.08 Continuing Education.

A. Application.

(1) A licensed polysomnographic technologist is not required to obtain continuing education hours for the first renewal after initial licensure or reinstatement.

(2) Except as stated in §A(1) of this regulation, the Board may not renew or reinstate the license of a polysomnographic technologist unless the polysomnographic technologist has met the requirements for continuing education described in §B of this regulation.

B. Requirements.

(1) A polysomnographic technologist shall earn at least 20 continuing education hours as described in §B(2) of this regulation during the 2-year period preceding:

(a) For license renewal, the expiration of the license for polysomnographic technologist; or

(b) For license reinstatement, the date of the submission of the application for reinstatement.

(2) The Board shall recognize sleep-related continuing education hours approved by one of the following organizations or any other organization recommended by the Committee and approved by the Board:

(a) American Medical Association;

(b) American Association of Sleep Technologists;

(c) American Academy of Sleep Medicine;

(d) American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists, Inc.;

(e) American Association for Respiratory Care;

(f) American Nursing Association; or

(g) Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists

C. Documentation of Continuing Education Hours.

(1) A polysomnographic technologist shall obtain the required documentation of continuing education attendance and retain this documentation for the succeeding 6 years for possible inspection by the Board.

(2) The required documentation shall contain the:

(a) Program title;

(b) Sponsor's name;

(c) Polysomnographic technologist's name;

(d) Number of continuing education hours earned;

(e) Verification of successful completion by signature, stamp, or other official proof; and

(f) Date of the continuing education activity.