.23 Liability Insurance and Reimbursement for Loss to Resource Parents.

A. The Administration shall provide liability insurance for resource parents who care for children under certain conditions. The insurance shall cover:

(1) Bodily injury and property damage that a foster child causes to a person or the property of a person other than the resource parent; and

(2) Actions brought against the resource parents by the child's natural parents for any accident to the foster child.

B. The Department shall reimburse a resource parent for the costs of bodily injury or property damage that the child causes to the resource parent, and that insurance does not cover, if the resource parent did not contribute substantially to the bodily injury or property damage sustained.

C. Excluded from coverage are claims for:

(1) Alienation of affection;

(2) Accidents involving vehicles which are licensed or intended for road use;

(3) Payment to the resource parents for injury or damage caused by the foster child to the resource parent which is otherwise covered by insurance; and

(4) Reimbursement in excess of $5,000.