.05 Scope of Practice.

A. A nurse anesthetist may perform the following functions:

(1) Perioperative assessment and management of patients requiring anesthesia services;

(2) Administration of anesthetic agents;

(3) Management of fluids in intravenous therapy; and

(4) Respiratory care.

B. A nurse anesthetist has the right and obligation to refuse to perform a delegated act if, in the nurse anesthetist’s judgment, the act is:

(1) Unsafe;

(2) An invalidly prescribed medical act; or

(3) Beyond the clinical skills of the nurse anesthetist.

C. Section A of this regulation may not be construed to authorize a nurse anesthetist to:

(1) Diagnose a medical condition;

(2) Provide care that is not consistent with the scope of practice of nurse anesthetists; or

(3) Provide care for which the nurse anesthetist does not have proper education and experience.