.02 State Wildlands System.

A. Purpose. There is a State wildlands preservation system composed of areas in the State designated by the General Assembly as wildlands areas. The wildland areas shall be administered for the use and enjoyment of the people of Maryland in a manner that will leave them unimpaired for future use and enjoyment as wildlands, to provide for their protection, for the preservation of their wildland character, and for gathering and dissemination of information regarding their use and enjoyment. For a description of the boundaries of an individual wildland, see Natural Resources Article, §5-1203, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. Types of Wildlands.

(1) “Type 1 wildland” means a primitive area which by its size and location is in effect untouched by urban civilization and can offer the experience of solitude and self-reliance. Type 1 wildlands are usually lands located at higher elevations that protect watersheds and are ecologically vulnerable to human interferences.

(2) “Type 2 wildland” means a unit of importance for natural sciences and ecology with outstanding value for education, research, and appreciation of natural processes. Preservation of the desired natural condition is the prevailing purpose of the Type 2 wildlands.

(3) “Type 3 wildland” means an area which is not of ecological or primitive stature but which has the appearance of being in an untouched natural state.

C. Maryland Wildlands Preservation System. The State wildland system consists of the following areas in §D of this regulation, as delineated on maps filed in the Office of the Secretary.

D. Name, Location, and Acreage of State Wildlands.

(1) There are presently 38 State-owned areas administered by the Department identified as State wildlands.

(2) The general location, types, and acreage of State-owned wildlands are as follows:

Type Project Acreage Location County
Type 1
Big Savage Mountain 2879 acres Savage River SF Garrett
Bear Pen 1517 acres Savage River SF Garrett
Middle Fork 2932 acres Savage River SF Garrett
High Rock 650 acres Savage River SF Garrett
Maple Run 5125 acres Green Ridge SF Allegany
Cunningham Falls 4397 acres Cunningham Falls SF Frederick
Savage Ravines 2789 acres Savage River SF Garrett
Dan’s Mountain 4047 acres Dan’s Mountain WMA Allegany
Upper White Rock 300 acres Garrett SF Garrett
Backbone Mountain 1706 acres Potomac SF/Savage River SF Garrett
Maple Lick Run 600 acres Potomac SF Garrett
Puzzley Run 457 acres Savage River SF Garrett
Type 2
Deep Run 1416 acres Green Ridge SF Allegany
Potomac Bends 2645 acres Green Ridge SF Allegany
Rocky Gap 943 acres Rocky Gap SP Allegany
Sideling Hill 1555 acres Sideling Hill WMA Washington
Islands of the Potomac 790 acres Islands of the Potomac WMA Frederick/Montgomery
Black Marsh 667 acres North Point SP Baltimore
Gunpowder Falls 792 acres Gunpowder Falls SP Baltimore
Patuxent River 1579 acres Patuxent River SP Howard/Montgomery
Soldiers Delight 1798 acres Soldiers Delight NEA Baltimore
Morgan Run 499 acres Morgan Run NEA Carroll
Panther Branch 735 acres Gunpowder Falls SP Baltimore
Sweathouse Branch 1073 acres Gunpowder Falls SP Baltimore
Mingo Branch/Bush Cabin Run 1272 acres Gunpowder Falls SP Baltimore
Belt Woods 610 acres Belt Woods NEA Prince George's
Calvert Cliffs 1079 acres Calvert Cliffs SP Calvert
St. Mary's River 1445 acres St. Mary's River SP St. Mary's
Mattawoman 2993 acres Mattawoman NEA Charles
Idylwild 570 acres Idylwild WMA Caroline
Pocomoke River 3029 acres Pocomoke SF/SP Worcester
Cypress Swamp 2090 acres Pocomoke SF Worcester
Cedar Island 2880 acres Cedar Island WMA Somerset
South Savage 2079 acres Savage River SF Garrett
Janes Island 3125 acres Janes Island SP Somerset
Parker’s Creek 1756 acres Parker’s Creek WMA Calvert
Zekiah Swamp 443 acres Zekiah Swamp NEA Charles
Chapman 694 acres Chapman SP Charles
Type 3 (None At This Time)
Total acreage of wildlands = 65,956 acres Key: SP = State Park WMA = Wildlife Management Area SF = State Forest NEA = Natural Environment Area