.07 Rights of a Resource Parent.

A. At the initial placement, at any time during the placement of a child in foster care, and as soon as practicable after new information becomes available, the resource parent has the right to receive full information from the caseworker on the physical, social, emotional, educational, and mental history of a child which would possibly affect the care provided by a resource parent except for information about the family members that may be privileged or confidential.

B. With regard to local department case planning, except for meetings covered by attorney-client privilege or meetings in which confidential information about the birth parents is discussed, the resource parent has the right to:

(1) Be notified of, and when applicable be heard at, scheduled meetings concerning a child in order to actively participate, without superseding the rights of the birth parents to participate and make appropriate decisions regarding the child in the case planning, administrative case reviews, interdisciplinary staffings, and individual educational planning and mental health team meetings;

(2) Be informed of decisions made by the courts or a child welfare agency concerning a child;

(3) Provide input concerning the plan of services for a child and to have that input given full consideration by the local department;

(4) Be given reasonable written notice, waived only in cases of a court order or when a child is determined to be at imminent risk of harm, of plans to terminate the placement of a child with a resource parent;

(5) Receive timely and appropriate board payments for the child's care;

(6) Receive timely compensation for allowable expenses;

(7) Have liability and insurance coverage for certain damages in accordance with Regulation .23 of this chapter; and

(8) Be provided with the child's permanency plan, visitation plan, and schedule.