.16 Notices to Applicants.

The local department shall provide applicants with one of the following written notices as soon as a determination is made, but not later than 30 days after the filing date:

A. A notice of eligibility which shall include:

(1) The benefit level and the certification period,

(2) Any variation in the benefit level based on anticipated changes,

(3) The right to and method for obtaining a fair hearing,

(4) The telephone number and the name of an individual in the local department to call for information or clarification, and

(5) The availability of any legal services;

B. A notice of denial which shall include the:

(1) Reason for the decision, and

(2) Information listed in §A(3)—(5) of this regulation; or

C. A notice of pending status in accordance with Regulation .18A of this chapter.