.03 Permits.

A. Permits to take, transport, possess, sell, offer for sale, export or import any listed species may be obtained from the Director only after written application on a form provided by the Administration, and upon payment of a fee of $10.

B. Each permit shall be subject to an expiration date and other limitations as may be prescribed by the Director.

C. Each permit application requesting permission to take a listed species from private property shall be accompanied by a signed statement from the landowner granting the applicant permission to enter the property to take the species.

D. A permit application shall describe the purpose of the request in such detail that the Director can determine whether it is in the best interest of the species and the State to issue it.

E. The Director shall consider, but not be limited to, the following information:

(1) The number of other known occurrences of the species in the State;

(2) Which of the occurrences of the species in §E(1) exist on:

(a) Private lands,

(b) Public lands, and

(c) What protection there is for the species' continued existence;

(3) The number of individuals in the occurrences of the species in §E(1) and the relative state of ecological stability.

F. Violation of any provision or restriction of the permit shall constitute a violation of this regulation and may result, at the discretion of the Director, in the revocation of the permit and confiscation of the species taken or possessed.