EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2005.24 Governor's Subcabinet for International Affairs (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2001.20)

A. There is a Governor's Subcabinet for International Affairs convening on a regular basis for the purpose of developing, evaluating and coordinating a cohesive international strategy in order to enhance the State's competitiveness and stature in the global market place and international arena.

B. Membership and Procedures.

(1) The Subcabinet shall consist of:

(a) The Secretary of State;

(b) The Secretary of the Department of Business and Economic Development;

(c) The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture;

(d) The Secretary of the Department of Transportation;

(e) The Secretary of Higher Education;

(f) The Secretary of the Department of the Environment; and

(g) The Lieutenant Governor.

(2) The Subcabinet shall consult with other State departments and agencies as needed and as appropriate.

(3) The Secretary of State shall chair the Subcabinet and shall be responsible for the oversight, direction and accountability of the work of the Subcabinet.

(4) The Governor shall designate a senior administrator in the Executive Branch to be responsible for implementation of this Executive Order and for supervision of assigned staff.

(5) The Office of Intergovernmental and International Relations within the Office of the Secretary of State, the Office of Protocol within the Department of Transportation and the Office of International Business within the Department of Business and Economic Development shall provide the primary staff support necessary for the completion of the Subcabinet duties. The Governor or Chair may call upon any of the Subcabinet members to provide additional staff assistance as needed.

(6) Appropriate funding for the implementation of this Executive Order shall be apportioned among the existing budgets of affected Executive Branch departments and agencies.

(7) The Subcabinet shall meet at least once every quarter of the year. The staff of the Subcabinet shall meet at least monthly.

(8) The Governor or the Chair may establish subcommittees as needed to carry out the work of the Subcabinet.

C. Duties.

(1) The Subcabinet shall have the responsibility to advise the Governor on matters of international affairs, coordinate State international activity and oversee the protocol functions of the State. The Subcabinet shall contribute to the economic development of the State by ensuring that all appropriate State agencies work in a cooperative, coordinated manner in planning, implementing, overseeing and evaluating the foreign affairs of the State.

(2) The Subcabinet shall:

(a) Examine the current structure and organization of Maryland's system pertaining to international affairs to facilitate the development of:

(i) A coordinated State international strategy;

(ii) An annual interagency plan for services and functions dealing with the international affairs of the State;

(iii) A procedure for identifying and assessing foreign developments with a potential for impact on the State;

(iv) Active participation in activities and exchanges on international matters affecting the State in cooperation with the federal government;

(v) A consistent and clear international identity of the State by serving as the official liaison between the Governor and foreign governments and international organizations;

(vi) A "global affairs information center" that serves as the first point of contact regarding international political developments impacting the State;

(vii) A Special Governor's Commission on Foreign Affairs comprised of leaders from the academic, business, diplomatic and civic communities to advise the Subcabinet on international affairs and activities; and

(viii) Recommendations for programs and policies, if appropriate, in order to ensure that the needs and goals of the State's international strategy are met and accomplished.

(b) Develop and implement a system for ensuring the adequate conduct of international protocol on behalf of the State of Maryland.

(c) Develop a plan to coordinate and respond to international correspondence and requests.

(d) Develop a consistent, systematic method for the coordination of the State's international cultural, educational and economic development events, trips and activities.

(e) Establish a fund to receive contributions for the benefit of Sister-State relationships. The funds shall ne disbursed at the direction of the Subcabinet upon direction of the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Sister State Program. The Secretary of State and his staff shall not participate in the administration of the fund.

(f) Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Governor.

D. The Subcabinet shall report to the Governor by October 1 of each year with recommendations to support a coordinated State international strategy.

Effective date: November 13, 2001 (28:25 Md. R. 2181); amended effective May 11, 2005 (32:11 Md. R. 955)