.09 Effect On Hard-Copy Record-Keeping Requirements.

A. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, this chapter does not relieve taxpayers of the responsibility to retain hard-copy records that are created or received in the ordinary course of business, as required by existing law and regulations.

B. If hard-copy records are not produced or received in the ordinary course of transacting business, for example, when the taxpayer uses electronic data interchange technology, hard-copy records need not be created.

C. Hard-copy records generated at the time of a transaction using a credit or debit card shall be retained unless all the details necessary to determine correct tax liability relating to the transaction are subsequently received and retained by the taxpayer in accordance with this chapter. These details include those listed in Regulation .04B(1) of this chapter.

D. This regulation does not prevent the Comptroller from requesting hard-copy printouts in lieu of retained machine-sensible records at the time of examination.