.05 Eligibility.

A. Individual Eligibility. An individual is eligible to receive TMH services if the individual:

(1) Is Medicaid eligible;

(2) Meets the eligibility and medical necessity criteria for participation in the Public Mental Health System;

(3) Resides in one of the designated rural geographic areas or whose situation makes person-to-person psychiatric services unavailable; and

(4) Voluntarily consents to TMH services, which shall be documented in the individual's medical record.

B. Individual Provider Eligibility. A provider of TMH services shall be a psychiatrist who:

(1) Has an active:

(a) License to practice psychiatry in Maryland; and

(b) Medicaid provider number;

(2) Complies with professional practice standards; and

(3) Completes a registration to provide TMH health services.

C. Originating Site Facility Eligibility. The following Maryland sites may be approved as an originating site for THM health service delivery:

(1) County government offices appropriate for private clinical evaluation services;

(2) Critical Access Hospital;

(3) Federally Qualified Health Center;

(4) Hospital;

(5) Outpatient mental health center;

(6) Physician's office;

(7) Rural Health Clinic;

(8) Elementary, middle, high, or technical school with a supported nursing, counseling or medical office; or

(9) College or university student health or counseling office.

D. Distant Site Location Eligibility. An approved distant TMH location shall be within the State.