.02 Duties of the Central Collection Unit.

A. The Central Collection Unit may certify to the Comptroller the name of any debtor:

(1) Against whom it has obtained a judgment in any court; or

(2) Whose account has been referred to the Central Collection Unit in accordance with COMAR 17.01.01 by an educational institution to which the debtor owes a debt for unpaid tuition, fees, or education loans.

B. The Central Collection Unit may not certify any account with a balance of $25 or less.

C. The certification shall be made on or before the first day of November for the tax refund payable the following year. Each certification shall provide the name, address, Social Security or federal identification number, and any known aliases of the debtor certified. It shall also provide the Central Collection Unit sequence number and the total amount of the debt.

D. At least 30 calendar days before certification of a debt, the Central Collection Unit shall send the debtor written notice of the intention to certify the debt. This notice shall also advise the debtor of:

(1) The amount of the debt;

(2) The basis for the debt;

(3) The debtor's right to request an investigation of the validity of the debt;

(4) His right to contest any adverse determination in a hearing before the Central Collection Unit; and

(5) His right to judicial appeal in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.