.08 Scope of Practice — Radiation Therapy.

The practice of radiation therapy includes the following:

A. Scope of practice for simulation procedures and for operation of external beam treatment devices, CT simulator, and fluoroscopic simulator for patient therapy which includes:

(1) Preparation of machine for patient procedure;

(2) Positioning patient for treatment or localization, or both;

(3) Adjustment of machine components and systems;

(4) Application of machine adjustments while patient is on the table;

(5) Attachment or removal of any machine device or machine accessory for patient service, or both;

(6) Manipulation of machine controls for patient exposure for localization or treatment, or both;

(7) Production of radiation for tumor or field localization on, or treatment of, a patient, or both;

(8) Documentation of technical set up used on a patient;

(9) Monitoring of patient and equipment during the simulation or treatment procedures for application of corrective actions;

(10) Oversight and application of image development standards and appropriate labeling of images regarding patient identification, date, and documentation of technical parameters;

(11) Performance of patient or image measurements, or both;

(12) Application of technical procedures in accordance with accepted radiation safety standards and regulations;

(13) Performance of dosimetric and geometric calculations related to patient treatment; and

(14) Manipulation, data entry, or other use of computer-accelerator interfaced hardware or software for patient treatment;

B. Scope of practice for preparation of patient treatment devices which includes:

(1) Oversight of in-facility manufacture of devices or device accessories for use in patient treatment; and

(2) Approval of devices for use in patient simulation and treatment;

C. Scope of practice for brachytherapy and radiopharmaceutical procedures which includes:

(1) Removal, return, or handling of radiation sources or medical applicators, or both, containing radioactive material;

(2) Transportation of radioactive materials;

(3) Documentation for the accountability and use of the radiation sources;

(4) Insertion and removal of sources from medical applicators;

(5) Preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic administration to patients under physician supervision;

(6) Assisting the licensed physician in the preparation and administration of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals;

(7) Documentation of the therapeutic application of radiopharmaceuticals;

(8) Oversight of radiation safety practices related to the handling and administration of radiopharmaceuticals for therapy of patients;

(9) Management of transportation and handling of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, immediate management and appropriate notifications for any spills or other accidents involving radiopharmaceuticals; and

(10) Calibration of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for dose accuracy; and

D. Performance of any other duties that the Board determines may be performed by a radiation therapist.