.03 Examinations for Applicants with Special Needs.

A. An applicant with a disability may request modifications in examination materials or procedures. The applicant shall:

(1) Make the request in writing at least 6 weeks before the examination date; and

(2) Include in the request:

(a) The applicant's name;

(b) The examination to be modified;

(c) A letter from the appropriate medical professional which:

(i) Confirms the disability; and

(ii) Provides information describing the accommodations required; and

(d) A letter from the applicant's education program, indicating what modifications, if any, were granted by the program.

B. An applicant may be required to attend a personal interview with the Committee for the purpose of clarification of information on the special accommodation application.

C. The Board reserves the right to review each special accommodation application and evaluate each application on its individual merits.