.06 Conditions for Provider Participation.

A. The Department shall grant approval to providers to be eligible to receive Medicaid funds for 1915(i) services if the provider meets the requirements set forth in this chapter.

B. Application. To provide 1915(i) services, a provider applicant shall:

(1) Submit an application to the Department on the form approved by the Department, with all questions answered and all required documents attached; and

(2) Attest that the provider applicant is in compliance with the general provider requirements and specific 1915(i) service requirements set forth in this chapter and in COMAR 10.09.36.

C. Application Modification.

(1) A provider that proposes to change its 1915(i) service sites by adding, closing, or moving locations shall submit an application modification, on the form required by the Department, to the Department.

(2) If the Department approves the application modification, the existing provider approval shall extend to the additional site, as applicable.

D. Approval.

(1) The Department may grant approval to an applicant provider if the Department determines that the provider:

(a) Has no deficiencies that constitute a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of the individuals served; and

(b) Attests that it complies with the requirements set forth in this chapter.

(2) If the provider is granted approval under §D(1) of this regulation, to continue to be approved, the provider shall maintain documentation of compliance with the requirements set forth in this chapter.

E. Sale or Transfer of Approval.

(1) The Department’s approval of a 1915(i) service provider is valid only for the provider to which the Department grants approval.

(2) A provider may not sell, assign, or transfer approval to another provider.