.06 Standards of Practice.

A. A nurse anesthetist shall collaborate with an anesthesiologist, licensed physician, or dentist in the following manner:

(1) An anesthesiologist, licensed physician, or dentist shall be physically available to the nurse anesthetist for consultation at all times during the administration of, and recovery from, anesthesia;

(2) An anesthesiologist shall be available for consultation to the nurse anesthetist for other aspects of the practice of nurse anesthesia; and

(3) If an anesthesiologist is not available, a licensed physician or dentist shall be available to provide this type of consultation.

B. The nurse anesthetist shall assure that a qualified anesthesia provider:

(1) Performs a thorough and complete preanesthetic assessment;

(2) Obtains informed consent for the planned anesthetic intervention from the patient or responsible other; and

(3) Formulates a patient-specific plan for anesthesia care.

C. The nurse anesthetist as part of the standards of practice shall:

(1) Implement and adjust the anesthesia care plan as needed to adapt to the patient's response to the anesthesia;

(2) Monitor the patient's physiologic condition for untoward identifiable reactions and initiate appropriate corrective actions as required;

(3) Enter prompt, complete, and accurate documentation of pertinent information on the patient's record;

(4) Transfer responsibility for care of the patient to other qualified providers in a manner which assures continuity of care and patient safety;

(5) Ensure that appropriate safety precautions are taken to minimize the risks of fire, explosion, electrical shock, and equipment malfunction;

(6) Maintain appropriate infection control standards;

(7) Evaluate anesthesia care to assure its quality;

(8) Maintain continual competence in anesthesia practice; and

(9) Respect and maintain the basic rights of patients.