.06 Covered Services.

A. Remote patient monitoring services include:

(1) Installation;

(2) Education for the participant in the use of the equipment; and

(3) Daily monitoring of vital signs and other medical statistics.

B. The remote patient monitoring provider shall establish an intervention process to address abnormal data measurements in an effort to prevent avoidable hospital utilization.

C. Physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant providers who establish remote patient monitoring programs shall be responsible for:

(1) Establishing criteria for reporting abnormal measurements;

(2) Informing the participant of abnormal results; and

(3) Monitoring results and improvements in patient’s ability to self-manage chronic conditions.

D. Medical interventions by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant based on abnormal results shall be reimbursed according to COMAR

E. A home health agency shall:

(1) Have an order by a physician, physician assistant, certified nurse midwife, or certified nurse practitioner who has examined the patient and with whom the patient has an established, documented and ongoing relationship;

(2) Report abnormal measurements to the participant and to the ordering provider; and

(3) Send the ordering provider a weekly summary of monitoring results, including improvement in patient’s ability to self-manage chronic conditions.