.03 Practice Before Certification.

A. A registered nurse who has completed a program for preparation of nurse anesthetists and who has applied to take a national certifying examination acceptable to the Board may practice as a nurse anesthetist graduate before certification in the State, on approval of the Board, if the nurse:

(1) Has a current license or multistate privilege to practice registered nursing in the State;

(2) Submitted in full the application for State certification as a CRNA;

(3) Paid all fees established by the Board;

(4) Completed a nurse anesthetist program approved by the Board;

(5) Practices under the supervision of an anesthesiologist or CRNA and the supervisor is on site and immediately available to the nurse anesthetist graduate;

(6) Provides the Board a copy of the admission document to the national certification examination which must be taken not later than 6 months after program completion; and

(7) Immediately notifies the Board and the supervising anesthesiologist or CRNA of the results of the certification examination.

B. A nurse anesthetist graduate who fails the national certification examination shall immediately cease practice as a nurse anesthetist graduate.