.05 Labeling of Pumps.

A. The Bureau shall label all retail dispensing pumps.

B. The label in §A of this regulation at the discretion of the Bureau, shall be placed as close as practical to the product dispensing nozzle or the money value display indicator.

C. The retailer shall further identify and label all retail dispensing pumps with the following:

(1) The brand name and trade name of the product being sold except a trade name may not be used if it conflicts with one of the required grade names shown in §C(3) of this regulation;

(2) For gasoline, the octane rating in accordance with 15 U.S.C. §§2821—2824, Title II of the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act and regulations under the Act, 16 CFR §§306.0—306.11 for each grade dispensed;

(3) For gasoline, the grade name in accordance with one of the following for each grade dispensed:

(a) "Regular" if the certified octane is 87 or 88;

(b) "Mid-grade" or "Plus" if the certified octane is 89 or 90; and

(c) "Premium" if the certified octane is 91 and above, but less than 98;

(4) For special fuel, the type of fuel which shall be either:

(a) 1-K Kerosene;

(b) 2-K kerosene;

(c) 1-D diesel (if purchased or sold as same); or

(d) Diesel, as applicable; and

(5) Identification as required under §C(3) and (4) of this regulation, which shall be in letters and numerals of uniform size, a minimum 2 inches high with a minimum 1/4 inch stroke.