.29 Additives — Special Fuel.

A. Under certain approved conditions by the Comptroller, additives may be added to special fuel, if they do not contain any dyes or coloring agents when used in on-highway diesel fuel.

B. Additives that have been properly registered with and approved by the Comptroller may be added to special fuel by a bulk supplier licensed as a special fuel seller, provided the:

(1) Introduction of any additive to branded special fuel products is done with the prior written concurrence of the brand owner on an annual basis, with a copy of the concurrence forwarded to the Comptroller;

(2) Additive manufacturer has no restrictions on the use of the additive in any type of special fuel application; and

(3) Additive is introduced by an automatic metering pump or injection system at the:

(a) Time of product receipt, into a bulk storage tank of the special fuel seller;

(b) Loading rack of the special fuel seller at the time of filling a delivery truck; or

(c) Retail service station or fueling site in a manner approved by the Comptroller.