.15 Commingled Products.

A. For the specific purpose of this regulation, "commingled products" means:

(1) Pipeline interface or transmix; or

(2) A mixture of gasoline and light distillates.

B. Commingled products may be blended into gasoline for redistribution, provided the:

(1) Person blending is a common carrier pipeline or holds a valid Class A dealer license issued by this State, and has obtained written approval from this State to blend; and

(2) Resultant product, after blending, at the time of the first sale or delivery, meets the specifications for the particular grade as prescribed by Regulation 01-1 of this chapter.

C. Addition of Commingled Products.

(1) A common carrier pipeline may add commingled products only once to a particular batch of product between the point of origin and the final receiving terminal.

(2) If a commingled product is added to a batch, the:

(a) Quantity of the commingled product may not exceed 0.25 percent by volume of the batch movement and shall be dispersed throughout the batch; and

(b) Common carrier pipeline shall:

(i) Notify the receiving terminal, in advance of receipt, of the quantity added, and

(ii) Indicate the volume of the commingled product added on the delivery ticket.

D. A receiving or shipping terminal may "line blend" its own commingled product into a receipt or shipment, provided the:

(1) Finished blend meets all applicable specifications of Regulation .01-1 of this chapter and the specifications for the product as registered with this State by the Class A dealer; and

(2) Volume of the commingled product does not exceed 0.25 percent of the product being shipped or received, and is dispersed throughout the batch.

E. A Class A dealer may "tank blend" commingled products with gasoline, provided the:

(1) Class A dealer can demonstrate the blending does not result in stratification;

(2) Volume of the commingled product does not exceed 0.25 percent of the tank volume at any time; and

(3) Finished blend meets all applicable Maryland specifications and the minimum specifications for the product as registered by the Class A dealer.

F. A Class A dealer shall routinely accept, when possible, drainages of small quantities of commingled products from tank vehicles. Quantities over 5 gallons may be accepted at the discretion of the terminal.