.02 State Park System.

A. The State park system is administered under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Park Service to preserve and protect the best of Maryland’s natural and historic places for the enjoyment and appreciation of its citizens. State parks are managed to provide a multitude of public benefits, including:

(1) Natural resource conservation;

(2) Cultural and historic preservation;

(3) Watershed protection;

(4) Education and interpretation; and

(5) Nature-based outdoor recreation, including:

(a) Trails;

(b) Picnicking;

(c) Boating;

(d) Camping;

(e) Cabins;

(f) Hunting;

(g) Fishing; and

(h) Swimming.

B. The State park system includes four sub-designations that have specific management objectives:

(1) Natural Resources Management Areas. Natural resources management areas are generally State parks that feature an undeveloped, agrarian landscape of woodlands, fields and agriculture. Natural resources management areas are managed for the primary benefit of wildlife habitat, sustainable farming and passive, nature-based recreation, such as hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and boat access. Historic site preservation and non-motorized trail use, including hiking, equestrian uses and mountain biking are also common in some natural resources management areas.

(2) Natural Environment Areas. Natural environment areas are generally State parks with significant or unique geological or ecological resources, including rare, threatened and endangered flora and fauna. Natural environment areas are often managed in cooperation with the Wildlife and Heritage Service, to preserve and restore the park’s unique natural resources and biological diversity. Recreation development is secondary to preservation objectives with a primary focus on interpretation and environmental education.

(3) State Battlefields. State battlefields are State parks that feature the preservation of an historic battlefield of State or national significance associated with the site of a documented battle fought by the armed forces or militia of the United States. Development is limited to providing public access and interpretation, while preserving the integrity of the battlefield grounds and historic features.

(4) Rail Trails. Rail trails are State parks that feature the conversion of a former railroad right-of-way to a recreational trail open to hiking, biking and equestrian uses. Rail trails include adjacent lands preserved along the Rail trail as a greenway corridor, which provides natural scenery, wildlife habitat and natural and historical resource conservation. Historic features are preserved and interpreted along Rail Trails, including the history of the former railroad and its remnants.

C. The Superintendent may regulate activities and uses of each State park in accordance with the designations and sub-designations provided in this regulation.

D. The State park system consists of the following areas in §§E—I of this regulation, as delineated on maps filed in the Office of the Secretary of Natural Resources.

E. State Parks.

Name of Area ———————————— County

(1) Assateague —————— Worcester

(2) Big Run —————— Garrett

(3) Bill Burton Fishing Pier —————— Talbot, Dorchester

(4) Calvert Cliffs —————— Calvert

(5) Casselman River Bridge —————— Garrett

(6) Chapel Point —————— Charles

(7) Chapman —————— Charles

(8) Cunningham Falls —————— Frederick

(9) Dans Mountain —————— Allegany

(10) Deep Creek Lake —————— Garrett

(11) Elk Neck —————— Cecil

(12) Fort Frederick —————— Washington

(13) Fort Tonoloway —————— Washington

(14) Franklin Point —————— Anne Arundel

(15) Gambrill —————— Frederick

(16) Gathland —————— Frederick, Washington

(17) Greenbrier —————— Washington

(18) Greenwell —————— St. Mary’s

(19) Gunpowder Falls —————— Baltimore, Harford

(20) Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad —————— Dorchester

(21) Hart-Miller Island —————— Baltimore

(22) Herrington Manor —————— Garrett

(23) Janes Island —————— Somerset

(24) Jonas Green —————— Anne Arundel

(25) Love Point —————— Queen Anne’s

(26) Martinak —————— Caroline

(27) Matapeake —————— Queen Anne’s

(28) Matthew Henson —————— Montgomery

(29) New Germany —————— Garrett

(30) Newtowne Neck —————— St. Mary’s

(31) North Point —————— Baltimore

(32) Palmer —————— Harford

(33) Patapsco Valley —————— Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Howard

(34) Patuxent River —————— Howard, Montgomery

(35) Pocomoke River —————— Worcester

(a) Milburn Landing Area —————— Worcester

(b) Shad Landing Area —————— Worcester

(36) Point Lookout —————— St. Mary’s

(37) Rocks —————— Harford

(38) Rocky Gap —————— Allegany

(39) Rosaryville —————— Prince George’s

(40) Sandy Point —————— Anne Arundel

(41) Sang Run —————— Garrett

(42) Seneca Creek —————— Montgomery

(43) Smallwood —————— Charles

(44) South Mountain —————— Frederick, Washington

(45) St. Clements Island —————— St. Mary’s

(46) St. Mary’s River —————— St. Mary’s

(47) Susquehanna —————— Harford, Cecil

(48) Swallow Falls —————— Garrett

(49) Tuckahoe —————— Caroline, Queen Anne’s

(50) Washington Monument —————— Washington

(51) Wills Mountain —————— Allegany

(52) Wolf Den Run —————— Garrett

(53) Wye Oak —————— Talbot

F. Natural Resources Management Areas.

Name of Area ———————————— County

(1) Black Walnut Point —————— Talbot

(2) Bohemia River —————— Cecil

(3) Bush Declaration —————— Harford

(4) Cypress Branch —————— Kent

(5) Deep Creek Lake —————— Garrett

(6) Fair Hill —————— Cecil

(7) Merkle —————— Calvert, Prince George’s

(8) Monocacy —————— Frederick, Montgomery

(9) Patuxent River —————— Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s

(a) Billingsley —————— Prince George’s

(b) Croom —————— Prince George’s

(c) Full Mill Branch —————— Prince George’s

(d) Hall Creek —————— Calvert

(e) House Creek —————— Anne Arundel

(f) Indian Creek —————— Charles

(g) Kings Landing —————— Calvert

(h) Maxwell Hall —————— Prince George’s

(i) Milltown Landing —————— Prince George’s

(j) Spice Creek —————— Prince George’s

(10) Upper Patuxent —————— Prince George’s

(a) Chaney —————— Prince George’s

(b) Honey Branch —————— Prince George’s

(c) Pride Finance —————— Prince George’s

(d) Uhler —————— Prince George’s

(11) Sassafras —————— Kent

(12) Woodmont —————— Washington

(13) Wye Island —————— Queen Anne’s

G. Natural Environment Areas.

Name of Area ———————————— County

(1) Belt Woods —————— Prince George’s

(2) Mattawoman —————— Charles, Prince George’s

(3) Morgan Run —————— Carroll

(4) Severn Run —————— Anne Arundel

(5) Soldiers Delight —————— Baltimore

(6) Youghiogheny Wild River —————— Garrett

(7) Zekiah Swamp —————— Prince George’s

H. State Battlefields.

Name of Area ———————————— County

(1) North Point —————— Baltimore

(2) South Mountain —————— Washington

I. Rail Trails

Name of Area ———————————— County

(1) Torrey C. Brown —————— Baltimore

(2) Western Maryland —————— Washington

(3) Weverton-Roxbury —————— Washington