.02 Specifications for No. 1-D and No. 2-D Diesel Fuel (ASTM D-975).

All No.1-D diesel fuel and No. 2-D diesel fuel shall meet the requirements of the following specifications, when tested in accordance with the latest version of the American Society for Testing and Materials Methods of Tests:

A. Cloud Point (ASTM D-2500) — -7°C (20°F) maximum.

B. Flash Point (ASTM D-93).

(1) No. 1-D Diesel — 38°C (100°F) minimum.

(2) No. 2-D Diesel.

(a) 52°C (125°F) minimum (May, June, July, August, September, October).

(b) 43°C (110°F) minimum (November, December, January, February, March, April).

C. Viscosity (ASTM D-445).

(1) No. 1-D Diesel.

(a) Kinematic at 40°C, 1.3 centistokes minimum, 2.4 centistokes maximum.

(b) Kinematic at 100°F, 1.4 centistokes minimum, 2.5 centistokes maximum.

(2) No. 2-D Diesel.

(a) Kinematic at 40°C, 1.9 centistokes minimum, 4.1 centistokes maximum.

(b) Kinematic at 100°F, 2.0 centistokes minimum, 4.3 centistokes maximum.

D. Visible water and sediment (ASTM D-1796) — 0.05 percent maximum by volume.

E. Carbon Residue on 10 percent Residuum (ASTM D-524).

(1) No. 1-D Diesel, 0.15 percent, maximum.

(2) No. 2-D Diesel, 0.35 percent, maximum.

F. Ash (ASTM D-482) — 0.01 percent, maximum.

G. Cetane.

(1) Number method (ASTM D-613) 40, minimum.

(2) Index method (ASTM D-976) 40, minimum.

H. Distillation (ASTM D-86).

(1) No. 1-D Diesel — 90 percent point, 288°C (550°F) maximum.

(2) No. 2-D Diesel — 90 percent point:

(a) 282°C (540°F) minimum*;

(b) 338°C (640°F) maximum.

* When cloud point less than -12°C (10°F) is specified, the minimum viscosity shall be 1.7 cSt (or mm2/s) and the 90 percent point shall be waived.

I. Corrosion (ASTM D-130). Copper Strip, 3 hours at 50°C (122°F), No. 3 maximum.

J. Sulfur (ASTM D-2622 or ASTM D-7039) 0.0015 percent by mass, maximum.

K. Color.

(1) On-highway diesel fuel may not contain any dyes or coloring agents.

(2) Non-highway diesel fuel shall be dyed with Solvent Red 164 at the concentration spectrally equivalent to at least 3.9 pounds of the solid dye Standard Red 26 per 1,000 barrels in accordance with the mandate of the US EPA and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It may not be used in any vehicle designed for on-highway use.