.04 Weapons.

A. Definition. In this regulation, "weapon" means:

(1) A device capable of propelling a projectile at high velocity by mechanical means, by explosion, or by expanding gas, including, but not limited to a firearm, crossbow, or longbow;

(2) A dirk knife, bowie knife, switchblade, sand club, metal knuckles, razor, or nunchaku; and

(3) A device capable of:

(a) Inflicting death or bodily harm to an individual;

(b) Maiming or destroying wildlife; or

(c) Destroying property.

B. Except as provided in Regulation .03 of this chapter and in C and D of this regulation, an individual other than a law enforcement officer may not possess a weapon in a State park. The Service may approve an exception for an archery range, firearms range, or an exhibition.

C. During hunting season, a licensed hunter may carry firearms and bows and arrows across State parks in order to get to hunting areas or to other State or private property which is open to hunting. The firearms shall be carried unloaded and cased, or carried unloaded with breech open or broken. Arrows shall be carried in a quiver or case.

D. Target shooting is permitted at designated shooting ranges. The regulations governing the use of these ranges shall be posted and strictly observed.