.14 Color Coding for Bulk Storage Facilities.

A. A facility in this State required to register under the Motor Fuel and Lubricants law and used to store motor fuel in fixed bulk storage tanks shall implement the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended system of color coding equipment which is set out as follows:

(1) Gasoline — unleaded:

(a) E10 Regular — white;

(b) E10 Midgrade — blue;

(c) E10 Premium — red;

(d) E0 Regular — white with black "0";

(e) E0 Midgrade — blue with white "0";

(f) E0 Premium — red with white "0";

(g) Isobutanol blend — blue with yellow "IB";

(h) E15 — copper with black "E15";

(i) E85 — copper with black "E85";

(2) Diesel:

(a) On-Road (USLD) — yellow;

(b) On-Road (USLD) >5 percent biodiesel — yellow with black "BXX" (where "XX" is the biodiesel percentage);

(c) Off-Road (Dyed Red) — yellow with red "OFF";

(d) Off-Road (Dyed Red) >5 percent biodiesel — yellow with red "OFF" and black "BXX" (where "XX" is the biodiesel percentage);

(e) Biodiesel — light blue;

(3) Fuel Oil:

(a) No. 1 — dark green with black "1";

(b) No. 2 — dark green with black "2";

(4) Kerosene — brown;

(5) Vapor recovery — orange;

(6) Observation or Monitoring Wells — white with black triangle in the center.

B. Methods of Coloring.

(1) Facilities Except Bulk Plants, Terminals, and Distribution Points.

(a) The required color scheme shall be applied to all fillbox (manhole) covers and shall extend at least 3 inches beyond the fillbox cover to prevent mismatching of fillboxes with the appropriate cover.

(b) If the bulk storage tank is an above-ground tank, the required color coding shall be affixed to the tank close to the fill and to the draw-off point and be at least 8 inches in overall diameter.

(c) Other methods of identification such as tagging fillbox adapters, rims, or the use of plastic inserts inside the fillbox rim may be used in addition to the required coloring, but not as a substitute, for underground storage tanks.

(2) Bulk Plants, Terminals, and Distribution Points.

(a) The required color scheme shall be prominently placed on all rack-loading and vapor recovery equipment, as close as possible to the point of product or vapor transfer.

(b) Storage tanks may be labeled using the appropriate color scheme when operating conditions permit.

(3) Required color coding shall be maintained clean and clearly legible at all times.

C. A facility required to use the color coding system in this regulation shall post a sign or signs in a prominent location on the premises indicating the color scheme.

D. Product Transfer — Prohibition. Motor fuel may not be transferred from a shipping facility or delivered to a receiving facility in this State unless the:

(1) Shipping and receiving facilities are in compliance with this regulation; and

(2) Petroleum transporter is in compliance with COMAR