.19 Prohibited Acts.

A. Closely Related Names. A person may not use a name, symbol, or statement so closely related to that used by a charitable organization or governmental agency that the use would tend to confuse or mislead the public.

B. Restrictions on Use of Name. A person may not use a name implying an activity in any field of law enforcement, public safety, fire fighting, or emergency services unless a majority of the members of the organization are actively engaged in that field.

C. Unordered Goods. A person who sends unordered goods, printed materials, or pamphlets to prospective contributors or purchasers may not request the return of these items or refer to the unordered items in an attempt to induce the prospective contributor or purchaser to make a contribution.

D. Duplicate Tickets. A person selling seats in connection with a charitable solicitation may not sell duplicate tickets for the same seat.

E. A person may not, in connection with the solicitation of contributions, make any false or misleading oral or written statement or other representation which has the capacity, tendency, or effect of deceiving or misleading the person solicited.