.14 Filing an Application for the Program.

A. The household:

(1) Shall file a Program application by submitting the form to the local department either in person, through an authorized representative, by fax, by mail, through SAIL, or by completing an on-line electronic application in the local department; and

(2) Has the right to file an application form, during office hours, on the same day it contacts the local department.

B. The local department shall allow an eligible household that completes the initial application process to participate as soon as possible but not later than 30 calendar days following the date that the application was filed.

C. A household in which all members are recipients of SSI may apply for Program benefits at a Social Security office, if the household:

(1) Has not applied for the Program in the preceding 30 days; and

(2) Does not have an application pending at a local department.

D. The request for an application may be made:

(1) In person;

(2) By telephone;

(3) By mail; or

(4) By an authorized representative.

E. Responsibilities of the Applicant. The applicant shall:

(1) Complete the application form as described in this regulation;

(2) Have an interview with a local department representative as described in Regulation .15 of this chapter;

(3) Provide the required verification as described in Regulation .20 of this chapter; and

(4) Complete any required work registration as described in Regulation .21 of this chapter.

F. A completed application includes:

(1) Required verifications;

(2) Required work registrations; and

(3) The completed and signed application form.

G. Responsibilities of the Local Department. The local department shall:

(1) Furnish the application form to the applicant on the same day, directly or by mail, when the request is made by telephone or mail;

(2) Advise the applicant that the:

(a) Applicant does not have to be interviewed before filing the application, and

(b) Application form is counted as filed when the form contains the applicant's name and address, and is signed by a responsible member of the household or the household's authorized representative;

(3) Receive the application, date it, and determine if it is complete;

(4) Screen applications to determine if an applicant needs expedited service as described in Regulation .19 of this chapter;

(5) Arrange the appointment for any required face-to-face interview; and

(6) Provide a list of required verifications and assist the household in obtaining the necessary verifications.

H. When the entire household is also applying for public assistance, the local department shall:

(1) Conduct a single interview at application and recertification, whenever possible; and

(2) Apply the time limits and Program requirements to the FSP part of the application.

I. The date the application form is received at the local department is the filing date, except that for a household in which all members are recipients of SSI, the application shall be considered filed when the Social Security office receives the application form.

J. An SSI household that has applied for food stamp benefits at the Social Security office may not be:

(1) Required to see a local department eligibility worker;

(2) Interviewed by the local department;

(3) Contacted by the local department for certification information unless:

(a) The application is improperly completed,

(b) Mandatory verification is missing, or

(c) The local department determines that certain information on the application is questionable; or

(4) Required to appear at the local department before the eligibility determination can be made.

K. Withdrawing an Application for the Program. The household may withdraw the application at any time before the eligibility determination without prejudice to any subsequent application.