.03 Requirements for Licensure.

A. Except as provided in §B of this regulation, a person may not operate an agency or engage in the placement of children without a license from the Administration.

B. The following activities do not require a license as an agency:

(1) An individual placing a child with another individual related to the child by blood or marriage within four degrees of consanguinity or affinity according to the civil law rule, Family Law Article, §5-507(b), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(2) A child's parent or grandparent placing the child directly without the intervention of any other person except for the recipient of the child; or

(3) An attorney preparing adoption pleadings or performing any other normal function of the practice of law.

C. To provide child placement services, an agency shall:

(1) Have an appropriate and current child placement agency license issued by the Administration;

(2) Comply with the regulations of this chapter; and

(3) As applicable, comply with one or more of the following COMAR chapters:

(a) COMAR 07.02.21 Treatment Foster Care,

(b) COMAR 07.05.02 Private Foster Care, and

(c) COMAR 07.05.03 Private Adoption.

D. The child placement agency license shall include the:

(1) Agency's identification as a licensed Maryland child placement agency;

(2) Name of the licensed agency;

(3) License number;

(4) Service or services the Administration authorizes the licensed agency to deliver;

(5) Address of the agency's office for which the license is issued;

(6) Effective date of the license;

(7) Expiration date of the license; and

(8) Signature of the Administration's executive director.