.04 Crab Scrapes.

A. A crab scrape may not:

(1) Have a bar wider than 60 inches;

(2) Have teeth or projections of any kind;

(3) Have a flat plate attached to the scraping bar, which is the bar that touches the bottom;

(4) Have a diver, chain, or other device attached to it or the taking line to hold the scrape to the bottom; and

(5) Exceed 80 pounds in weight, including the bag.

B. Number of Scrapes Permitted.

(1) A person may not use more than two scrapes in any vessel that is propelled by an engine.

(2) Scrapes may not be affixed to each other so as to form a single fishing unit.

C. Prohibited Areas. Scrapes are prohibited in the following areas:

(1) St. Mary's River—that portion lying upriver from a line drawn between Chancellor Point and Portobello Point;

(2) Calvert Bay and Smith Creek—that portion north of a line drawn between Kitts Point and Lawson Point;

(3) All submerged lands leased for shellfish cultivation in accordance with Natural Resources Article, Title 4, Subtitle 11A, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(4) The waters of the Chesapeake Bay and tidal tributaries north of a line extending in a westerly direction from the southern point of the mouth of Punch Island Creek in Dorchester County defined by Lat. 38°25'15.2"N., Long. 76°17'19.7"W. to Cove Point in Calvert County defined by Lat. 38°23'05.4"N., Long. 76°22'52.3"W.

D. Hand Scrapes. Notwithstanding §C(4) of this regulation, a person may use a single scrape not wider than 48 inches and not heavier than 45 pounds north of the line defined in §C(4) of this regulation in the following areas:

(1) The area of the Chesapeake Bay east of a line drawn from a point at or near Cook Point in Dorchester County defined by Lat. 38°37'41.5"N., Long. 76°17'21.1"W.; then running approximately 193° True to a point at or near Hills Point in Dorchester County defined by Lat. 38°34'19.9"N., Long. 76°18'21.2"W.; and

(2) The waters of Queen Anne's County and Kent County.