.09 Instructor Licensure.

A. General Requirements. An electrologist applying for an electrology instructor's license shall:

(1) Be a licensed electrologist who has satisfied the requirements for licensure as set forth by this chapter;

(2) Have practiced electrology actively for at least 5 years immediately before making application;

(3) Submit an application on a form required by the Board at least 6 weeks before the instructor's examination is administered;

(4) Pay an application fee as set forth in COMAR 10.53.12; and

(5) Pass an examination which consists of the following:

(a) Preparation of a unit plan;

(b) Preparation of two written lesson plans which shall:

(i) Be drawn from the unit plan; and

(ii) Emphasize, but not be limited to, clinical electrology; and

(c) Verbal presentation of one of the two written lesson plans submitted.

B. Licensure Requirements. An electrologist applying for an electrology instructor’s license shall:

(1) Receive a score of 80 percent or higher on unit and lesson plans as determined by the Board; and

(2) Sit for the clinical examination at any time during the application process and demonstrate competency in all electrology modalities with a passing score of 80 percent or higher as determined by the Board.

C. An electrology instructor shall conspicuously display proof of licensure at the instructor’s site of instruction.

D. An electrology instructor shall keep the Board informed of:

(1) The location of the site where instruction will be offered; and

(2) Any change in instruction site address.