.04 Renewal of Certification.

A. Certification as a nurse anesthetist expires at the same time as the nurse anesthetist's registered nursing license unless the certification is renewed.

B. Before a nurse anesthetist’s certification expires, the nurse anesthetist may renew the certification biennially, if the nurse anesthetist:

(1) Is otherwise entitled to be certified;

(2) Pays all appropriate renewal fees set by the Board; and

(3) Submits to the Board:

(a) A completed renewal application on the form required by the Board; and

(b) Documentation of a current national certification as a nurse anesthetist from the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists or some other national certifying body recognized by the Board.

C. Nurse anesthetist renewal applicants who are authorized to practice registered nursing in this State under a multistate privilege shall be periodically required to submit to a criminal history records check in accordance with the schedule and requirements set forth in COMAR—N.

D. The nurse anesthetist shall ensure that the Board has a record of the renewed national certification if the national certification expires before the renewal date.

E. Practicing on an expired national certification is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action under Health Occupations Article, §8-316, Annotated Code of Maryland.