.06 Retention of Documents.

A. A location registered under the Motor Fuel and Lubricants Law shall retain on the premises to which motor fuel has been delivered a loading ticket, a delivery ticket, or any other combination of documents that provides the following information:

(1) Date, terminal name, city of origin, shipper, consignee name, volume of each grade, and type of motor fuel loaded and delivered including the product cost and freight charges per gallon;

(2) For gasoline, including oxygenated fuels, the certified minimum octane rating;

(3) For oxygenated and reformulated gasolines, the maximum concentration of individual oxygenates; and

(4) Name of the petroleum transporter making the delivery.

B. Retention of documentation required by this regulation shall be limited to the four most recent deliveries of each grade of the product; however, all parties should be aware that federal retention requirements are for 5 years.

C. All documents shall be readily available for inspection at the delivery site during normal business hours.