.05 Technical Requirements.

A. A provider of services delivered through telehealth shall adopt and implement technology in a manner that supports the standard of care to deliver the required service.

B. A service delivered through synchronous audio-visual telehealth shall, at a minimum, meet the following technology requirements:

(1) Cameras at both the originating and distant sites that provide clear, synchronous video of the patient and provider, respectively, with the ability to meet the clinical requirements of the service;

(2) Unless engaging in a telehealth with a participant who is deaf or hard of hearing, microphones and speakers at both the originating and distant sites, respectively, that provide clear, synchronous, two-way audio transmission;

(3) Network connectivity and bandwidth at both the originating and distant site sufficient to provide clear, synchronous two-way video and audio for the full duration of the service;

(4) Display monitor size sufficient to support diagnostic needs used in the telehealth services; and

(5) Utilize technology that meets the standards required by State and federal laws governing the privacy and security of protected health information (HIPAA compliant).