.04 Renewal of Certification.

A. A certification as a nurse practitioner expires at the same time as the nurse practitioner's registered nursing license.

B. Before a nurse practitioner’s certification expires, the nurse practitioner may renew the certification biennially if the nurse practitioner:

(1) Is otherwise entitled to be certified;

(2) Submits to the Board:

(a) Documentation of every current national certification as a nurse practitioner from a national certifying body recognized by the Board that was the basis of the Board’s initial certification under Regulation .02B of this chapter; and

(b) A completed renewal application on the form that the Board requires; and

(3) Pays all fees.

C. Certified nurse practitioner renewal applicants who are authorized to practice registered nursing in this State under a multistate licensure privilege shall be periodically required to submit to a criminal history records check in accordance with the schedule and requirements set forth in COMAR—N.

D. The certified nurse practitioner shall ensure that the Board has a record of each renewed national certification if any national certification expires before the registered nurse license renewal date.

E. Certification as a nurse practitioner in an area of specialization shall be deemed to have lapsed if the Board does not have a record of the current active national certification in that area of specialization.

F. Practicing on an expired national certification is prohibited and subject to discipline under Health Occupations Article, §8-316(a), Annotated Code of Maryland.