fleets and the University of Maryland System.

(4) The Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning shall advise agencies and The University of Maryland System concerning specific applications of alternative fuels and assist agencies in specifying alternative fueled vehicles in accordance with approved specifications and guidelines.

(5) The Department of Transportation shall ensure that regulatory prohibitions to alternative fuels are reviewed and addressed.

(6) Cabinet secretaries and the heads of independent agencies shall develop goals for the introduction of dedicated alternative fueled vehicles into their agencies following the approval of vehicle specifications under Section A(1) of this Order. Such goals shall be submitted to the Director of the Maryland Energy Administration beginning with Fiscal Year 1994 and each fiscal year thereafter, and shall take into consideration the number and location of alternative fuel stations.

B. Alternative Fuels Work Group.

(1) There is established an Alternative Fuels Work Group.

(2) The Work Group shall be composed of representatives of the following agencies, to be appointed by the agency head:

(a) The Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning;

(b) The Maryland Energy Administration;

(c) The Department of the Environment;

(d) The Department of General Services;

(e) The Department of Transportation;

(f) The Public Service Commission;

(g) The Department of Natural Resources;

(h) The University of Maryland System; and

(i) The Department of Agriculture.

(3) The Director of the Maryland Energy Administration shall be the chairperson of the Work Group.

(4) The Alternative Fuels Work Group shall evaluate and recommend to the Governor and the executive agencies alternative fuels for use in the State fleet, and examine issues related to the use of those fuels in the State fleet.

(5) The Department of the Environment shall provide guidance to the Alternative Fuels Work Group on the air quality benefits of various alternative fuels in various applications and otherwise assist in the achievement of a strong alternative fuels vehicle program.

(6) In implementing this Executive Order, strict compliance with all applicable air quality standards and regulations shall be maintained.

(7) The Work Group shall consult with the Comptroller of the Treasury and other State agencies as appropriate.

C. Implementation of Executive Order. The Maryland Energy Administration shall be responsible for coordinating the requirements of this Executive Order and for informing and encouraging county and local governments to join in purchasing alternative fueled vehicles from the State contract.

Effective date: August 3, 1993 (20:17 Md. R. 1342)