.03 Prohibited Conduct.

A. An individual shall be subject to arrest if the individual:

(1) Damages or defaces the property;

(2) Creates loud, unusual noise, including profanity;

(3) Disturbs employees performing their duties;

(4) Prevents or disturbs the general public from obtaining services provided on the property; or

(5) Obstructs:

(a) Entrances,

(b) Walks,

(c) Corridors,

(d) Elevators,

(e) Offices,

(f) Stairways, or

(g) Parking lots.

B. Except for official purposes and by authorized personnel, an individual on the property may not carry open or concealed firearms, explosives, incendiary devices, or dangerous or deadly weapons.

C. Photographs, video, video tape, movie film, or audio recordings for commercial purposes may only be made on the property with the approval of the occupying agency head.

D. The operation of gambling devices, conducting a pool or lottery, the selling or purchasing of "numbers" or lottery tickets and gambling or betting in any form on the property is prohibited, except for operations by the Maryland State Lottery Agency.

E. Dogs and other animals may not be brought upon the property for other than official purposes, except seeing-eye dogs and animals used to guide or assist handicapped persons.

F. Executive Order 01.01.1987.13 prohibits smoking and the carrying of lit tobacco products or substitutes in public access areas of the property. Smoking is allowed only in areas so designated with posted signs.

G. Physical damage of the property is prohibited and includes:

(1) Defacing or marking of the property;

(2) Throwing articles of any kind at or from the property;

(3) Climbing upon any part of the property;

(4) Tampering with landscape and planting; or

(5) Willful damage, destruction, or removal of property.