.07 Renewal, Reinstatement, Continuing Education, and Change in Name or Address.

A. Renewal.

(1) The Board may not renew a license until the Comptroller of Maryland has verified that the individual has paid all undisputed taxes and unemployment insurance contributions, or arranged for repayment, as required by COMAR 10.31.02.

(2) An individual who has been licensed by the Board as an athletic trainer may renew the license every 2 years on the date specified by the Board by:

(a) Completing a renewal application on a form supplied by the Board;

(b) Paying the required renewal fee specified in Regulation .08 of this chapter;

(c) Attesting to the completion of at least 50 hours of approved continuing education credits, earned during the 2-year period preceding the expiration of the license for athletic training, in accordance with the requirements specified in §C of this regulation; and

(d) Meeting any other requirement established by the Board.

(3) The continuing education requirement applies to all renewal applications after the first renewal.

B. Reinstatement. The Board shall reinstate the license of an athletic trainer if the athletic trainer:

(1) Completes a reinstatement application on a form supplied by the Board;

(2) Pays the required reinstatement fee and any other fees specified in Regulation .08 of this chapter;

(3) Documents evidence of at least 50 hours of approved continuing education credits during the 2-year period preceding the date of the submission of the application for reinstatement;

(4) Meets any additional requirements set by the Board for reinstatement of a license; and

(5) Is currently registered with the certifying board.

C. Continuing Education.

(1) The following activities are approved continuing education experiences:

(a) Programs presented by providers approved by the certifying board;

(b) Professional development activities approved by the certifying board; and

(c) Courses offered for undergraduate or graduate degree credit by colleges or universities.

(2) Documentation.

(a) An athletic trainer shall obtain documentation of completion of continuing education and retain the documentation for 4 years.

(b) The documentation for a program provided by a provider approved by the certifying board shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

(i) Program title;

(ii) Sponsor’s name;

(iii) Athletic trainer’s name;

(iv) Inclusive date or dates and location of the program;

(v) Number of continuing education hours earned; and

(vi) Documented verification that the athletic trainer attended the program by stamp, signature, printout, or other official proof.

(c) Documentation for professional development activities shall be as specified by the certifying board.

(d) Documentation of credits earned through college or university courses shall be an official transcript from the college or university.

(3) Proof of maintenance of certification by the certifying board may be used to document compliance with the continuing education requirement.

D. Change in Name or Address.

(1) A licensee shall notify the Board in writing of a change in name or address within 60 days after the change.

(2) Licensees who fail to notify the Board of name or address changes as required by §D(1) of this regulation are subject to an administrative penalty of $100.