.06 Snakehead Prohibitions.

A. Except as authorized by 50 CFR Part 16, a person may not import, transport, or introduce into the State any live fish or viable eggs of snakehead fish of the Family Channidae, including but not limited to:

(1) African snakehead (Parachanna obscura);

(2) Bangka snakehead (Channa bankanensis);

(3) Baram snakehead (Channa baramensis);

(4) Barca snakehead (Channa barca);

(5) Black snakehead (Channa melasoma);

(6) Blackfinned snakehead (Channa melanoptera);

(7) Blotched snakehead (Channa maculata);

(8) Bluespotted snakehead (Channa cyanospilos);

(9) Bullseye snakehead (Channa marulius);

(10) Burmese snakehead (Channa burmanica);

(11) Ceylon snakehead (Channa orientalis);

(12) Chel snakehead (Channa amphibeus);

(13) Chevron snakehead (Channa striata);

(14) Chinese snakehead (Channa asiatica);

(15) Congo snakehead (Parachanna insignis);

(16) Dwarf snakehead (Channa gachua);

(17) Emperor snakehead (Channa maruloides);

(18) Giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes);

(19) Golden snakehead (Channa stewartii);

(20) Inle snakehead (Channa harcourtbutleri);

(21) Niger snakehead (Parachanna africana);

(22) Night snakehead (Channa nox);

(23) Northern snakehead (Channa argus);

(24) Ocellated snakehead (Channa pleurophthalmus);

(25) Orangespotted snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata);

(26) Panaw snakehead (Channa panaw);

(27) Rainbow snakehead (Channa bleheri);

(28) Splendid snakehead (Channa lucius); and

(29) Spotted snakehead (Channa punctata).

B. A person may not sell or breed live snakehead fish of the Family Channidae in the State.

C. Except as provided in §D of this regulation, a person may not possess the viable eggs or live snakehead fish of the species:

(1) Blotched snakehead (Channa maculata); and

(2) Northern snakehead (Channa argus).

D. Except as described in §E of this regulation, an individual may only possess a snakehead if, immediately upon capture, the snakehead is killed.

E. The Department may issue a permit for the possession of a live snakehead fish for scientific purposes to a properly accredited person of known scientific attainment.