.03 Licensure by Examination.

A. An applicant for licensure by examination shall submit to the Board:

(1) A completed application;

(2) The fee for examination as set forth in COMAR 10.53.12 that includes the application and clinical exam fees;

(3) A certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate or other legal proof of age;

(4) A copy of:

(a) Proof of completion of high school or attainment of equivalent education; and

(b) A certificate of completion from each electrology instruction program attended, with verification of the number of hours completed in each theory and clinical training; and

(5) Written, verified evidence satisfactory to the Board that the applicant has completed the application for a criminal history records check by submitting the following:

(a) Two sets of fingerprints, as required by the Central Repository and the FBI; and

(b) All fees required by the Central Repository and the FBI.

B. An applicant eligible for the clinical examination shall be given a timely appointment.

C. An applicant eligible for the national theory exam will be notified by the Board as to when the applicant may schedule the theory exam.

D. To be eligible for licensure, an applicant shall earn a score of:

(1) 75 percent or higher on the theory examination; and

(2) 75 percent or higher on the clinical examination.

E. A license may not be issued until the Board has:

(1) Received and reviewed the criminal history records information; and

(2) Approved the application.