.08 Responsibilities of a Resource Parent.

A. Responsibilities to a Foster Child. A resource parent shall:

(1) Participate in the child's mental, physical and dental health care and add the documentation from each health care visit to the child's abbreviated health care record within 72 hours of receipt;

(2) Provide parental supervision and guidance appropriate to the child's age and developmental level;

(3) Provide daily essentials that are required for the health, comfort, and good grooming of a child, including:

(a) A nutritionally balanced diet adequate for the child's needs in growth and development,

(b) Adequate shelter, and

(c) Clothing proper for the season;

(4) Help the child cope with the anxiety of being away from the child's birth family, and promote the child's self-esteem and positive self-image;

(5) Respect the child and the child's family;

(6) Be sensitive to and respect the child's individual needs, tastes, and values, and support the child's religious beliefs and cultural customs;

(7) Involve the child in family activities;

(8) Establish clear expectations for and limits on behavior, understand and deal with negative behavior in a positive way, and reward good behavior;

(9) Provide or arrange transportation to appointments, sports, and social and cultural events;

(10) Participate in the child's educational process;

(11) Give at least 10 working days notice when requesting removal of a child except in circumstances that are critical to the health and safety of the child or resource family;

(12) Report any suspected incidence of a child's physical or sexual abuse or neglect to the local department as soon as the incident becomes known to the resource parent;

(13) Notify the local department of any criminal charges, investigations, or findings related to any crime committed by a household member;

(14) Assist in preparing the child to accept the permanency plan and any move from the resource home;

(15) Preserve the child's rights and to have information about the child kept confidential; and

(16) Provide an environment for foster children free from exposure to secondhand smoke.

B. Responsibilities to a Child's Birth Family. A resource parent, as required by a child's case plan, shall:

(1) Assist the local department in maintaining and improving the child's relationship with the birth family, and support this relationship by helping with birth family visits, which may include visits in the resource home;

(2) Maintain an attitude of respect and understanding towards the birth parents and family of the child;

(3) Tell the child's birth parents about events and happenings in the child's daily life;

(4) Serve as a role model for the birth parent; and

(5) Transmit information about the child's birth family only to the local department or its representatives.

C. Responsibilities to Local Department. A resource parent shall:

(1) Participate in training required or approved by the Administration;

(2) Work as a team member in assessing a child's strengths and needs, and in implementing the child's case plan;

(3) Keep the local department aware of the child's development and adjustment;

(4) Attend case reviews and meetings as requested by the local department;

(5) Maintain the standards of resource family care required by these regulations; and

(6) Immediately notify the local department of changes within the resource family, such as:

(a) Employment and child care arrangements;

(b) Composition of the household;

(c) Residence and telephone;

(d) Health status; and

(e) Stressful conditions which may affect the placement.