.52 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

A. An assisted living program may not use space heaters unless approved by the State or local fire authorities.

B. Minimum Temperature. The facility shall have a system that provides in areas used by residents a minimum temperature of 70°F in cold weather and a maximum temperature of 80°F in hot weather.

C. Temperature Control.

(1) An assisted living program with a licensed capacity of one to eight beds shall provide at least one thermostat per building.

(2) An assisted living program with a licensed capacity of nine or more beds shall provide for each resident's room:

(a) A thermostat; or

(b) An approved mechanical device for modulating a room's temperature, such as adjustable vanes in a hot air vent.

D. An assisted living program shall:

(1) Ensure that all rooms and areas have sufficient ventilation to prevent excessive heat, steam, condensation, smoke, and other noxious odors; and

(2) Provide forced mechanical exhaust ventilation or an approved equivalent for:

(a) All bathing compartments;

(b) Toilet rooms;

(c) Any area used for toileting;

(d) Soiled utility rooms;

(e) Designated smoking rooms; and

(f) Other rooms, as determined by the Department.