.10 Prehearing Procedure.

A. Notice of Hearings. The Secretary shall provide reasonable notice to a party of the date, time and place of a hearing. If the petitioner notifies the Secretary that the date designated is not convenient, the Secretary may designate another date which is convenient to the petitioner.

B. Briefs. Each party may submit briefs containing arguments relating to the issues of fact and law involved in the hearing. If briefs are submitted, the party shall file five copies with the Secretary in a timely manner. The Secretary of State may, in certain circumstances, accept post-hearing briefs.

C. Witnesses. At least 10 days before the hearing date, the petitioner shall notify the Secretary in writing of those employees of the Secretary whom the petitioner wishes to call as witnesses at the hearing and the reasons why they are being asked to testify. If the Secretary determines that the action or inaction of those employees is the basis of the hearing, the Secretary shall require their presence at the hearing.