.03 Continuing Education Unit.

A. One CEU is equivalent to 1 hour of education.

B. More than one course may be taken to fulfill the CEU requirement.

C. One semester credit hour at an approved university or college as required in Regulation .04 of this chapter taken for credit or audit is equivalent to 10 CEUs.

D. The total number of CEUs required is prorated for an individual for whom one of the following actions takes place within a renewal period:

(1) Issuance of an original license;

(2) Reactivation of a license; or

(3) Reinstatement of a license.

E. CEUs may be obtained for the 2-year period, up to the maximum specified as follows:

(1) 6 CEUs in business management;

(2) 3 CEUs in CPR;

(3) 3 CEUs in First Aid;

(4) 6 CEUs by home study;

(5) 8 CEUs for each preparation and delivery of a lecture or published article; and

(6) Any education earned under Regulation .04 of this chapter.