.01 Purpose.

A. The purpose of these regulations is to implement the intent of the Scenic and Wild Rivers Act for that portion of the Youghiogheny River which has been designated a wild river. These regulations are designed to regulate present and future use and development of the wild river and adjacent land areas to protect their primitive qualities and characteristics, to protect the water quality of the Youghiogheny River, and to fulfill vital conservation purposes by wise use of the resources within the scenic corridor of the Youghiogheny River. For this purpose, a scenic corridor and attendant zones are defined, within which only certain enumerated appropriate uses and developments consistent with wild river designation are permitted.

B. These regulations do not open any private lands located within the scenic corridor for use or access by the public without the consent of the landowner. Designation of the scenic corridor and its attendant zones serves only to establish definable areas within which certain types of development and use shall be controlled to maintain the river for its wild and scenic values in accordance with the Scenic and Wild Rivers Act, Natural Resources Article, §8-409, Annotated Code of Maryland.